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Altair Club Cars Make Driving Fun Again – 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata In-Depth Review

Make Driving Fun Again – 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata In-Depth Review

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In automotive news today mazda has finally decided to discontinue the miata due to slow sales and everyone on the planet buying bloated suvs no no no that was the worst dream ever can you imagine mazda discontinuing the miata i don’t know though this spunky little roadster has never really sold all that well and we currently live in an automotive landscape infatuated

With giant pickups and amorphous crossovers mazda killing off this thing might be closer to reality than we’d even want to admit the miata was built purely for driving fun which honestly not that many people really care about i know you do that’s why you’re watching this video but the general car buying public maybe not so much and aside from the subaru brz and

The toyota 86 there aren’t really any cars like it in an era where traffic is getting worse driving is becoming less enjoyable i think we need the miata now more than ever is this incredibly fun somewhat impractical convertible still relevant today let’s find out the 4th gen mx-5 miata has been around for a few years so why bother making a video with it now well

There have been a few changes to the 4th gen since it was introduced for the 2016 model year the biggest being the bump up to 181 horsepower in 2019 and for this 22 model the big news is the kinematic posture control which sounds like some sort of chiropractor’s tool terrible name aside what it does is actually pretty cool it’s basically a type of brake torque

Vectoring it applies braking force to the inside rear wheel to provide sharper cornering and supposedly it will also help reduce body roll but in general the formula for this car has basically remained unchanged since the miata was introduced way back in 1989 lightweight small nimble convertible that you can toss around on a back road and have fun without even

Exceeding the speed limit so what i have here is a top tier grand touring trim with a manual transmission an automatic can be had and as of this year it’s only available on the grand touring trip but really if you want an auto just buy something else a retractable hardtop version is available but this one as you can see has the soft top the power hardtop adds some

Weight but it looks awesome the other new thing that you may or may not have noticed is the paint color mazda calls this platinum quartz metallic but it’s just silver i mean it’s a nice silver but you know me i tend to prefer cars painted in more fun colors but they do make up for it with the best paint ever created soul red metallic and i don’t even really like

Red cars it’s just that good speaking of good i think this generation is the best looking miata yeah i love the pop-ups on the first gen but this one just has an elegance that the others don’t possess and even though this design is a touch more aggressive than the previous gens you do still get a smiling grille right down here in the front the grand touring has

Nice 17-inch wheels wrapped in bridgestone potenza high performance tires the base model gets 16s all mx-5s get four-wheel independent suspension but with the club and grand touring the suspension is sport tune and we get bilstein dampers unless you opt for the automatic again don’t get the auto if you haven’t spent much time around miatas just be aware that they

Are small like tiny and depending on the trim they weigh around 2300 to 2400 pounds which is insanely light by today’s standards it’s nearly as light as the n a from 30 years ago pretty nuts considering this car has far more safety features than the original but this small size will it work out for everyone i’m six foot three and i’ve never really been able to fit

In miatas all that well i raced an na spec miata for many years and the only way i could fit in that one was to remove the seat rails bolt the race seat directly to the floor and angle it back even then it was a tight fit so what about this one actually it’s not that bad at all if you’re much taller than i am or if you have a longer torso it might be a challenge

But i’m pretty sure i fit in this nd2 better than i fit in any other miata generation it’s cozy but it’ll work the first thing we need to do is talk about one of the easiest things to operate in this whole car putting down the top press here pull here and snap there it’s done and put it back up press here pull here and latch so easy all right so we need to talk

About these seats they’re appointed in a really elegant terracotta napa leather which is new for this year i may be in the minority but i’m not a fan of leather seats i’d rather just have cloth though these do look fantastic and they’re pretty comfortable there’s not much thigh support for my long legs though but these do hold you in place pretty well on a curvy

Road which is nice and they’re heated on the club and this grand touring trim the driving position the shifter position everything clearly prioritizes driving over everything else even the hvac controls can be operated by feel without even taking your eyes off the road which i love all cars should be like this steering wheel looks good it’s a bit thin for my taste

