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Altair Club Cars Maserati Ghibli 3.0 Fan Car [Genting Hill Climb] | YS Khong Driving

Maserati Ghibli 3.0 Fan Car [Genting Hill Climb] | YS Khong Driving

It started with a message – “Dear Uncle YS, Would you like to test my Maserati Ghibli on the Genting Hill climb?”

Good morning good morning everybody welcome to yes kong driving yet again and it’s a beautiful nice and cool morning slightly overcast hopefully it doesn’t rain well it rained last night and well the road looks dry now and we are in a very very beautiful car this is the 2016 registered 2017 maserati ghibli now maserati has always been known to make very very

Sporty cars and uh one thing about them is that they use ferrari engines so this one is running a three liter turbocharged engine you get 345 horsepower but it feels like it’s a one more so maybe it’s a bit understated and it has an eight-spin automatic gearbox so that makes it fun and one thing about maserati they not only make sporty cars they make them

Very luxurious so you can see now at the glance is red leather but what i have here is i have pedal shifters and these are mounted on the steering column not on the steering wheel and of course the steering is adjustable for reach and rate and it’s electrical adjustment okay on top of that i also have suspension choice and also the engine choice so you can

Modify your chassis chassis behavior and your engine behavior well there’s just two choices sport or normal but i think it’s good enough now one thing i noticed about this car uh well the wind is 1.9 tons it’s not a light car 1.1908 but it’s got a very long wheelbase a with a 2997 mm wheelbase this car actually fits into the e uh segment or large d segment and

Uh actually it’s just about a few inches shorter than the maserati one from ponte quatra ponte means four doors well this one is a smaller quattroporte because it has four doors too so this would be a very great executive car then of course it will turn some ice and uh also it’s also fun to drive now one thing i will notice or one thing i notice about this car

Is that the caster angle is very high and what do i mean by that caster angle is the island forward of the front wheel here the bottom of the wheel and the bottom side of the suspension is further forward than the top mount and so this gives you a high return to center force and so this car wants to go straight if anything happens you just let go the steering

It will try to get itself straight of course that’s just the mechanical part they also have the esc which is electronic stability control and also traction control now other than that i think there are six airbags i’m not sure if there are seven well i counted six and uh so this car is actually quite well appointed it’s got all all the luxuries and all but at

The same time it’s a sports car so what we’re going to do is we’re going to shift this new sport suspension mode on and engine sport mode on and uh we have one more thing to do and that is shift to how do i move manual oh manual is just plus or minus fine okay very firm gear fifth gear and oh there’s a manual plus minus okay sixth gear fifth fourth okay so

Manual is just invoked by using the shift pedals okay learning about the cast okay so this is our first time driving this maserati so we’ll try to proceed with caution okay so here is the roadblock area and it looks nice and clear second gear and here we go okay this is the rear wheel driver it’s just raring to go man wow nice okay there’s a guy here note

A second the tail is ready to go on but it’s got such a long wheelbase well my friend you love this car very much because you will be able to slide it a lot the tail keeps coming out very easily but it’s very predictable very nice i don’t know what that means but it’s breaking for me only 345 horsepower 500 meters on top but is driving very very well thank

You oh there’s a trunk thank you it’s easy clear here looks clear yes it’s clear there’s a cry in the corner and another car coming out did you see that no one traffic is quite heavy so we slow down with this and we’re here all right that was so engaging man really really engaging you have to be on your toes because the car is so agile it wants to move a

Lot and he’s just asking go faster for this opportunity to try the car okay so as in all drives after you’ve gone a bit faster you just take a slow drive let everything cool down here let the turbo charger spool down let the temperature go down let the brakes cool down by driving very slowly

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Maserati Ghibli 3.0 Fan Car [Genting Hill Climb] | YS Khong Driving By YS Khong Driving

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