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Mazda CX-5 vs. Everybody

We often tell people to buy a Mazda CX-5. So we brought up a list of all the competition: Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, etc., and talked about why we’d take the Mazda over them all.

Hey everybody it’s charlie and chris with daily motor and this week we’ve had the mazda cx-5 here at dmhq for review and rather than shoot our normal review style which may or may not have been because we got the car at the last minute and weren’t able to shoot an intro we’ve already reviewed the cx-5 twice in two different forms this one’s slightly face lifted

It’s got a few refresh features which we may or may not talk about but as we let this absolute degenerate drive by in his civic i have no comment on that we wanted to take this opportunity to put our money where our mouse is quote unquote and talk about why we recommend the cx-5 over just about not only every other compact crossover but so many car choices i

Mean there are so many people that buy larger cars or smaller cars and they would be best suited in a cx-5 yes chris and i have both recommended cx hives to people in our lives and i think they’ve all been happy yeah yeah i um i recommended a cx-5 to my friend that was getting out of a forester and she is just so blown away by how nice cx-5 is to live with right

She loves it she loves every aspect i was just i was just talking to her this week about how good the bose sound system is in this car and she sent me songs she’s like listen to this song in there listen to this song in there she’s like these these couple of songs sound awesome and they did right yeah and monster would love for us to tell you to buy a new one but

Honestly even going back 2016 cx-5 i mean you could you could do no wrong buying a cx-5 and part of the reason i wanted to record the video this style is because chris and i could really go on and on about all the good parts of the cx-5 but if you want to see those check the links in our reviews to the 2020 and the 2021 and this one we’re gonna go out on the road

Talk about some of the new features but also talk about how it stacks up compared to the competition for 2022 we’ve got some updated looks this also is the top trim signature model which means we’re rocking the turbocharged motor and all the features that you could possibly want color cladding baby cx-5 yes you can’t adventure with it because it’s got color cladding

Rather than simple gray cladding which seems to be the color of adventure this makes this car look even more premium yeah no it really does it makes it look a little lower so sharp yeah total total difference such a nice looking suv and the interior is just as beautiful one of the things we’ve always loved about mazda products is how nicer interiors are very dark

Brown seat a lot of nice leather everywhere chris and i have spent many many hours in this car both together and separate throughout the week and in all that time we would be able to come up with complaints and it’s not to say we don’t have a single complaint about anything to do with this car it’s got its downsides but all things considered it’s a really really

Nice product and what is the price on this one we don’t have a monroe do we yeah we do oh we do it’s 40 40 grand okay 40 grand so it’s a little pricey but the cool thing with the cx-5 is it starts below 30. yeah this thing is like specked out it’s top trim it’s got i mean everything heated cooled seats yeah surround view camera doesn’t have a panoramic summer

Run sunroof which i don’t care about in this price and it does have a heated steering wheel though yes you need the steering wheel all right so let’s get going get driving a little bit and we’re gonna get talking about some of its competitors as well as some of the things we like as we’re driving we love the way it drives we love the features there’s been a good

Amount of space for putting things yes heavy-ish but not as heavy as the cx50 which is much too heavy right okay we’re going to use us news and world reports list for compact suvs for this class they put the 2022 honda crv above this i would disagree with that crv is significantly slower with no upgraded engine option which i will say this has the turbo but it’s

Not necessary you could get the normal 2.5 liter and be plenty happy in this car yeah 187 horsepower crv has worse interior quality it has a cvt i think it looks worse yeah i don’t know about worse interior quality but the the materials and everything that’s what i meant nice build quality full quality is high but yeah that’s what i meant was material wise you’re

Not going to have you know you’re not going to have like leather stitched right stuff you’re not going to have well actually you know what they do have wood in the crvs but it’s plastic with wood stickers on it yes my door is open oh i’m surprised it’s not yelling at you for that my door is fully open or i’ll wait till we stop up here and i’ll close it okay but

I was like why is there so much wind noise well i have a there’s two indicators an indicator there are two indicators why is it not beeping at me that is very weird do you notice the cx-5 has fewer beeps than the cx30 though it doesn’t give you eight chimes at the beginning well it’s a different chime it’s it’s like the older mazda chime yeah which i like better

Yeah feel that torque the crv you can get in a hybrid so that is one nice thing about the crv yeah and you’re you love hybrids yes i do but the new crv is quite a bit more expensive than the outcome when the outward going one starts at 26 the new one starts at 32 or 33. that’s wild yeah yep that is crazy yeah but you’ve well you you’ve driven the new car and you’re

Allowed to talk about it now yeah this morning so what what do you think about the 2023 crv compared to still much slower than this this still drives better i think the new crv definitely has a better laid out interior for larger families and larger people there’s more space in it and the cockpit feels less cockpiting and more open and airy and it’s got the civic

