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Altair Club Cars Mazda CX-50 review: a luxury adventure on every ride

Mazda CX-50 review: a luxury adventure on every ride

The Mazda CX-50 is ready to handle all your adventure with luxury!

Question matt is riding the new mazda cx-50   and it’s the beginning of a new adventure usually  mazda is known for having fun on those twisty   a new territory with that a brand new vehicle   and i see brand new but you’re going to see a lot  of similarity with the cx-5 and that’s going to be   a great question cx5 or cxf50

Because they might  look a little bit like each other but in reality   they are completely different so this cx50 was  created to be powerful and to look mean in some   kind of way and you can see it from the exterior  design they still got that kudo design style to   the car but you can see it’s more robust it’s kind 

Of larger it’s kind of higher when you look at the   ground clearance but the height of the roof is  kind of a little bit lower it gives the cx-50   a sporty appearance so it looks like a little  bit of bmw in that car you’ve got those nice   equipment if you go base you will get 17 inches  wheel with some okay goodyear tires

And you’re   you go with the gt version 20 inches wheel   even if those wheels and tires are really big  it’s still gonna be able to do some great stuff   on unpaved road there is also some adaptative  lighting you’re going to see also that the   paint quality is really awesome i just love those  new colors you’re

Going to see also some gi joe   coloring some kind of way army style it’s really  standing out from what master was used to do   you’ve got also those little bit of plastic on the  wide the flares of fenders but it’s still got that   great balance between the knight turner luxury  but also adventure statement when you look at

The   interior if you’re gonna go even with the base  version you’re still gonna find that 10.25 inches   multimedia screen you’ve got enough usb connector  but also the thing that i don’t really like is the   center console over here where it’s lacking some  small storage you got also with the fully equipped   version a

Qi charger but if you got a big phone  it might not enter completely in that wide opening   still you’ve got that digital cluster here really  easy to read you’ve got the build quality which is   really awesome inside but you should have done  a little bit more to get that adventurous style   also inside they pretty much remain in

The luxury  territory the real quality is just amazing though   but sometimes you need some little things to stand  really apart you’re gonna have to all climate zone   front once you get to the rear the headroom   is not really the best probably because of that  lowered roof so if you’re really tall like us   you might

Want to try this seat first before you  buy the car when you get to the rear luggage space   though it’s impressive to see such a big trunk  it’s really useful if you’re gonna go camping you   want to bring that big cooler wow they did a great  job on that it’s kind of larger than the cx-5   and it’s going to give you more space

Let’s talk  about that audio bow system which is still one to   offer an awesome sound quality you can raise the  volume and enjoy some really great music also if   same model that we have here you’ve got access   right here at the tip of your finger to change the  gear if you want and you’re gonna have right there  

In the center console the drive mode that you can  select to make sure that you’re gonna get the most   out of those paddle shifter wireless apple carplay  in android auto the only downside is the screen   so it’s not going to be tactile until you use  the wireless feature with android auto and   apple carplay two engine choice

And mazda has  remained in the known territory i would have   hoped that they would try something new but still  you’re gonna be able to go for that regular 2.5   liter engine which is going to be good for 187  horsepower not really impressive we did not try   this one or test vehicles were equipped with the  2.5 liter

Turbo engine which is going to be good   for 256 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque  this is going to be achieved with premium fuel if   you don’t use premium fuel you’re going to go to  lower numbers so it’s still going to be powerful   enough it’s still going to be fun but if you want  to get the maximum capability of your

Engine this   price going simply up and being too crazy today   for me to use premium in a car transmission is the  regular 6-speed automatic transmission of mazda   it’s a classic she’s doing fine that transmission  is really quick to find the proper gear when you   need power acceleration or even when you’re gonna 

Tow the algorithm with the programmation with all   the components interacting together will give  you some great acceleration still no 8 speed   but it’s probably going to come one day mazda  will offer the cx-50 with base all-wheel drive   that’s the famous high active all-wheel drive  system and when you’re going to talk about

Fuel   consumption it’s going to be 10.4 in the city  with the turbo engine 8.1 on the highway and   you’re going to have slightly lower number with  the regular 2.5 so let’s talk about road and ling   right now mazda in the adventure territory how  do you mix luxury with some fun in adventure   usually you need to

Make some compromise on some  components but right now on the road acceleration   is fine direction is fine brake feeling is fine  you’ve got the mazda philosophy right there behind   the wheel where you’re gonna make one with the car  you’re gonna find the same refinement in all the   mass the lineup and this is the thing that

Mazda  does well you know get you some great feeling if   you’re a car driver enthusiast sometimes you need  to go on to unpaved roads so how does it do there   i was quite impressed to see how it was performing  so remember that mazda is using a g victory system   combined to the all-wheel drive combined to the  different

