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Knowing Lucid Dream Signs is what makes you ten times more successful in having Lucid Dreams and Astral Projection. You will learn specifically what to look for as lucid dreaming signs and also transform sleep paralysis and dreaming vibrations into THE SHIFT into LD / AP.

Hi guys wake up to the course until the end i’m teaching you for free how to shift into lucid dreams and astral projection so the subject of today is gonna be the dream science and sleep paralysis vibrations quite famous subject in fact why do we need to talk about this because i see very often many of my students and many guys on forums very often describe their

Experiences and they miss the right moment to shift into lucid dreams astral projection why do they miss the moment because they simply do not recognize the dream state they don’t recognize the fact that they have already shifted and all all they have to do in most cases is just stand up from the bed if they are still perceiving the bad where they are experiencing

Three paralysis or something like that sometimes uh uh the the person is in bed with eyes closed the telling that he or she seeing the stars and seeing the stars and seeing the stars and i’m like what are you waiting for if you see the stars with your eyes closed it’s a dream sign you have to make an action so the the person just remains in bed for just too long

It’s too long to stay immobile doing nothing too passive and the person doesn’t recognize the the correct state doesn’t take the the appropriate action and uh the hands misses the the correct moment to shift so the purpose of this video is to avoid exactly this is is for you to recognize the correct moment to uh to take the correct actions so uh in general i say for

The dream signs uh signs so the dream science if you don’t understand is uh how the dream reveals itself to you in a given moment and that that also can bring you to the subject of the nature of techniques we’re gonna do a separate video on that uh but uh yeah it brings you to that subject because uh what are techniques techniques are reality checks uh we’re gonna

Make another another video on reality checks and how to use them in their nature uh but techniques and reality checks are very related they have the same kind of functioning they tell you where you are so um every technique you usually will tell you uh yes or no are you dreaming or are you asleep have you shifted already into a lucid dream or astro projection

Are you already out of body are you ready inside your dream body astro body however you want to call it so in general for you to make a summary of that is is to assume that anything which is a little bit extraordinary is a sign of you being already shifted what doesn’t what do i mean by a little bit extraordinary let’s take for example uh all five senses one by

One sense of touch if somebody touches you while you sleep alone in bed you see what i mean that is out of place that means you have shifted let’s say uh to continue with sense of touch let’s say uh you are convinced that you fall asleep like that but you you have another pair of hands with which you can for example touch your face scratch your nose or eventually

Even make your hand penetrate the mattress completely you know that is extraordinary it’s not supposed to happen with physical body that is a sign that you have shifted uh if you are floating above the bed etc you need to extrapolate i cannot cover all the kind of all kinds of possibilities for the sense of touch movement uh so extrapolate of what else can happen

Often i tell my students is that uh uh expect everything everything can happen there are not much limitation inside the dream state inside the shifts so expect anything to happen but okay i need to bring you to a certain level of uh expectations understanding so so i still give you some examples so let’s move to another sense let’s say uh visually so like i was

Describing just now your eyes are closed yet you see the stars your eyes are closed yet let’s say you have a fan above your bed like myself i’m i’m in asia right now so it’s hot we have fans uh in each room so when i sleep if i see the fan turning with my eyes closed that’s a dream sign my eyes are closed you know uh you wake up and uh maybe you you think that you

Have opened your eyes but you pay close attention and you discover that the wall next to your bed is pink and your walls are gray or maybe you have no wall it’s a dream sign you woke up in a dream bed you have already shifted all you have to do is stand up and perform maybe another extra reality check if you’re not sure where you are and go on with the experience

You have nothing to do so you see it’s quite powerful to to to understand water the dream science so visual um attach sounds for example it happened to me i wake up and three guys are sitting on my bed and having a discussion i i do not have three guys sleeping in my bedroom it’s a dream sign without opening their eyes you know you don’t get scared sometimes of

Course you will freak out a little bit of all of the things that i describe so you need to keep calm and proceed with the actions instead of reacting into it in a little bit of overreacting you know don’t overreact instead of overreacting or reacting act which is stand up uh remember what you want to do and and proceed with an action instead of reacting oh i’m

Getting scared somebody attaches me i get scared you know uh smell a little bit more subtle but you know if you smell bananas or roses in this closed room a very little chance for something to to to enter your nose like that in the middle of the night especially if it’s a winter and you smell roses in the middle of the winter that could be a dream sign this is

Less it has less occurrence usually we are more visual touch and sound but you know why not pay attention to smells and what else we are missing touch touch movement sounds visual smell and what else am i missing taste oh taste so uh uh taste bus again a little bit like the smell uh you know that you didn’t put anything in your mouth so if you taste bananas or

Usawa or lemon or something again it’s a bit like nose is a little bit subtle and a little bit more rare but still you know if you if you taste bananas in the middle of the night it could be a dream sign so all of that you know we can also remember the subject of hypnogorgia so all of this is hypnologic very often uh many of my students make the error thinking that

Hypnagojia is visual only no hypnagojia takes all five senses so somebody touching you seeing etc all of that is part of hypnagojia so and hypnogorgia for me is it’s it’s a doorway to the shift so you are either you are already in the shift or you are uh one second from the shift from hypnagojia to a full fully blown experience it’s uh it’s it’s just just like

That okay and that brings us a little bit uh to the each subject of sleep paralysis and vibrations thank you

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