Layout so it’s a very straightforward easy to use yeah i like that layout yeah every honda is just having that now yes i quite like the new crv but i would still take this the other thing i’ll say about the crv even the new one and that that truck is just totally stopped that’s good even the new crv this looks so premium that you pull up to somewhere in this and

People be like wow that’s a really attractive car yeah the crv that’s not going to happen in maybe for the first few months with the new model but after that right right next hyundai tucson i think the tucson looks sharp i like the two striking yeah but it’s it’s like it’s again like that that whole that whole like it wow it wows you right away but then after you

Spend a week with it you’re just like oh yeah yep the tucson also has a more space in the interior and yeah i was gonna say you need a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid maybe a few extra features but not a lot unless you buy a cheap tucson so if you’re buying a cheap tucson you get a volume knob and that’s good and wireless car play but other than that it is ruled out

Third mazda six five that’s good yep fourth the broncos sport that’s a good one it is a very very different way yeah the infotainment lags pretty bad in that and interior build quality is not that bad nearly as good can’t get any materials on the hybridized powertrain but if you did want to live a little bit more of an adventurous lifestyle the broncosport might be

A better choice yeah you get that dark plastic it’s a little bit smaller but not much honestly it does have stadium seating though which is decent yeah i think the bronco sport feels a little bit cooler this is definitely classier this drive is better better powertrains but the bronco sports got that good eight speed it’s got the good uh you get the paddle shifters

And everything yeah it’s the bronco sports a good good call especially for someone doing a little bit more like you feel how nice that ride is even on these big wheels like yeah that’s another thing bronco sports can be louder yeah probably it’s gonna be not quite as good it’s gonna feel like you’re getting a cheaper product that’s one of the great things about

The cx-5 is that it feels like a more premium it does in here you know what’s nice i know we say that this this turbocharged engine isn’t necessary but it has so much torque that you never have to rev it out yeah i pull up next to a cadillac cts like a newer one like a 2015 or something add a red light in the middle of the night when i was coming home late from

Auto show or whatever and it had no exhaust on it it sounded terrible it was like a v6 cadillac cts and he was driving like a like one of those people would you know yeah he’s like flying down the left lane whenever we pull up at a set of lights i’m in the cx-5 and he’s next to me he’s looking over at me and i’m like all right i didn’t put a sport mode or anything

I didn’t break torque it and i totally smoked him from the light in this yeah he was that car was screaming next to me and i’m just like riding the wave of torque i’m at like 4 000 rpm i’m like driving away from him it was the funniest thing yeah this thing the mazda did a smart thing with the turbo models and just making it a very premium feeling powertrain i

Remember we got into actually we didn’t get directly into this car from it but compared to something like the q3’s powertrain we got into a mazda and we’re like oh yeah this feels better it’s not grainy no it really is yeah the the q3 and a lot of the volkswagen stuff is just oh god that was just terrifying not good subaru forester i don’t think you’ve driven a

Forester correct i have not driven a forester but i have driven an outback yes the forester is not going to drive as well it is going to give you a little bit more of that that ground clearance the the rugged interior materials so you’re not going to feel as bad scuffing things up you gotta admit like if you’re loading the back of this up with with outdoor gear or

A bike or anything you’d feel a little bad scuffing the nice interior materials in here yeah forester you wouldn’t feel quite as bad with that but it also has a not very great infotainment system so if you’re a narcissist you’re able to get the wilderness trim you’re right and uh show off that you are indeed an outdoors person that wears vibram’s toe shoes and um

So if that fits you yeah then the forester’s for you mitsubishi outlander and nissan rogue but i like the rogue quite a bit yeah the new rogue is good dude the rogue is like up there in the top three for me i think now yeah the new road with the three cylinder we quite liked and the outlander goes along with it too they’re based on the same car one’s got naturally

Aspirated power trains yeah there’s turbocharged roads i like the infotainment of the mazda better i like the driving feel the mazda battery the materials are more quality it’s quieter in here the robe definitely isn’t bad and it was decent but this is good i would take this over the road oh yeah me too toyota that’s the point of this video is that we take it over

Everything yes but now we’re just justifying it right yeah toyota rav4 grainy powertrain cheaper just general feel of the interior yeah it’s feeling a little bit older even though it’s not that old i don’t love the way the table screen feels old infotainment’s very old incredible the sound system not nearly as good that’s one thing we haven’t really mentioned is

This has the best sound system in this class this bow is super bombers yeah it does some of those other vehicles we’ve listed you can get wireless car plan android auto which is nice not a big fan of wireless carplay because it never works right for me rav4 you can get the hybrid the prime or the prime is fast it’ll probably beat this and rav4 is going to be dead

