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Altair Club Cars Mazda CX-5 SKYAKTIV 2.2 Diesel loss of power, some possible fixes

Mazda CX-5 SKYAKTIV 2.2 Diesel loss of power, some possible fixes

Hey everyone wanted to talk to you about a little thing that happened to me a few weeks back uh with the uh towing of a boat going to the lake uh there was a loss of power on the mazda cx-5 that i’ve made some videos before and what happened is we were at the highway speed rpms were at the normal level but power was lost so we pulled to the side try to determine

What the problem was and didn’t find find out what it was so unfortunately the car left me stranded for the first time in a long time which is unfortunate but i still didn’t lose my faith because i believe i knew what was the cause but wasn’t sure so this is um for mazda cx-5 or any mazda with a 2.2 liter diesel engine if you experience these same things these are

A couple possible scenarios i’m not saying that these are foolproof you know remedies for it but you know these are things you want to check out so obviously i heard a throating sound from all the piping that this turbo engine has as a matter of fact uh on a turbocharged engine whether it’s gas or diesel you could have anywhere from six to eight feet of tubing that

Is going from the intercooler to the turbo or something else so couple things this is related to the power loss that i had and also i’ve been reading on the p0299 code on youtube and on the internet so that is also something related to this but i did not get that uh warning warning sign or that code in this incident so a couple things to think of what you have

Here is uh first of all if you look here there is a thing underneath there that where the turbo is back there you need to actually there’s a flap now you can check that if there’s a plate that is missing from it or it has actually detached from the from the thing so that’s a little more complicated so i knew i was going to check that out as one of the culprits

And that’s where i started so what that involves is taking this air box out the battery out um unfortunately i don’t have a video of it but there are a couple other videos on youtube that are related to this so once you remove this assembly take the battery and out and you take the battery tray out you will see a tube that is running underneath all this from here

To the back of the engine and it has a metal turn at the end and what you will find out if you take it out there’s a flap for the turbo that in some of these vehicles actually the little disc that opens up you know gets broken off from the stem of the the lever so that is one culprit so that’s the first thing i checked on this car i disassembled everything here

And then checked that looked in the light with a light uh everything was good the flap was good put everything back together so i was thinking before i dive anywhere else i was looking what other possible culprits could we have because uh i heard the throating noise so if you look here i don’t know if you can see that but there’s a there’s a huge turbo um tube

Over here that had actually detached from the engine uh and it’s fairly accessible right here underneath um you have to put your fingers underneath from here you can see the tube goes down from the engine so that is part of the turbo tubing that you have that goes from the turbocharger and the intercooler and all related matters so what happened is that tube for

Some reason was loose and it had slipped off the little metal holder that is on the engine so simply going in there and putting the tube back into the into its place and tightening the large um connector you know everything was fine what i did is i cleared all the codes with my own own um scanner and everything’s back to normal so unfortunately i was a little

Disappointed in the fact that the car left me on the road but having it towed to the house and having me check it with uh proper time and thinking about what’s hap what happened um everything ended up well so just a couple tips you know this this part here might not be your issue might be totally something related to something else oh you might have this too

Down there so i recommend when you do your oil changes or something uh check that tube over there if it’s loose you you will have some problems later on thanks for watching

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Mazda CX-5 SKYAKTIV 2.2 Diesel loss of power, some possible fixes By cronk216

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