But it works gauges look nice you got a big analog tachometer in the middle speedometer on the right which is also analog and on the left you got your digital gauge for fuel temperature and other information and of course right here we’ve got the really nice looking and nice feeling shifter now in terms of design and materials it looks really nice in here it

Doesn’t look or feel like a luxury car but it has a very high quality purposeful interior like the car itself the infotainment screen is pretty small at seven inches it operates as a touch screen when the car is not in motion if the car is moving the touchscreen is disabled and you can control it via this knob in these buttons right here and you get apple carplay

And android auto which i’d probably just use most of the time in terms of storage there’s not much there’s a small space for your phone up here a little tiny padded area for like a key this center cubby is minuscule you can probably fit your keys or a pair of sunglasses in there and right here you might wonder what this is these little spots right there is a place

Where you can put one of your cup holders i store it back here because oftentimes it’s kind of in the way so yeah this is okay but you’re shifting you’re gonna hit your elbow on that so cupholder stays in this little area right here which also again not very big you could put a your cup holders in there that’s the cup holder holder cup holder holder there’s another

One up here it slots in it’s fine if your passenger doesn’t have knees just pretend you’re in an old school roadster hold your drink between your thighs and the trunk yep also small 4.6 cubic feet if you pack light you and a friend could take a weekend trip but yeah pretty tiny not exactly a practical car but if mazda gave us more storage space the car would have

Been bigger and heavier making it less fun to drive this vehicle prioritizes driving enjoyment over all else so yes you have to make some compromises when driving this car but it’s for the greater good all right so let’s stop talking about the interior and the lack of storage space and let’s drive this thing one thing you may notice is that there’s no sport mode

Button on the miata that’s because the entire car is a sport mode i suppose you can consider this button right here a sport mode now a road like this this is where cars are at their best when you’re not slogging through traffic doing the type of driving that nobody likes the type of driving that’s a chore like commuting or dropping your kids off at school or

Going to the grocery store if you actually like driving the best place to be is an area where there’s not many other people around and the best car for this type of driving only one of the smallest lightest cars for sale today in north america this one you probably know what a miata is capable of but let me just recap because if it’s go-kart like size this little

Machine is eager to attack curves of any size and it is literally impossible to drive this vehicle without a smile on your face if you drive a miata without a smile plastered on your face there is something massively wrong with you on paper this car isn’t impressive just 181 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque but who the hell cares what anything is on paper

What matters is how it feels in the real world the 2-liter engine loves to rev all the way up to the 7500 rpm redline combine that eagerness with the insanely light curb weight of this car it provides more than enough power to get you up to speed now i’m one to think that 0 to 60 times don’t really matter especially in a car like this but if you care about that

Kind of garbage this car can do 60 in about the high five to low six second range this engine is really good but it’s clear that it’s just one of many instruments part of a symphony orchestra all working together the six-speed manual transmission is easy to shift and it’s super precise it feels almost as nice as the shifter in my civic type r which is one of the

Best i’ve ever experienced so maybe second best shifter i’ve ever used and you don’t need a fancy rev matching system because the pedals are spaced perfectly for heel toe downshifting but the best part about this transmission is the gearing it’s set up where shifts always seem to occur at just the right point to maintain momentum having raced to spec miata in the

Past maintaining momentum was always the most important part about racing a slow car and good news this nd miata is not slow unlike my 100 horsepower race car all right let’s talk about handling and this new thing called kinematic posture control okay i’m still not down with that name but heck i think the skyactiv g name is kind of weird too but what do i know

Now since it’s been a minute since i’ve driven an nd miata i don’t have the benefit of an immediate comparison to a miata without this kpc setup so the idea here is that this is mazda’s take on brake torque vectoring and ever so slight that a brake pressure is applied to the inner wheel during a corner to help propel you through the corner with a bit less body roll