Reliable for generations oh and this is good yeah you got some yeah i can stop yeah not like they have a oh wow directly over in front of a car i haven’t forbid they merge volkswagen tiguan the tiguan’s nice you deal with a lot of volkswagen annoyances yeah in that car i had a i had an issue with the the last tiguan we had i went a whole day with no infotainment

Screen it was just black screen for the whole day i don’t know if it was updating or what but it just like froze and broke kia sportage i don’t know why us news has it ranked so much lower than the tucson because they’re fairly identical driven a sportage but you have some i have uh again you have your plethora of powertrains long warranty similar interior features

To the tucson it’s gonna be pretty good i’m not a huge fan of the looks it’s a little too futuristic alien looking for me but priced competitively and again you got those powertrains you can get but it’s not going to feel as nice in here and in the interior and the climate controls are more straightforward in this car than they are in the kia jeep cherokee yeah

That’s about that i mean we should we should at least say something the engine is not desirable in the cherokee the cherokees is it the 2.4 in that yeah god that engine’s terrible yeah that is probably the worst engine on sale can you think of an engine that’s worse than that tiger shark 2.4 that’s currently available i don’t think there’s one maybe the i don’t

Think ford i was going to say maybe the three cylinder in the um but at least that at least so it has some character and it’s going away chevy equinox we haven’t driven one we’ve driven its big brother the traverse this morning i would never want to be an equinox owner or driver so that’s that’s a big thing for me we can head back to the garage now that’s what i’m

Doing yeah but i think the equinox looks okay it’s going to be cheaper inside than this the powertrain’s not going to be as grunty and also no hybrid options same with the terrain jeep compass same as the cherokee yeah and also smaller trains terrible transmission’s terrible yeah sorry this transmission are both bad i don’t consider the wrangler or the bronco

To be in this class ford escape i like the escape it’s a hybrid plug-in hybrid yeah it’s i’d put it right up there one step below the bronco sport the escape’s tough for me because it’s kind of fun to drive because it feels very light and you can like kind of toss it around a little bit but the interior quality is just so bad yeah we’re like cutting ourselves on

The door panels of the last one right this feels like an entirely elevated experience compared to being in an escape and powertrain goes along with that yeah because the escape is just like a one five turbo isn’t it yeah so it’s kind of grainy i think you get the two liter as well in the escape the one we drove was like a plug-in yes which was decent mitsubishi

Eclipse cross this is fine i didn’t mind that car yeah i was fine yeah but it was i mean comparing it to other stuff it’s yeah for a mitsubishi it’s the last one we should talk about is the mazda cx-50 i would take this over the cx50. i would too the the the cx50 to me i like it and i would probably choose it right after this but there are things about that car

That just simply aren’t as good as this the steering is too heavy the sound system’s not as good and i think overall it takes itself a little bit more seriously in like the whole adventure and off-road type of thing which is the point of that car i mean that’s like what they yeah that’s what they what they’re going after i’m just scared that the cx50 is going

To like replace this because the cx-30 replaced the cx-3 yes yeah so we may we may no longer have cx-5 if cx50 takes over right yeah i think that’s unfortunate i i too like the cx50 i think it looks cool i was gonna say it’s an awesome looking car you see them coming down the road and they’re like they have they have a nice presence right but i think this looks

Classier especially not with the new painted cladding and i literally i mean we spent so long in this car both we had four people deep for adults we we drove it in the city we drove it on the highway driving all different situations and i mean geez if they could just throw a touch screen in here yeah and the fuel tank’s too small well and this turbo model doesn’t

Get great fuel economy i mean we’re averaging like 24. 23. just like had to put gas in it so many times and by the end i was getting kind of annoyed right but that’s it you got the non-turbo would get better fuel economy get that on turbo that’s what my my friend cali has the non-turbo and she loves it excellent well thank you all for coming along with us here

Talking about the cx-5 we do quite enjoy it we would happily have one we highly recommend this car to many many people it’s a good amount of space for car seats for humans adults kids stuffed space to put things in the back frameless review mirror flameless rear view mirror that looks nice newer screen that looks nice bone sound system excellent great interior

Materials no squeaks or rattles i mean this is better put together cars than that 911 we had the giant rattle in it yeah you know this it’s a really exceptional build quality exceptional use of materials and go buy one yeah i recommend this car to unless everyone that asked me like what car should i buy cx-5 before asking any questions before like well how much

Do you want to spend you know like what are you looking for but like people in our age we can always just assume well they probably want to spend around 30 grand and they probably want a small suv that’s a cx-5 well and that’s just new i mean if you go using all the way to about 16 000 pick up like a 2017 or something like that touring model be totally set all the

Way up to 40 000 for the signature turbo cool thanks for watching everyone and we will see you on the next one if you want to see anything else on cx-5 we’ll put it in the description or just search daily motor cx5 you’ll find stuff and we’ll see on the next one we are charlie and chris with daily motor and as always cx-5 on

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