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Altair Club Cars Maserati Quattroporte F1 DuoSelect Transmission Fix.

Maserati Quattroporte F1 DuoSelect Transmission Fix.

Everyone loves the beautiful Quattroporte, but the FI DuoSelect Transmission turns them all into haters. This transmission makes the whole car a supercar sedan. Sure I like the new automatica and face it automatics are the norm. After watching thousands of videos on the subject I wonder why not one of them said hey this car had a problem and this is how to fix it. So out of frustration I made my own video. Such a simple and relatively inexpensive fix to make your DuoSelect Quattroporte the car it was always meant to be. Can you say Race Car with 4 doors in italian? I can it’s Maserati Quattroporte.

Oh hi there today i’d like to talk to you about my 2006 maserati quattroporte with an f1 dual select sequential manual transmission first thing i want to talk about is how much of this car is actually ferrari which is all of it the body is made by pinin farina which is ferrari’s design house the pina farina design is so beautiful and timeless that many

Consider this the most beautiful cuatro porte that has ever been produced the interior gives a lot of thought to style and comfort it is appealing to the eye and to your body and you will literally just melt into this car and become part of it although this is the fifth generation of the maserati cuatro porte it is the first quattroporte that was created

During the short time that maserati owned ferrari among ferrari and maserati enthusiasts alike it is widely recognized as the first ferrari sedan the engine is the ferrari f136 4.2 liter naturally aspirated v8 known as the tipo f-136 family of motors and also known as the ferrari maserati engine this engine type is found in the ferrari f430 california and

458 models the quattro porte uses the sky hook suspension system the skyhook system monitors several parameters and has variable dampening so it is constantly adapting to road condition acceleration braking and cornering this is one of the factors that makes this car so great to drive similar active dampening systems are available on many high-end vehicles

I have driven my quattroporte for six hours straight and can’t recall a vehicle i have enjoyed driving as much so finally we get to the controversial part of this car the f1 sequential manual transmission maserati called it the dual select your shifter has forward and reverse there are paddle shifters on the steering column for manual shifting it has full

Automatic options normal and sport modes the normal and sport modes apply to both full automatic and to manual paddle shifting this is where most people say that the car is shite they complain about rough rides and premature clutch wear for most people this is what makes this car undesirable but what is really going on here this transmission is used in the

Ferrari f-355 the bmw m3 the lamborghini gallardo and aventador it is also used in the first generation audi r8 transmission is not the problem people have found that if you drive it like a supercar and manually shift with the power shifters the clutch does not wear out prematurely the problem is when you take a car that was made to move and you drive it like

A river barge put the transmission in full automatic mode and drive like a granny and yes you burn out your clutch the electronic controls and throttle response were just not fast enough to match what the f1 transmission wants to do so drive it hard and fast and always manual shift it’s fun but not always practical so problem was oh yeah electronic controls

And throttle response not quite fast enough so let’s say you bought one of these used on auction like i did got a super good deal on it and then found out about the f1 transmission are you going to cry foul bad mouth maserati and flog the car off on the first unsuspecting buyer or are you going to look for a solution there is a solution to this problem i got

Extremely lucky because i bought a maserati with 22 inch engineered bozen cvt rims the car was lowered a little too using the coil overs on the skyhook system to adjust the height but the previous owner didn’t stop there i was looking in this panel under the passenger’s floor mat and wondering what these two little black switches with a little white dot on

One side were i searched the internet and finally found a picture that matched what i was looking at formula dynamics makes a drive by wire upgrade specifically for the maserati cuatro porte along with that they also have a high power ecm performance chip these two upgrades combined cost thirty two hundred dollars u.s you can do the install yourself or you

Can spend another thousand and let a pro do it for you the drive by wire module fixes the slow shifting issue now if you want to drive in full automatic you can do so without worrying about your clutch wearing out prematurely if you choose to shift using the paddle shifters it’s noticeably faster and smoother the ecm performance chip improves horsepower and

Torque giving smoother acceleration and an improved throttle response the two combined in my opinion make this car the best choice you can pick one up cheap spend the money on some useful upgrades and walk away with one of the most amazing cars ever made you

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Maserati Quattroporte F1 DuoSelect Transmission Fix. By Car Fun with jerryTgreat

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