mazda mx 30 tesla dovrebbe impar
Altair Club Cars Mazda MX-30: Tesla dovrebbe imparare (QUALCOSA)

Mazda MX-30: Tesla dovrebbe imparare (QUALCOSA)

Parliamo di Mazda MX-30 , se volete vedere una auto ben fatta andate in una concessionaria Mazda. Peccato appunto per la scarsa autonomia.

Hi guys, this one behind me is the mazda mx30, today iwill introduce it to you i’m matteo valenza and i welcome you in this new video ! let’s start with dimensions, it’s 4,4m long, 1,8m wide and 1,57m tall the trunk can fit 366 liters, if you fold the seats it’s 1500 liters unfortunately there isn’t a second under trunk but they placed a space to store a bag with a type

2 cable outside the mx30 have features like other mazda, as the rx8, with the doors that opens as a book this features make the car safer and leave more room to the back seat for example, if in the back there are kids, thay can’t open the door unless the front one is opened safety, there isn’t the b pillar but inside the door there is a steel core with shock absorbing

Mechanisms the frame uses ultra-resistant steel which makes the car weigh less and consume less i like a lot the external design, the car looks ” strong ” this car weighs only 1600kg, so it should consume les than a normal electric car the battery is a 35,5kwh and can run only 250km in the city mazda said that they studied with an university i tokyo, and came up with this

Car that should have the best battery capacity for reduce at maximim the co2 impact i would have preferred that this car had a minimum range of 300 / 400km it has an electric motor in the front it’s a permanent magnets one, it’s a 107kw ( 145hp ) and 270nm of torque the car is always connected to the cloud and you can check it’s status / see location, know the range, see

How long it’s going to be charging via the mobile app that you can download on your device for heating and cooling the car there is a heat pump as you can see, here there is a lot of room , becouse in the future mazda will give an optional that consist on placing a little engine in this space with a tank, like the bmw i3 i don’t like this idea, but if you think that the

Range will be better, it’s ok, maybe for who don’t trust the only electric car at 100% let’s talk about the interior, as you can see i’t all built around the driver and also inside is eco, like this cork parts, or this kind of alcantara but is made out of the pet of the plastic bottles the screen in front of the driver is both analog and digital, you can always keep an eye

On everything there is a head up display with the speed, and the driver assistance devices in the center there is a 9-inch display where you can see the map, consumption and various statistics, it can be controlled via this central ring near the gear selector in front of the gear selector there is a screen that is to set the a / c, there isn’t a phone charger but there are

Some usb ports and a 220v shuko plug the quality of the interior and the quality of the soundproofing is really good, you do not hear the noise of the rolling of the tires and you do not hear the aeredynamic rustle, the audio system is bose and has a non-deactivable feature that reproduces the normal engine sound while you travel getting on the mx30 makes you feel that is

A very premium car so, the range is 250km, if you use it, in an extra-urban cycle you will run a maximum range of 150/160km, only in the city you will have 250km of range the handling is good but the suspension are very very soft, so if you try to change direction istantly, you will feel that is not glued to the ground the turning radius is very small, the car almost turns

On itself there are all the driver assistance systems and also the speed limit recognition, it’s maded via what the frontal camera see, not on the gps there are three different regenerative braking settings and you can set it via the pads behind the steering wheel, the lowest is no regenrative braking, and there isn’t the full one pedal drive experience, so, the car dosen’t

Stop completely prices! so, witht all the eco-incentives this car will cost you around 30.000€ , i would prefere this compared to the e-golf the base model that still have a lot of things cost 34.900€ and you can also use the eco-incentives, the only ” bad ” thing about this car is the range thanks for watching, i hope you liked this review, thanks also mazda italy for

Giving us the car subscribe to the channel and we will see in the next video, byeee

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Mazda MX-30: Tesla dovrebbe imparare (QUALCOSA) By MatteoValenza

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