mazda is giving the mx 5 miata t
Altair Club Cars Mazda is Giving the MX-5 Miata the ELECTRIC Treatment…

Mazda is Giving the MX-5 Miata the ELECTRIC Treatment…

The MX-5 will have electrification by 2030. The new 2022 QX60 can feature new powertrains. And Volvo is the newest automaker to be featured on the channel.

The mazda miata is going electric the recently announced qx60 is getting more engine options and going forward on the channel i’ll feature volvo from time to time over the drive mazda wants to electrify the mx-5 miata by 20 30. i’m sure there’s a million things going through your guys’s head six-speed manual it’s not going to stay intact it’s going to get heavier

It’s going to complicate things i’m with you guys i have a lot of questions going through my head right now but by 2030 mazda has confirmed that the mx-5 will be electrified in some shape or fashion we will work hard to make it lightweight affordable open cedar sports car in order to meet the needs of cons consumers and customers so the fact that they’re saying

Lightweight means there’s no way by 2030 that if it’s using current battery technology it’s going to be lightweight and imagine throwing uh this mx-5 around the track multiple multiple times for extended periods of time as well so it just wouldn’t work in terms of weight and heat management like i feel like the battery technology that we have now in 2021 just

Isn’t good enough to be an mx5 a few years down the road now if solid state batteries come around that could change things massively and you know toyota’s working with mazda for a lot of things and toyota also is one of the leaders with solid state batteries could could the mx-5 have solid-state battery technology of course eventually i don’t know how long down

The road you guys want to look by 2030 we’re gonna have some form of electrification so we’re gonna go over to the spreadsheet the thing that makes the most sense to me would be replacing the 2-liter skyactiv-g that that we currently have with 181 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque and replacing that with the skyactiv-x 2-liter which has a little bit more

Horsepower and a little bit more pound-feet of torque the problem is we’ve only seen this engine set up with the six-speed um automatic transmission i don’t think that there’s a manual out there for this two-liter skyactiv-x it can get really good fuel economy it would still stay rear-wheel drive of course it is a very mild hybrid uh with a lean supercharger so

It’s kind of this freak frankenstein engine sort of thing it definitely makes the most sense to me now you guys might be saying well what about a plug-in hybrid well for plug-in hybrid if they were to go that route that doesn’t make sense with current battery technology i think the batteries right now would be too heavy for that sort of setup but they are working

On a plug-in hybrid four-cylinder so this could be an option by 2030 if they’re able to put some sort of small solid state battery in there so that will be interesting and i guess that’s a possibility as well but i feel like that’s going to be heavier so to me skyactivx makes the most sense but i’ll see you guys down below on what kind of electrification you

Think mazda will put in the mx-5 by 2030. now we’re heading over to car buzz uh we did we did a live stream on the channel for the new qx60 reveal with kate hudson it was pretty entertaining um and it looks pretty good for the most part except for the exhaust tips on the back they kept it uh they carried those exhaust tips over from the monograph concept which i

I just don’t know anyways the car looks very good besides that the interior looks great we’re getting the v6 three and a half liter v6 295 horsepower in the united states with a nine speed automatic ditching the cvt now what’s interesting is this vehicle is going to be produced here in america as well as china infinity has a pretty big china market as well and for

China they’re going to be getting the vc turbo engine and looking at the vc turbo it’s a 2 liter we see it in the ultima it doesn’t make nearly as much power as it does let’s say in the qx50 and qx55 268 horsepower 280 pound-feet of torque for the first time ever the vc turbo is getting paired with a non-uh cvt transmission so that throws out to the rumors that

The vc turbo could only be paired with a cvt because they’re going to be producing the vc turbo with a nine speed automatic for the chinese market now in terms of electrification for hybrids infiniti wasn’t ready to share many details you gotta remember a while back i made a video on how nissan is uh they’ve patented or trademarked i should say ipower which is

The same thing as nissan’s e-power which is a their version of hybridization but it’s a fully electric driven i’m not going to get into the details i’ll just put a diagram on the screen for you guys but it is very promising very fuel efficient and gives you the power feeling that a full electric vehicle does now they’re saying this is not an electrified powertrain

Because the customers and the segment today are not asking for it i feel like uh toyota said the same thing a while back and then unveiled the wraps of their electric cars uh so yeah i they’re people are definitely asking for it rego is saying people are extremely happy with this combination i would say they are extremely happy because it no longer has a cvt so

We’re making some progress here and of course they’re monitoring electrification in every segment for every market so it doesn’t mean we have to stick with this formula forever there we go also confirmed that the qx60 as well as a pathfinder platform can accept an electrified powertrain so there you go it will eventually have e-power if it doesn’t that’s a huge fail

And for nissan and infiniti that’s like your unique uh electric powertrain and for the fact that infinity doesn’t have it at all is really frustrating uh from at least my standpoint i want infinity to do well i want accurate to do well and i want lexus to do well when they’re all at their best they’re all making each other better and unfortunately uh infinity

Is definitely not at their best right now the qx60 is the redesign is going to pull them forward uh in a lot of ways especially with with a nice interior and an all-new infotainment setup but man powertrains we need that electrification from infinity and i would like to see it for acura as well but that’s a different topic altogether now what if ipower came to

The qx60 in the next couple years what would it look like well i think they would use the vc turbo and if they wanted to make it a non-plug-in hybrid they could but they could also put in a larger battery pack for that sort of setup now i think if it was just going to be ipower alone non-plug-in hybrid 300 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque but it could get

