mazda mx 30 review 2021uk can it
Altair Club Cars Mazda MX-30 Review 2021(UK)| Can it make up for its short range?

Mazda MX-30 Review 2021(UK)| Can it make up for its short range?

Mazda MX- 30 review, A big thanks to P.V Dobson of Kendal for allowing me to make this review. The Mazda MX-30 is a small electric suv made to rival the likes of the Honda e and Mini electric. Overall I really like the car despite its short range and small boot among other dislikes. Stay til the end for a surprise!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the card code channel my name is sam and if you’re new here make sure to hit the subscribe button down below and also make sure to click the notification bell so you’re notified every time i upload a new video first of all a big thanks to pb dobson mazda for letting me do this car review today today i’m going to be reviewing

The all-electric all-new master mx30 mazda has tried to give this car a much more of a normal car feeling rather than feeling like an electric car it weighs in at 1 600 kilograms which is quite like an electric car to compare that to a petrol car it weighs about the same as the bmw x1 which is just a tiny bit bigger than this car it’s a very similar size in

Fact how does the mx-30 feel to drive well i’ve had a little drive around in it and i can say i was really impressed the wheel the sidewalls on the tires are quite large and that really helps for a comfortable ride it doesn’t feel firm like in the q4 e-tron it feels much more soft riding there’s one motor option which is the 35 kilowatt battery and it has 145

Horsepower that doesn’t sound a lot compared to other electric cars but you can definitely feel the insulin acceleration and because it is light like the same it feels a lot quicker and speedier than a lot of electric cars on the market so at the front of the car you have led headlights and led tail lights as standard on all models the boot on this model is 366

Liters which sounds quite small but it is bigger than the mini electric and honda e as well paint options for this car are quite limited but you can have a two-tone roof if you want this is the jet black maker and i think it looks really nice that is a 550 pound option i really like how it blends in with the grille and with the padding and i really really like

This color the colors go all the way up to 1800 pounds if you do want the two-tone with the solar crystal red paint so that’s quite a lot but most of the paints are 550 pounds so that’s not too bad for a car this size this car here is finished in the two-tone paint with the sole crystal red and the gray roof as well and that is 1800 pound options so it’s quite

Pricey to be honest personally i think it looks quite nice but one tone is nice as well it’s definitely a stepping stone into the electric market i have a feeling that something bigger will be coming from soon a bigger electric car that’s just my thoughts but let me know what you think in the comments down below i like that they’ve gone for a smaller grill as it

Is an electric car it doesn’t really need it so let’s have a look inside the mx30 so now i’m inside the mx30 as you can see it does have a dark headlight and i’m not a big fan of this the windows are quite big luckily and it doesn’t feel too dark in here it’s not as dark as the q4 e-tron that i’ve been in and also on the top-of-the-range gt sport tech model you

Get a small sunroof as standard so that’ll really help to brighten up the cabin similar to the one on a fiat 500 for example in the top of the range model it feels quite similar you do see that it has both speakers all around which is quite nice to have and i’m sure that’ll sound amazing you’ve also got adaptive cruise control rather than normal cruise control and

A few more buttons on the steering wheel for those controls as well other than that it is feeling very similar inside i like how muscles gone for the homely approach with the interior of this car and they want familiarity really rather than revolutionary new design i think that’s the way to go really i know volkswagen and tesla have gone the extreme from a normal

Car i like this better with the physical buttons and things that feel more familiar i really like this small sensor it looks really sort of cute and you’ve got really chunky button it just feels like a nice place to be in this car i’m not too sure about this seven inch climate control unit it does feel a bit excessive as you can just control them by these buttons

Here so you don’t really need that screen but it’s better to have than a little slide of what you get on the id3 inside here we’ve got the cream leverette and gray recycled fabric seats i think these are the best seats on standard you just get gray and black fabric and then you can get optional brown leverette but i think these are the best ones so inside you’ve

Got cork here and everyone’s sort of giving this a lot of praise but i’m not too sure about the longevity of this i don’t know how long it’s gonna last cup holders are nice and concealed and they feel well put together you’ve got floating console here i think that’s a bit of a waste of space to be honest but it’s okay i really like this armrest as well it’s really

Comfortable you can’t adjust it for height but you can adjust the length of it and for me it’s absolutely perfect so the car has android auto and apple car play as standard and that’s really great if you’re wondering what it is like in the back you’ve got three seats let’s have a little look at the rear practicality of this car and let’s talk about these freestyle

Doors they’re inspired by the mazda rx-8 a more mainstream car that we could compare it to that more people know about is the first generation mini clubman it has the same idea of door well the door opens like this it’s on a little patch you do have to open this door before you do open this door personally i don’t think it’s much of an issue and it could be even

Easier to get child seats in and out of this car master calls these doors with the freestyle doors and they add a little bit extra practicality so before i show you the inside i just thought i’d do a little demonstration with a three-door car as you can see the doors open extremely wide so the doors as they are so big they can act like a sail and go with the wind it

Can be hard to get out in tight car parking spaces as well a lot of people have questioned the practicality of the rear doors on the mx-30 i personally think they’re a lot safer as passengers can’t get out especially children put this seat all the way forward using the controls on the back of the seat that’s something that’s really handy to have and when you get

In the back you’ve got a lot of space and you can move the seat backwards in the seating position where it needs to be it just remembers where it was so this seat was here and you can also adjust it like this let’s talk about range and battery size this car has a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery the mini electric for example has 32.6 kilowatts so it’s got a slightly

Bigger battery than that but it’s definitely small compared to the rest of the market its official range is 124 miles which is a little bit less than the honda ease 137 miles of range that is a bit of a shame but if you’re just doing short trips to work and back to the supermarket especially if you’ve got a charging point at your workplace then this car is a good

Way to go it’s basically designed for town and city driving bypass the london congestion charge and just want to get to and from work each day charging your mx30 takes around five hours with a home cash charger that’s not too bad quick top up fast charge from 20 to 80 takes about 40 minutes so that’s what if you’re on the motorway or something like that for example

If you do want to do a fast charge from zero to full it’ll take around an hour which is longer than other vehicles but it’s all right if you want to do a big weekly shop or something not so much if you are on the motorway with prices starting from twenty six thousand forty five pound it’s quite competitively priced want to buy a demonstrator model i’ve seen them

Quite as low as 23.995 called the base model so that is similar to the price of a new mercedes a class a honda e starts from over 29 000 pounds so that puts it in perspective this car as well i’d say is a lot better than that car it has an extra seat it does also have a five-sided euro and cap safety rating making it one of the safest electric cars out there in

Fact it’s safer than the citroen ec4 renault zoe honda a and mini electric i have to say the mazda mx-40 is probably one of the most well designed electric cars a last thank you to phoebe dobson kendall for letting me do this review of the mazda mx-30 thanks so much for watching and i’ll see you in the next video we’ve got these controls here actually to get in

And out to make it easier how did you open this how did they open it yeah there’s no handle there’s a little catch here like this we can’t get it into our garage right oh that’s a shame that yeah are you thinking about getting an electric car then no no no yeah yeah this is usually fully electric it’s not everything to foreign about it isn’t it yeah but it’s

Your good looking garden because it would never go through

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