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Altair Club Cars Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 Gran Sport Review

Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 Gran Sport Review

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That’s interesting when you turn esp off you automatically also turn off the start and stop modes how are those two related today i’m driving the maserati quattroporte and when i say the maserati quattroporte i mean the maserati quattroporte rather than a maserati quattroporte because as many people know cut reporting means four doors in italian and the name

Quattroporte for maserati back in the 60s when the quattroporte first came out it was quite a big deal because it was a four-door maserati was a four-door grand tourer was something that wasn’t really there before but nowadays there is the ghibli which is a smaller model there is the levante which is the suv and they are all kind of four or five two or four the

Levant if you want but that kind of makes the name quattroporte a bit odd because this is the maserati quattroporte but it’s not the only photo maserati there is the choice of the name is not really that relevant then so what is the quattroporte well it’s not the rattus flagship model it’s its largest saloon and when i say large i mean large this thing is five point

Two meters long and honestly for switzerland this is probably too long but what it means is the back passengers get a lot of space i mean it has 3.1 meters of wheelbase and all-in-all it’s very large it’s very spacious but it’s not as spacious as you might think because being sporty being slowed having a lower roof line it’s it doesn’t have that much room to the top

So depending where you sit sometimes you will touch the roof so despite this being a very large car it doesn’t give you this huge impression of space then again four people can ride in this car very comfortably despite being large this car has another let’s call it a little disadvantage and it comes with the size it’s very heavy in fact this car i’m driving right

Here is 2.2 tons and 2.2 tons is heavy this car is equipped with a twin-turbo v6 engine 3 litres 430 horsepower 565 newton meters of torque and the engine is adequate i mean the car is very heavy so the engine it does what it can but even if the engine is great you come to a corner you realize who the car is heavy luckily this model is equipped with maseratis q4

All-wheel drive system meaning that basically makes it a quite a safe drive even now with traction control off and everything i can drive this car quite happily and it’s very well behaved i mean you still feel it it’s it’s heavy in these tight corners yeah you don’t want to overdo it but this is a very large car you can have fun with speaking of having fun with

The engine yes it has fallen 30 horsepower 560 vacuum it doesn’t talk it’s a powerful engine but as i mentioned before this is a heavy car and therefore performance it doesn’t feel that great i’m not saying that the performance is bad because this car does 0 to 100 kph in under 5 seconds which is good especially considering the weight of it but it’s not really

Something that blows you away it’s adequate it feels all right but i mean there is a reason why maserati also offer larger 3.8 liter v8 twin-turbo engine that produces 565 horsepower the v8 however is only available as rear-wheel drive which some people may see as an advantage personally i would prefer it as a four-wheel drive because in switzerland four-wheel

Drive very useful if you want to drive the car all year round and also i don’t understand why the v8 isn’t available in four-wheel drive on the quattroporte while it is available in four-wheel drive on the levante on the suv and as far as i understand they are not that technically different these cars so yeah as with all modern performance cars the quattroporte

Of course also has different driving modes and it has a normal mode as a sport mode and it has a nice ee emo i smoked i smooth which saw something like economy whatever you want when running around normally the car is reasonably comfortable it’s pretty much a grand tourer you can put the suspension in a how the sport mode which i’m gonna do now and you can also

Put the engine in sports mode and then you have like a better pro by the pedal responds in a bit more sound from the exhaust d zf 8-speed automatic as usually some excellent you can shift with these nice metal pedals that stay in place the way they are supposed to and it shifts quite quickly it does a good job and when you’re a manual mode i drives into the

Limiter it doesn’t change up which is very nice that said the gear ratios on this car they seem a bit tall because in first gear and even in second gear you don’t get away as quickly as you would expect to the car takes a moment to rev up i don’t know if it’s really the gear ratio or if it’s turbo lag but anyway it’s just a bit much and despite being such a heavy

Car it feels very secure to drive even with esp off that’s certainly also thanks to the q4 all-wheel drive system and all in all the car it performs really well for being such a large car the cars generally rear-wheel drive but it can give up to 50 percent of the power to the front wheels when it needs it this makes it still for a very sporty drive despite being

All-wheel-drive so you get the best of both words to get the all-wheel drive system for when the weather is bad for when you need it and you get the rear-wheel drive for when you want to have fun of course this being an older car you cannot put it rear-wheel drive only so the four-wheel drive its self-managed speaking about all the car the maserati quattroporte

The model i’m driving now originally came out in 2012 so it’s by now seven years old it just got a little refresh along with an updated infotainment which supports apple carplay android auto bluetooth whatever you want all the necessary thing it has a nice capacitive touchscreen it’s up to date it’s very modern there is actually nothing you miss it even has some

Assistance system it has adaptive cruise control it has lane keeping assist it has a highway mode which automatically keeps the distance through to next car in front of you who keeps you in lane its autonomy autonomous driving level 2 if you want such a thing because still a maserati i think is a car you want to drive yourself and not be driven in and the court

