mazda 3 e skyactiv x review 2021
Altair Club Cars Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv X Review 2021

Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv X Review 2021

So, is the Mazda 3 one of the best compact cars around?

Ladies and gents welcome to the ref check today i’m going to tell you exactly why i think the mazda 3 is the best compact car you can get red knows that emmanuel has a soft spot for the master 3 so he’s under orders to show what he doesn’t like as well so the general driving impression in the mazda 3 with a skyactiv x engine is pretty nice it is a sporty car

It looks sporty and it also feels sporty driving into curves and if you use the full potential of the engine then you will also be on your way quite quickly makes the dash from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in around eight seconds which is okay and it has a top speed of 219 kilometers an hour which is more than enough if you compare the mazda 3 with other

Compact cars in that segment for example audi a3 or vw golf or hyundai i30 then you will realize most of these as standard versions come with a maximum of 150 or 160 horsepower and therefore the mazda with its 186 horsepower is way more powerful without using more fuel than these which is pretty nice and all of that despite the fact that the master features

A two liter engine while most others just have 1.5 liters there are of course models like aldi’s s3 or the hyundai i30n that have way more horsepower like 300 or something but those will cost way more than the mazda right here so in that price segment you will not find a lot of alternatives mazda has always had new ideas when it comes to engines just remember

The rotary engine the master rx-8 sports car was one of the most iconic models with the rotary engine in 2003 the engine received a prize as the best new engine of the year in 2010 rx-8 sales ended in europe because it failed to meet emission standards in 2020 they showed the skyactiv-x engine a gasoline engine that worked just like a diesel that engine

Combines the best of two technologies just like a regular gasoline engine it can use a high rev range with less pollutants in the exhaust but is at the same time more fuel efficient just like a diesel the spa controlled compression ignition technology spcci allows the engine to switch seamlessly between conventional combustion and compression ignition by using

A spark plug to trigger both types of combustion in different ways and in model year 2021 that skyactiv x engine has gotten an update they added a few horsepower 186 now and it’s gotten a little more fuel efficient so right now we have a claimed fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers according to wltp during our test drive we were more around six

Liters a little below a little above but somewhere around that and that’s still okay for a car that has 186 horsepower if you compare that to other cars with that much power especially gasoline cars then those will use more fuel we’ve just driven quite a few kilometers on the autobahn and i managed to get the average consumption down to 4.8 liters and still

Driving a little faster between 100 and 120 right now we’re in a construction zone so we’re driving a little slower but usually around 100 kilometers an hour and i mean that’s below what mazda claims for the mazda 3 so very nice long distance driving is always more fuel efficient than in the city but it is nice to see that we could actually almost achieve

The claimed consumption of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers for autobahn driving i mean what should i tell you just take a look at that design the sleek headlights the big radiator grille and these lines right here it’s so good looking i i don’t know of any other compact car there that has such a nice design i mean of course there are cars like the audi s3

That look very good as well but those cost way more than the mazda 3 so just just gonna love it the interior is very nice as well i like it it is rather clean in the middle you see there are just a few buttons for the climate control and seat heating and the infotainment system is operated by this rotary push button down here so it is not a touch screen which

Is good because the screen is rather small it is okay but it’s smaller than others i’ve seen in other cars but what’s good about it it features the latest technologies such as digital radio android auto and apple carplay and the best part about it all of this comes as standard in the mazda 3 just as the navigation system which in other cars you’ll have to pay

Extra for there are however two things i don’t like about the interior but those are only minor things the first one is that part right here my personal opinion that one is a little bit too big and the usb socket right here it looks like it was added afterwards i mean they could have simply put it like somewhere down here i think but there it it just looks

Off but apart from that the interior very nice as well so what are the options in the german market for example so let’s quickly take a look at the optional price list this is the base price 26 490 euros which is quite a good price for a 2-liter engine that will deliver 186 horsepower and there is quite a lot of things that are already included as i mentioned

Earlier the navigation system and so on and the advanced head-up display is also standard in that model if you want a little more you can also get 18-inch arrow wheels automatic climate control and so on park assistant for the front because the rear one is also standard and the front one will be added alongside with the heated steering wheel the rear view

Camera and the keyless go system and all of that for not even 2 000 euros more so i guess that’s quite an option to consider enough of the thrills what about passenger comfort in the back right here that is the only part that is not a strength of the mazda it is rather small as you can tell there is almost no headroom left because of my hair and the seat

Right here is adjusted to me sitting in the front and as you can tell there is not very much leg room left as well but the seats are comfortable and even though it says five people this is not made for five people this is made for four people but people sitting in the back should definitely not be bigger than one meter and 85 because otherwise they will have

Problems either with the head or with the legs so let’s take a quick look at the trunk almost 360 liters like it is right here if you fold down the rear seats you will get more than a thousand liters and you will fit quite a lot of groceries in there an interesting side note this master is technically a mild hybrid because it has a belt-driven starter generator

That recuperates energy while braking to power electrical equipment in the interior there is just one thing that bothers me about the mazda 3 it’s the rear view the window is rather small and the c pillars are huge so if you put it in reverse you will be very happy that the park distance control comes as standard for the rear the mazda 3 is also available with

All-wheel drive but that will not only cost you around 5000 euros more but also increased consumption by around 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers test drive is over and i really hope i could make clear to you guys what a nice car the mazda 3 is in the comments let me know do you like it as well or is any other compact car your favorite type it down leave a like on

The video and subscribe to the channel to sum up the mazda 3 is a sporty car with a nice design and reasonable fuel efficiency a lot of features come as standard which is very nice for your purse on the downside the rear view is heavily obstructed and the rear passenger space is not good for very tall people

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