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Altair Club Cars Mazda News Update | September 2022 Sales Results

Mazda News Update | September 2022 Sales Results

September 2022 Mazda sales finally got close to 2021 totals. In this car vid we’ll go over the US, Canada, and Mexico sales totals as well as the Certified Preowned and individual product lines for the USA.

What’s up everybody i’m jonathan sewell sales at mitchell mazda on the boulevard in enterprise alabama and we’re here today to talk about the september 2022 mazda sales updates and sales numbers all i can say is that what we may lack in some products the crossovers specifically the cx-30 cx-9 and cx50 are stepping up and stepping up strong in september we’re going

To cover that more so stay tuned total u.s numbers for september were 23 770 that was only a 1.1 percent decrease of 21. so glad the production finally matched up a little bit so that we had some equivalent sales numbers to 21. year to date comes in at 215 391 which is still a 21.2 percent decrease over 21. however we uh are getting close and hopefully we’ll

Have an opportunity to catch it with those units coming in in the fourth quarter and existing ground stock availability our neighbors to the north canada came in at 4 896 units which was only a 12.9 percent decrease year over year and that brings their year to date at forty thousand and eleven our neighbors down south mazda de mexico was big month at 5 400 105

Which listen here you won’t believe this was an increase of 222 percent their year to date is 31 344. so congratulations to all of you new mazda owners in america canada and down south in mexico thank you for your continued continued support and uh we appreciate you very much comment down below if you purchased a new vehicle in america canada or mexico or anywhere

Around the world so we can give you a little bit of love and give you some hearts the certified pre-owned in america was 4134 which is a little bit of a decrease from august and as we continue to see the increased supply and new i believe the certified numbers will continue to slide uh and it was the opposite of that this time last year now let’s break down into the

Individual mazda numbers the mazda 3c sedan and hatchback were down a little over 240 units from last month but totaled in an 1860 and you can see that’s a 28.3 decrease year over year mazda 6 there’s still some available but none were delivered last month mx-5 miata 752 in september 752 in august and you can see the the breakdown was a little bit different there

With the soft top and hard top but only an 8.7 percent decrease year over year great job cx-3 sold out gone cx-30 the best september ever so year three for cx30 and better than august even even august was the best august september or best september so we’re continuing to see great numbers from cx30 cx-5 the big kid on the block at 10 216 down about 2 400 from last

Month but however big numbers continue and i’m always amazed by how many cx-5s are purchased and available to purchase month after month cx-9 had a big increase almost 400 month over month at 3264 and you can see that’s a 13 increase year over year cx 50 big numbers almost 100 increase give or take 28.23 mx-30 is sold out and you can see those totals here at cars

At 2612 trucks at 21 158 brings that september total to 23 770. so congratulations and thank you again for your continued support of the brand and all of your purchases please comment down below if you purchased a new mazda or certified mazda give us the details so we can give you a little bit of love and as i mentioned early on a hundred thousand units expected

In this fourth quarter so i hope that that may makes every dealership have a little bit more inventory so that you can do business locally and find the perfect new mazda for you if you have any additional questions or comments on anything mazda or these numbers drop them down below or you can text me directly at 334-718-0504 i’m jonathan sole sales at mitchell

Mazda on the boulevard in enterprise alabama and i’ll be here keeping my ear to the ground for all the latest mazda news and i’ll see you on the next one foreign

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Mazda News Update | September 2022 Sales Results By Jonathan Sewell

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