And they engineered this change with software only no new suspension or brake components were used so it doesn’t weigh anything more than last year’s model i do feel like there is a small difference between a miata equipped with kpc and one without like you get an ever so slight bit of assistance when in the center of a corner now without a back-to-back comparison

It’s difficult to tell if that’s something that you really notice in everyday driving but if you’re in the market for miata it’s nice that mazda tried something here but even with that kinematic posture control there is still a fair amount of body roll i’m used to driving my civic type r up on these roads and that car is so planted so flat on many of these turns

You’ll never reach the limit of that car without breaking many many laws but you know what the miata is more fun especially on a road like this that has so many low speed corners the body roll is there but it adds to the enjoyment it adds to the playfulness and having a bit of body roll and movement helps you better understand what the suspension is doing and you

Can drive this car confidently because you can reach the handling limits of the car at speeds that won’t draw the attention of the fuzz so yeah on this particular road a miata that starts at under 28 000 is more fun than my type r that would have cost 37 grand new maybe i should have bought a miata and other things you would expect the steering is great you always

Know what the front tires are doing the brakes are great driving with the top down is great i don’t even really like convertibles but man it’s awesome to have an open air experience in such a lively car so what about ride quality if you’re on a choppy road the ride can get a bit bouncy it’s just the nature of a small car with a short wheelbase but in general for

The fun that you can get out of this car the ride is actually quite good i’d have no problem taking this car on a road trip assuming you pack light and on a road trip you likely won’t be spending a ton of money on fuel this one is rated at 26 city 34 highway and 29 combined and in terms of safety well yeah we are lacking a roof so there’s one strike against us but

Of course there’s hoops for rollover protection and you can do an aftermarket roll bar upgrade but there is a whole suite of safety tech standard and in this grand touring we get adaptive front headlights which i love if you do a lot of dusk or night driving these headlights are totally worth it now when talking about vehicle safety most people think of their

Own safety behind the wheel but car reviewers need to start talking about the safety of those outside the car over 7000 pedestrians were killed by drivers in the u.s last year this is the highest rate in 40 years the trend of larger and heavier vehicles makes this problem worse as they’re more likely to kill than smaller cars even at low speeds in the us it’s

Estimated that almost 300 people are killed annually by cars backing up or pulling forward over them most often with a pickup truck or suv because their blind spots are so huge even with cameras and that’s one of the reasons why i love the miata visibility is so incredibly good out the front out the sides and out the back even when the top is up okay so what does

All of this cost you this grand touring with the optional napa leather comes in at just under thirty three thousand dollars and keep in mind the average new car transaction price is now at over forty eight thousand dollars so around 30 for the most fun car on the planet is a downright steal now in terms of competition the toyota 86 and subaru brz are pretty close

Of course you don’t get the open air experience and the interior is nicer on the miata oh and the miata gets better fuel economy but yeah no place to put anything in this mx-5 you might also consider the bmw z4 but that’s getting pricey and it’s automatic only so let’s make driving fun again a car like the mx-5 is designed to do just that to encourage you to get

Away from the city and away from the suburbs and find places where driving doesn’t suck and the best thing about the miata is that you can have a blast tossing it around a winding road and you look down at the speedometer and you’re still going the speed limit that’s the insane benefit of driving a car that’s basically a street legal go-kart i’m not sure there’s

A vehicle under 50 grand that has better handling or is as fun to drive as a miata there’s a reason why the lightweight chassis with modest power formula hasn’t changed much over the years it doesn’t need to but then it’s very possible that the miata will eventually meet its demise thanks to the ever-growing crossover and suv onslaught but i hope people start to

Realize that driving a car is extremely overrated if it’s not fun so if you’re like me and you want your driving to be limited to fun experiences only there’s no better car than a miata if you like this video and you want to see more like it please consider subscribing and hitting that bell icon if you’d like to help support the channel you can buy a hello road

T-shirt at shop or you can support me on patreon at hello road thanks so much for watching i hope you’re well and i’ll see you soon as well

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