lucid motors reveals new electri
Altair Club Cars Lucid motors reveals new electric sedan called Lucid Air

Lucid motors reveals new electric sedan called Lucid Air

Peter Rawlinson, Lucid Motors CEO and former Tesla’s chief engineer, has launched its electric sedan called Lucid Air that costs $80,000. It’s being marketed as the world’s fastest charging EV and can go up to 517 miles on a single charge. He joins ‘Squawk Alley’ to discuss. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

With us now is the ceo of lucid motors tesla’s former chief engineer peter rollinson peter welcome good morning what a landscape we’re talking about tesla and elon musk perhaps trying to minimize uh your contribution from the one hand you’ve got uh nicola on the other hand taking punches so tell me how you intend to position lucid given what we’ve seen from tesla

This combination of a myth making story you’ve got engineering you’ve got the infrastructure they put in place how do you let people know what lucid is make the argument that around 80 thousand dollars is the right price to pay for a car that nobody’s heard of well the lucid air is said to be the best electric car in the world by none and that makes it the best

Car in the world and it will compete not so much against tesla but in the luxury space its core competitive set is mercedes s-class uh seven series bmw uh lexus ls jaguar xj and you know all those cards from the grundy marks in that luxury sector have one thing in common they’re all gasoline powered and that sector is worth a hundred billion dollars a year

Worldwide and there is no ev car if you want an ev luxury sedan there isn’t one and lucid fits that bill and it has performance which surpasses these gasoline cars these gas guzzlers so peter it has a new luxury and that’s the market we’re overtly aiming for so so peter tell us what you’re going to do about some of the intangibles about service about giving that

Luxury feel because people are going to want to know okay if my car has some kind of a problem if i get into an accident what’s going to happen for me how am i going to get it replaced is there going to be a dealer network how do you build the things around just the core engineering and the marketing that give the full experience that you’re talking about exactly

Great question now first of all it starts with the engineering quality and the reliability which is superb then we have over-the-air connectivity so the car is analyzing its own state of health and can warn us ahead of a problem happening we will be the first to know perhaps before the customer if something is about to go wrong and we’re currently building out our

Service network with our stores we’ll have seven stores and go to locations by the end of this year we signed leases on the first 14 already and we will have a direct sales network and a direct service network and we’re putting that in place as we speak so that will come to full fruition as the car gets delivered to our first customers hey peter it’s deirdre out

West um there’s a verge report that lucid gave up majority ownership to the saudi sovereign wealth fund in exchange for its more than billion dollar investment last year can you confirm that and maybe explain the relationship what you bring to the saudis what they bring to you yes we announced publicly that the saudi investment fund the pif the public investment

Fund had invested over a billion dollars u.s and we made that announcement late and to 2018. it’s a long-term strategic partnership and we have a great relationship a great working relationship this is a long-term deal we’re going to together accelerate the course of mobility towards a sustainable model i can’t go into as a public as a private company uh the the

The the shareholding uh situation i’m afraid okay peter i’ve got a question one of the features of the lucid air caught my eye and that is that it will work with amazon’s alexa virtual assistant uh i wonder are you protecting some of your technology keeping things away from amazon particularly among speculation that amazon might be getting into this ev market as

Well i don’t think there’s a competition there we’re happy to have amazon alexa as part of our technology suite i see that natural voice recognition is just perfect for the automobile it is just the perfect application and what better than amazon alexa so i don’t see any any any conflict there at all you

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