Mi drive mode this is brand new for the   cx-50 so you can switch to sport sport will give  you that feeling where you need to enter a curve   when you can accelerate find your apex and still  get some great reaction out of the car normal   is just normal it’s kind of okay if you push it  it’s going to be reactive but once you

Select   off-road there’s two type of off-road low speed  off-road where you need to be careful where   traction need to be maximized and where you can  leave from a stencil and still get that awesome   grip even if you’re on ice you’ve got also the  same mode don’t search for wet grass or simply   wet leaf or sand mud

Rut name it those kind of  selectable drive sometimes gets confusing for   the driver mazda did only the off-road feature and  when you select it and when you go at high speed   awesome feeling for a car which is predictable  on sometime an unpredictable surface when it’s   that feeling that you are in control even if  

The ground is not even even if it’s sometimes  muddier even if sometimes traction is an issue   that car will give you confidence and that’s a big  thumbs up for mazda with that so you’ve got way   better off-road capability versus the regular cx-5  let’s talk about towing because that thing can do   between two thousand pound and

Three thousand five  hundred pound and we attach a big trailer to that   cx-50 how does it handle it because we were really  near the maximum to wing capacity of that vehicle   and there’s a neat feature also once you’re gonna  use the emma drive mode if the vehicle detects   that there’s something attached to the back you’re 

Gonna be able to select towing mode that mode   gear when you needs it and you’re still gonna   have some decent acceleration yes i know this  vehicle is close to the ground as you can see   with the trailer that we have on the back it’s  really easy to get unbalanced in some kind of way   it might get a little bit bouncy

Because we were  really close to the maximum limit of the car   i usually recommend to you a thousand pound below  your maximum capacity still that vehicle can   do a lot it’s really capable to tow even such an  amount while you still being in control of the car   and having a mode that will maximize efficiency  for you so

You will get also a tons of security   camera heads-up display name it you’ve got a tons   of equipment for an affordable price if you want  to go even deeper in afro territory you will get   the possibility to go for a soon to be available  meridian edition this one will get more aggressive   capable to go off-road so let’s

Compare car also   if we’re talking about an outback you still get  okay comfort but the road feeling the road hugging   at all you also talk to me about the bronco   sport the bronco sport on highway you’re always  gonna correct the direction you’ve got that 4×4   feeling yes the badland is more capable off-road  than

That cx-50 but mazda has this balance that   you’re not gonna find in the bronco sport on paved  road you’ve got also the rav4 trail well talking   about the useless button with the trail mode the  rav4 will give you the possibility to go further   into it a bit more but still the plastic interior  doesn’t quite feel as luxurious

As the mazda cx-50   also how about the road end link a rav4 is really  fluffy often too soft for those who likes to drive   same thing as the outback and it’s lacking   that terrible power that you can’t go for in the  mazda cx-50 so how does it do on the diagonal test   well you’re gonna be surprised because look at 

Those image you can see that there was ice mud   and we were still able to get the cx-50 up that  little hill so that was impressive i cannot wait   don’t like about the cx-50 you’re going to   find that interior which is kind of okay with the  build quality but it’s not really going to stand   out there’s also a lack of

Storage compartment  usb connector yes you have some but sometimes   there can afford to plug your phone that section  right here could have been better organized it’s   also lacking some headspace in the rear another  downside as soon as you open the door what’s that   mud water that’s not going to be good for rust  you’re

Going to have to clean that sometime be   careful to those 20 inches wheel if you’re going  to go off-road sometimes a smaller tire with a   little bit more rubber on the side is going to  be much more useful for you if you like more   aggressive road also same engine in all lineup  that transmission is starting to show a little

Bit   its age it’s still able to do great but we need  more refinement and how about that towing mode   if you’re not going to go for the fully equipped  model you’re not going to be able to select it   going to go for an aftermarket hitch well if   you don’t have the connector from mazda you’re not  going to be able

To select this mode inside so you   need to go for the wire harness of mazda what do  we like a lot of equipment with the base version   room zoom zoom attitude of mazda on road and on   unpaved road so this is the thing where mazda  is shining right now and it did surprise me   how about that panoramic sunroof which is a

First  for mazda standard all-wheel drive towing capacity   but also that unlimited mileage warranty that we  have right here in canada so what’s going to be   the future for that vehicle phev hybrid it’s going  to come soon there’s going to be also a cx 90 phev   really soon from mazda and we’re gonna see our  first inline

Six cylinder appear really soon so   with that new cx50 what do you think are you gonna  go for a cx-5 or a cx-50 my choice is made feel   free to comment in the section down there below  you

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