m sports 1 of 1 ford transit con
Altair Club Cars M-Sports 1 of 1 Ford Transit Connect R2 – The Rally Inspired Van They Never Made

M-Sports 1 of 1 Ford Transit Connect R2 – The Rally Inspired Van They Never Made

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Gonna start by going through this r2 transit connect which is one of one this is the only one in the world there is a development van which was read that m-sport actually had but this one is a customer bought m-sport are to connect that’s something very very cool to bring to the channel and unfortunately we do have a bit of wind but look where we are absolutely

Beautiful location we’re gonna go through this van show you guys what’s going on so i’m gonna try my best to explain to you guys what we actually have stood in front of us today because this is something you will not see anywhere else these are limited and i’m when i mean limited i mean this is the only one in the world factory customer transit connect ah –

Now coming up front we actually have these which are a factory fitted set of rally lock which we believe to be the same sort of ones that were on the rally cars at the front there we have our two low going just down the side there with m-sport low going at the front coming down to this beautiful front bumper huge huge mouth here with the running lights there

Are huge and when i mean huge i mean a massive splitter on the bottom very very cool front is so so aggressive on this thing gives it a lot of stance from the front end they’re great that will come down to a big set of brakes disks and calipers just up front with these oh said em sports engraved wheels which again m sport has engraved their actual low going into

These o zd wheels with carbon fiber cent accounts they’re awesome some set of wheels come down the side we have this huge side skirt going right down the side of the van as you can see how low this thing is because up front with sound a proper coil over sort of same set up you’d find on the rally cars that you would find from m-sport but coming to the back with

The are too low go in there try and go in and show you guys this thing is mega low as you can see underneath proper suspension on this thing so it means it rides just like you want it to is a lot of adjustability in the suspension on this thing will come around to this rear bumper which again is absolutely massive but as this twin exit trying to show you guys

Twin x exhaust system with this huge diffuser just there and these lovely letterbox exhausts as you can see so aggressive at the back end and m-sport low going there with another m-sport logo just down there transit connect logo huge spoiler with fins just going across there turn around this side of the van huge thing there so with the kit on it with the arty

Just there we’ll come into the inside of this thing there’s a lot to talk about inside we have a completely different steering more than the em sports with alcantara just down here we have leather just up here as well coming up onto the dash it sort of flocked this bitters anti-glare they’re like the rally cars would have swinging round to these beautiful spark

Bucket seats bolstering going all the way down with blue stitching just everywhere got the m sport logo just down there with another m sport logo just there and again something you don’t see in all of the other m sports fully m sports sparco bucket seats coming down here this this is the bit you guys nitrous oxide from the factory so yes these actually came with

Nitrous you just flick thing up to put on and off as you please from the factory again something you don’t see in other export bans local at the back there is a lovely set of brand new mats as well that the owner puts him for shows and stuff and just for his personal collection because obviously limited edition with the m-sport logo in there very very cool the

Ford nerds would absolutely love that but if we go down here this is the nitrous oxide tank that was plumbed in from the factory from m-sport so that’s actually a factory fitted nitrous oxide system and the owner has actually paneled all of this out just to keep it as nice as possible incredibly clean just from the factory and again nitrous insanity why so

2060 have the one liter ecoboost upfront running around more 200 brake horsepower were talking a little short electrician in fact which em’s what actually putting the factory really yeah factory nitrous oxide in this completely one-off man now the back story being that this was actually or commissioned in theory with 75 units that was the whole idea yes and

Because of not much demand we’re gonna say and the costs were literally through the roof today she developed this van into what it is now meant that they actually sized that down to five five units and then after that only one of them was actually produced because thankfully you had you hand in the bucket and said yes i want one here’s my deposit and then they

Had to sort of make i mean that this he’s a one-off as you can see by the plaque ii is one of one yes the only other one in existence is the development van which was as she sold on ebay i think he says so an ebay sold read one of these which was the development one as she saw ebay and was sold for around four thirty thousand pounds and but that meant that

This one was a one-off and is still a one-off they haven’t made another one this is the cost they’re not gonna make another one because he actually costs more to build this than they actually put my for sells correct wow so the art to was a sort of homologation really to the are to rally on different suspension so this one up front has a proper rally suspension

Sell believe this breaks up run this breaks to the back the amount of work to get coilovers on the back of this van you can see where the pricing started to come out of its own also from the factory one the a ecoboost this one has the petrol variant it actually has nitrous as i’ve already noticed bub down in the center console which gives you extra boost through

The nitrous which is insanity from a factory van it actually has nitrous wheels as well we have o’s ed racing wheels actually got m sport edge digits in the actual wheel they just look slightly different the center’s look slightly different to the actual normal models by one you can see i think i think the weights are a little bit out maybe the offsets are a

Little bit more out too completely custom resources as well with twin exes coming out of a lovely pumpkin as well as ground with the diffuser in the center yeah but that means that there is actually no spare with no spare wheel whatsoever not error wise we have these gorgeous marco bucket seats because let’s be honest it’s a little bit vague as to what this is

Really really has on it because it was one of one at the end of the day so we’ve got what looks to be samarco bucket seats with the m-sport logo in blue stitching going through with em support on the way your bum goes yeah what a concoction from m-sport but meant that the owner was a trooper have a one-off fan which is the insanity in it also meant he was able

To actually go to the m support hq and actually have a proper letter from malcolm wilson and actually gets this you know as a delivery van from the factory it’s the only one in the world like this matters

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M-Sport's 1 of 1 Ford Transit Connect R2 – The Rally Inspired Van They Never Made By Jamie_FYD

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