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Altair Club Cars Mazda MX-5 RF 2.0 SKYACTIV-G Launch Edition 16,500 Miles – S77 HEF

Mazda MX-5 RF 2.0 SKYACTIV-G Launch Edition 16,500 Miles – S77 HEF

12 Months Comprehensive Parts and Labour Warranty inc Roadside Assistance Experian Checked Low Mileage Mazda MX-5 2.0 RF Launch Edition in Beautiful Condition with a Fabulous Specification and Full-Service History.

Good afternoon and welcome to twice our video um today we are here in weybridge and we’re just gonna have a walk around this lovely mazda mx-5 rf launch edition now this is a 2017 2 liter 174 brake horsepower rf um the the special plate on it is staying so the private plate is staying on the vehicle um car it’s had four previous owners which is not unheard

Of for an mx-5 you know life circumstances changed to softly buy a car um i think it was the next demonstrator as well um so that’s already one owner and i’m going to have a customer buy it um about a month or so ago and and had it but found that it was um because of his previous vehicle so we actually traded it back in for a master three so the previous owner

Didn’t really have it for very long um so it’s yeah it sort of three owners really but yeah legally it’s four owners um so with this vehicle you get the special upgraded 17-inch bbs alloys um and you also get the recaro alcantara seats which is a very nice effect on them as well so if we just have a quick walk around to the vehicle it is in really really good

Condition um you know it’s got the black black alloys to go with the black wing mirrors and then at the back here you have got the black spoiler also which did come um as standard with the launch edition so if we just open the boot here sorry it’s very windy here today um so all of your boot accessories intact i’ve got charging and i’ll see all your bits and

Pieces for the wheels around your interior light there as well everything else about the vehicle is standard nothing else has been changed just on the handle mazda rf launch edition mats and then as i mentioned the recaro seats which are in fact very comfortable if you do like a sport seat that does hold you then they are very very comfortable this vehicle

Is 467 of 500 as you can see there with the plinth um so it’s quite nice to know that but with the launch edition you do get slight changes so on the dashboard you get the alcantara um same as bottom of the um gear lever and also the handbrake which of course is a pull-up handbrake not an electronic one now if i just put the ignition on ju the roof which is

Mechanical so as you can see it folds in three places and then this last section goes down which then leaves a gap on the inside with no window but then it’s folded just there so it doesn’t intrude in the boot at all which is nice and then you get that old porsche target look very very nice as well so if we come around drive the seat so this vehicle has 6 16

And a half thousand miles so not done many miles at all i start the car up while i went get the roof back closed again just because it is very windy here today and i don’t know if you will be able to hear me um so obviously as you can see there’s a little timer there so you can see what’s happening it is just under 11 seconds so you know more than half do it

Start it um it just doesn’t like it when you’re in reverse that’s the only thing so you have automatic lights and automatic wipers all your bluetooth settings are on the left hand side of the steering wheel and then you also have your cruise control sorry cruise control setting on the right um automatic air conditioning which you can sit here um so you set it

To auto and it just does what it needs to do and keeps the car at that level you then have both passenger seats and both front seats sorry have three stage heated seat and then you’ve got the usb function down there if you would like to add apple carplay or android auto to this vehicle it is possible so it’s an extra charge of about 350 pound and we do it to the

Vehicle before the vehicle goes out to you um screen so it does use the touch screen when you’re stationary but then when you’re driving obviously you then use the mazda idrive system down here fully synced with the vehicle so if you would like that added then just give us a heads up and we can do that for you um other than that you’ve got all your settings in

The right hand side so you’ve got your display settings safety settings blind spot information obviously this has got the blind spot control which is quite nice clock vehicle you can also set up the walk away lock on this which is quite nice so you start walking away from the vehicle with the key and the car locks itself there is also turning signals and lighting

So you can change that um device bluetooth settings and then also how you’d like to see miles and fahrenheit and all that jazz so that’s all in there for you to have a fiddle around with um you do also have i don’t know how loud this is going to be you’d also have dab radio as well um so you can set that video dab radio bluetooth and obviously the usb as well

Good old radio too not quite time for uh quiz master just yet but um pop master even um so i’ll be looking forward to that in a minute um so yes not so much of a glove box in here but you do have this this will suffix stuff in and you can lock it as well so if you keep the roof open when you’ve stopped off at the pub or something then you are more than welcome to

Leave stuff in there and then you’ve also got your cd player uh just in the middle you also have a little bit more storage in here with your locking walnut key and then um you’ve got places to put your the cup holders in there as well um if you would like to know a little bit more about the vehicle or come and test drive the vehicle please do so um you can give

Us a call on 01932-858-866 or you can give us uh or send us an email sales.waybridge at tww white and sons dot co dot uk and one of us either myself tyler my colleague max or roth will be more than happy to help you um oh i did mention that you’ve got speakers in the headrest which is very useful as well especially when you’re on the phone um you know legally

Obviously via the bluetooth you can even have conversations while you are uh when you’ve got the roof open which is very nice indeed um so that’s enough for me and i will look forward to hearing from you soon many thanks bye-bye

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Mazda MX-5 RF 2.0 SKYACTIV-G Launch Edition 16,500 Miles – S77 HEF By T W White \u0026 Sons

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