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Maserati Ghibli saloon 2014 review – Carbuyer

Maserati Ghibli saloon 2014 review:

The executive car market is dominated by the predictably efficient germans but now maserati is hoping that its new qibla has the wow factor to ten people away from playing it safe with a bmw audi or mercedes and let’s be honest this italian beauty looks very tempting indeed just remember you could have a car which looks like this or a 5 series a6 or an eclass

Which everyone else drives here exactly the inside is not quite as appealing as the outside but it’s still a nice place to be the dials are clear the seating position is sporty and quality’s generally good it may be not quite as robust as the german cars obviously you can get all the mod cons you can on this class of vehicle so leather seats climate control usb

Input for the stereo got a touchscreen sat-nav you can upgrade the seats for electric operation there is down there you have heated you can have the ventilated you don’t have to go for the red leather if you don’t want to and keyless entry with what has to be the most expensive feeling key i’ve ever held is just so heavy in fact if someone tried to carjack you

You could use it as a weapon as for in-car storage obviously the maserati ghibli is no mpv but it’s easily a match for its rivals for cubby spaces you can get the ghibli with two engines there’s a three liter twin-turbo v6 petrol with either 325 raike horsepower or 404 brake horsepower in the pbs however you can also get it with maseratis first epic diesel a 3

Liter v6 diesel to be precise which can do almost 50 miles per gallon now i’m worried because the diesel still feels suitably maserati ish not 62 miles an hour takes just 6.3 seconds and maseratis also fitted sound actuators into the cabin which pick have the best noises from the engine so it sounds pretty good as well i mean i tell you what i’ll just shut up for

Now let you have a listen to this actually the reason this model sounds so good is because i was only kidding the engine in this car is actually the petrol it’s the range-topping leave li s to be precise sorry guys i couldn’t exist well another diesel would be the best seller but i don’t think it’s the right choice i think that if you’re going to go for a diesel

Car you’re a sensible person and the sensible option is never going to be a maserati compared to a bmw mercedes or audi they’re just better diesel cars so if you’re going to go for the ghibli you have to go for the petrol version and the engine is actually built by ferrari and not only does it sound well fruity it goes like absolute stink nor 62 miles an hour takes

Just 5 seconds while top speed is 177 miles an hour it’s not just the performance it’s the noise which accompanies it no german car sounds this good so the engines are good but what about the rest of the car i think when you’re just cruising along the motorway it’s comfortable enough to travel in and when you get on a twisty road you’ve got loads of grip so you can

Absolutely wring its neck the only problem is you’re not actually encouraged to do that because the steering is just it’s just all four actually it’s very very light there’s no field you’ve got no idea really where the wheels are pointing in fact it’s inexcusable for a firm like maserati with its sporting heritage to make sure it’s bad steering and then there’s our

Brakes on this particular car you don’t have to touch the pedal and it’s you know you braking really hard that like an on/off switch then there’s a ride quality on the normal springs it’s not that great the car seems to bottom out when you go over big bumps and speed hums and it fidgets around this cars got the optional skyhook adaptive dampers and it’s much much

Better but they’ll cost you an extra two grand and all the chassis may be predictable and adjustable on the limit you do feel like the whole car isn’t quite as good as it could be and a bit of a missed opportunity then there are the usual italian idiosyncrasies for instance this is the top of the range car it doesn’t appear to come as standard with paddle shifters

For the steering wheel if you want to change gear yourself you have to do it using the gear selector down here quite frankly maserati i don’t want to have to do that and i don’t want to have to pay extra for paddle shifters and then there’s the gear selector itself so i’m going to come to a stop and let’s say i want to maneuver i want to put into reverse you try

To put in reverse and all too easy you slip into park and then messing around trying to find reverse you’re in park again you think you’re reversing you just sat there actually revving your engine looking like a total idiot it’s the same story with the boot it’s only slightly smaller than on a bmw 5-series but the shallow space means it’s nowhere near as useful a

Bigger problem is here in the back seats now executive cars are supposed to be perfect for carrying your fellow directors to a board meeting or to the golf club for a four ball stableford and quite frankly while you’re going to be firing up there in the front they can be sitting back here thinking i wish he’d blooming while i owned a mercedes e-class because quite

Frankly while headroom is good neru it’s like that in a supermini and the foot wells are really cramped as well and that’s just not acceptable on a car in this class and then don’t even think about carrying three people in the back here because this middle seat oh if i get into it it’s such a / such a purge and yet sitting like this is not cool not even in a maserati

As for reliability well let’s just say that an audi a6 will be a safer bet finally there’s the price the qiblah is at least five thousand pounds more expensive than its german rivals which are actually better cars thing is though the way the gilli looks it just tugs on your heartstrings and of course you can get it with an engine built by ferrari and how cool would it

Be to be able to say to your friends yeah i drive a maserati thing is though you’d be taking a punter before you do you should definitely check out our reviews the bmw 5-series by clicking up here the mercedes e-class by clicking down there you click down here you can watch our latest video review and if you click on the car buyer logo you can subscribe to the car buyer youtube channel

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