Around 40 miles per gallon but what if they did a plug-in hybrid well i think if they do that they could get a lot more power out of this setup up up to around 400 horsepower and over 442 pound-feet of torque these figures right right here are essentially the same motors that they use uh in the upcoming aria the top trim of the aria so they use something like

A 20 kilowatt hour battery you could get over 40 miles of range on it with almost 400 horsepower i think that would be very interesting and would definitely set infinity apart in that regard but v6 nine speed on max all we have for now uh it would have been nice for infinity to make a splash with something new something unique to set them apart but we don’t

Get that and lastly we’re going to talk about volvo i had a poll up this week saying well i’m working with someone new and what do you guys think it would be i think i put tesla bmw volvo and porsche um i’ve always liked volvo volvo is going to be featured on the channel it’s not going to be like uh every single day i’m switching to no it’s nothing like that

It’s just like every once a while i’m going to talk about volvo just kind of like mitsubishi as well i don’t really ever talk about mitsubishi it’s probably gonna be the same thing with volvo i’ve always liked volvo my uncle had an old 200 series wagon when i was growing up this brown five-speed manual transmission like it’s always been an interesting brand to

Me i like their designs i like their interiors so i’m only going to cover brands that i like and it doesn’t mean i’m going to cover everything i’m a one-man show i can only cover so much and be somewhat nichey uh is that a word oh my gosh it sounds like douchey anyways with that out of the way i will be getting a volvo xc90 recharge and in the coming weeks for

Review so you guys if it doesn’t interest you that’s perfectly fine only watch the videos that will interest you my my core will always be japanese and korean for the most part and volvo just has kind of slid in there because i think they’re cool i also think porsche is cool so don’t rule them out either so guys yes i’m not going to cover domestics anytime soon

Not going to cover the germans anytime soon even though i like porsha quite a bit that’s about it so let’s get into the volvo news uh there’s a lot going on with them okay their sales have been doing well the past few years and they interest me as a company their growth and their uniqueness in the market and the products they provide so there is going to be a

Volvo cars tech moment this is going to be june 30th at 8 am eastern time and here’s the countdown for it i will livestream it it’s gonna be a long live stream like two and a half hours lots of q a going on in it so i’m gonna be live streaming it and hanging out with you guys to talk about the future of volvo they also gave us an agenda so there it is you can

Pause it right here if you want to see the agenda but there’s other volvo news out there that’s pretty recent they’re teaming up for joint venture with northvolt it’s another swedish company they will be producing batteries together as soon as 2022 at least the research and development side i think their plant will be up by 2026 it’s a 50 gigawatt hour plant for

Their electric vehicles and they’re going fully battery electric by 2030. that’s extremely aggressive they also have their polestar brand which will be produced here in the united states to some degree this press release volvo cars expand u.s electrified vehicle production in south carolina with new 118 million dollar investment the polestar 3 battery electric

Vehicle will be produced in south carolina alongside the s60 sedan also in south carolina they’re building a campus to educate volvo employees on all of their upcoming products and current products it’s going to be 112 000 square feet for training and development space i think this is pretty cool uh when i was working for lexus i went on a few different trips

To different training areas the one i went to the most was in naperville illinois and that’s essentially what volvo’s doing there’s going to have one training place where toyota and lexus have multiples throughout the country so i think this is cool and lastly next generation pure electric volvo’s come stand with lidar and ai driven super computer and this is

Pretty cool because it’s going to be powered by nvidia’s system on a chip so if you guys are computer fans like me you’re not your chances of getting a gpu or even getting slimmer because all these car manufacturers are reaching out to amd i think amd is now in tesla by the way and nvidia is going to be here in volvo so your graphics processors are even going to

Be harder to find if you build your own computers because they’re all going into cars yikes anyways standard lidar is going to be on the successor to the xc90 and it’s going to be fully electric so i am getting xc90 recharged like i said in a couple weeks so that will be interesting uh they’re probably just going to call it the c90 because i think uh they’re

Also producing a fully electric version kind of the xc40 but they’re just calling it the c40 so they’ll probably discontinue the xc40 recharge but that will be revealed in 2022 that fully electric xc90 c90 whatever they’re going to call it so i think that’s pretty neat and guys i’m going to end it there mazda miata becoming electrified in some shape or form it’s

Really interesting to see how they’re going to do that infiniti saying oh yeah you know our new qx60 can be electrified and can have a vc turbo with a nine-speed automatic but you don’t really get all those options at least at launch here and then volvo guys adding them to the roundup of news and reviews on the channel and if you’re worried about it just don’t

Watch it i know a lot of you guys are are excited for it at the same time and you would like for me to cover more and more brands which is is perfectly fine and if you’re not into it i totally understand just watch the content that you appreciate and you are interested in i will always have japanese cars at the core of of what i feature so it’ll probably be

Something like japanese cars are like 60 of the coverage uh korean cars are probably 20 to 30 of the coverage and then i’ll have some auxiliary companies uh that i cover outside of that volvo maybe porsche eventually guys if you enjoyed today’s video smash the like button make sure to subscribe for more automotive news and reviews i’ll see you guys in the next video peace out you

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Mazda is Giving the MX-5 Miata the ELECTRIC Treatment… By Kirk Kreifels

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