Reporter is quite interesting in that it’s a very large car that manages to handle quite well and i mean it handles surprisingly well while still being comfortable which i think it’s quite an achievement and here with the q4 all-wheel drive system this is a car that’s usable all year round my only quibble – the car is basically it’s a bit too large especially too

Long i mean if i park it with the nose against the wall it hangs out about half a metre at least on basically any parking space here but i think that’s alright it’s the quattroporte a straight mark of being maseratis flagship therefore it obviously has to be larger than the smaller ghibli because with the smaller ghibli it also shares quiet mechanicals for example

The drivetrain engine transmission 4-wheel drive system all the same i think even the front doors are the same and then from the bp las backwards this is a different car but it also brings me to the point if you don’t need all this space wouldn’t you be better off with a ghibli i think you would if you’re basically interested in the performance but i’ll need all the

Space then probably a ghibli would be a better buy as its way cheaper and also more compact and a bit nicer to use around the small streets of switzerland or whatever you are if you’re in the usa and everything is huge and yes quattro bottled away something that actually astonished me a bit when i’m in the quattroporte is that it’s not as harsh as modern equivalents

Or let’s say the modern breed of sports cars for example also taken off romeo if you take enough for quadrifoglio the moment you push the pedal it’s like bang the gear is in and in this it’s kind of smoother a bit slower i don’t know if it’s intentional because this is more of a luxury car than a sports car or if back then they just were not able to do it because

Let’s remind us this car actually came out seven years ago and if i have to speak about price that’s where i had a bit of problems with what reported because this car quattroporte s 3 litre twin-turbo v6 130 horsepower grand sport because there was a grand new subversion which is a bit has wood and stuff and this has got like black interior trims whatever i will

Probably go to grand new so because the car is comfortable so why not take the grand luxury car instead of the grand sport version they have the same engine this car has a base price of a 139,000 swiss francs which is already quite high however this car also has options it’s i don’t believe it’s fully specht out but it has another 30,000 swiss francs of options

So this car is 169,000 to asfar francs and with delivery charges it gets to 170 thousand so this is the 170,000 friend car which is fine i mean this is a luxury car this is the highest segment what i’m not that fine with is for that i’m not getting a lot of toys i mean yes it has level 2 autonomous driving great it has ventilated seats which are optional but it

Doesn’t have massaging seats i mean in in a luxury grand tourer yeah i’d like to have massaging seats it doesn’t have a head-up display which ok i personally don’t need it i’m not the biggest fan of it but others have it so even with all these options you do not get that much value from this car also funny thing this car had one option it has tinted windows in the

Back privacy windows in the rear they cost one thousand nine hundred francs tinted windows in the rear cost one thousand nine hundred francs the premium bowers and wilkins sound system in this car was only in 1800 francs upgrade so the tinted windows are more expensive than the premium stereo at 170 thousand swiss francs this car is a bit expensive because also

It doesn’t give you that wow performance because for that you would have to get the larger v8 model which is even more expensive so i do not really see the value in this car however this is a maserati so depreciation will be strong i mean all actually cars depreciate no doubt about that but maseratis maybe a little bit more in fact i’ve seen you can get a 2 year

Old but report the same spec is this one also the updated entertainment screen with about 4000 kilometers for half the price for about 85,000 swiss francs so yeah i wouldn’t buy a maserati quattroporte in you but used they can be quite interesting looks i think this quattroporte generation looks a bit generic and i mean it doesn’t look like any other car on the road

But it looks like any other maserati because the resemblance to the gran turismo de maserati scope a they are very strong and it’s actually very very similar looking to the ghibli which is the smaller model and i personally i usually cannot tell them apart so unless i read what model it is i don’t know which model is which and i think it’s a bit of a pity because

The previous channel but reporter it was a very distinctive looking car and in my view it was maybe a bit more prettier than this one but all-in-all the quattroporte is still you know a more distinctive looking car than your average german competitor so who is the quattroporte for well it’s for the very wealthy person who needs the space who needs the large car

But still wants something that’s you know fun to drive that handles really really well and in this case with the four-wheel drive system is even usable all year round is it the most modern carnot segment no is it the most luxurious kind of segment no is it the fastest carnot segment not that either but i would argue that it’s one of the best handling cars and one

Of the cars that you know has the most distinctive look so if you want a car that’s got a bit more soul that’s got a bit more spirit it’s gotta be the more italianate a let’s be honest the quattroporte even a seven years old is still quite a good car this is really the drivers executive saloon and as such i like it what is your opinion on the quattroporte do you

Think this car still manages to play with the big boys from germany and japan leave a comment down below if you like this video please leave a like subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos in the future and otherwise thank you for watching and i’m gonna drive there the more

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