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Altair Club Cars Mazda 3 Team Test | Fifth Gear

Mazda 3 Team Test | Fifth Gear

The team get a first look and drive of Mazda’s latest offering in the ultra-competitive hatchback market, the new 3.

Now it’s time for the fifth gear team test where we get first look and drive and a brand new car this week the team tested the all new master this is the japanese company’s latest offering in the competitive a mid-sized family car sector the master 3 starts at 20,000 pounds but we’ve got the gt sport tech version which thanks to uprated wheels trim and entertainment

System comes in at twenty five and a half grand so boys this is the mazda 3 hot competition for the ford focus and vw golf yeah oh yeah it’s a mazda it’s gonna be interesting i’m gonna like what they’ve done they’re not gonna followed everyone else they’re gonna done their own thing don’t like it she’s don’t like it i just don’t like it i thought you’d like this

One because this one is all built on human centricity what does it mean well we don’t know is it ergonomic is it shape but it’s not power whose only 122 sure that’s a tight boat under 20 horsepower we what’s that a path forward of a three cylinder one litre ecoboost with 125 yeah so more horsepower for half the capacity but not only that they’ve called it a gt

Sports tech yeah there’s three things that we shouldn’t be the title gt sport and tech gt sport tech bold words i don’t think it’s a terribly unpleasant car to look at i mean the front end is love it for a hint of aston martin about it it does look alfa romeo ish a bit of brera at the bum this is a problem what where’s the hint of mazda it’s almost like they’ve

Nicked our ideas and it’s got no identity but what about the interior that didn’t work it didn’t work how are you moving your seats have electricity i’ve got a right almighty never meant to be a family car you’ve got what how many usbs and what’s his name on usb how much does a usb cost to install i mean we’re talking there’s nothing just feels nasty everything

And i mean everything while the door handle and the speaker cover is the same shade black so there’s conflicts around the exterior and interior quality and finish but what about on the road masters are renowned for being nice to drive plus this model has a little surprise under the bonnet it does actually have a very mild hybrid system this great elm is very very

Mild it has a very small electric motor which takes the talk stress out of the engine under hard acceleration and the only reason why it does it is to get extra economy so the hybrid system should make acceleration smoother and faster let’s see okay you ready for some power yeah let’s do it second gear flat already we are uphill and we’re tell me that’s not second

Oh it’s skin off rice pudding didn’t it just give it another 50 years pass should be fishin see i will tell you that it’s got a very sweet chassis nice steering and a decent gearbox that’s right it does feel a little bit like they just haven’t been brave yeah it does and so to the scores the mazda 3 confusingly large-capacity engine fairly interesting styling from

Certain angles we’re gonna give it a 6 out of 10 how does it stack up against its rivals okay which is why i’m gonna give it a middling 4 out of 10 human centricity i’m not so sure in my opinion this mazda needed some eccentricity i’m giving it 5 it’s not gonna be a good score it’s gonna get blown by the competition i hate it it’s gonna get the worst score i’ve

Ever given a car which gives the mazda 3 gt sport tech a lackluster team test score of 18 out of 40 you

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