lowering my porsche cayman 718
Altair Club Cars Lowering my PORSCHE CAYMAN 718

Lowering my PORSCHE CAYMAN 718

Hello and welcome back to my channel. In this video we detail my Porsche 718 Cayman. I have finally LOWERED MY Porsche Cayman 718!!

Oh wow that turned out one you know it’s not like to the point where like you know what i’m saying like like where i can’t even like got big over a bump that’s that’s good they do it with the height of the springs and the whole thing so that it rides wow i love it with the spacers too that looks really good oh you’re okay so what’s up guys we’re still

In orlando and i’m just uh looking at this it’s it’s perfect it’s perfect um the clearance is nice i can still drive around pretty safely so i am very happy we’re gonna have a video coming out i’m gonna film a lot of stuff this week but uh like i said the clearance is perfect very exciting day for me i finally got my cayman lowered i gotta be honest it looks

Phenomenal especially in the florida sun it’s a beautiful day as you guys can see as usual you got the lake right behind us but check this out these are h r springs as you’ve seen uh wow it looks great guys with this color as you know i think this is the best color porsche has ever made so what i’m most surprised about guys is the ride quality it does not feel at

All any rougher than it was um not that it was rough to begin with but it literally i would have no idea that they were lord springs these h r springs are obviously very high quality as you can see there is just very little space now it looks great i would definitely recommend the h r springs definitely now i’ve got all this work done at lira motorsports so lira

Motorsports is in port orange florida that is where i’m going to get all my work done they respond very very quick and they do a very good job the owner of lira motorsports his name is mike he’s a really cool guy has awesome property and his shop is right uh right by that so it looks uh it looks great and you know you’re in a uh just a professional atmosphere in

Terms of getting these type of cars worked on he was actually a race car driver so i was very fortunate to find him and i would definitely recommend it again that’s lira motorsports and that is in port orange florida so i’m just amazed at the height difference as you can see there’s very little space between the wheels not a lot at all this is the perfect height

In my opinion i’ve had multiple porsches and i’ve always wanted it to be lowered with the gt4 wing as you can see lowering sort of a must and this is a great height now if you go over to the front of the car it can clear a lot of speed bumps one thing i was a little bit worried about is you know what was my clearance gonna be at the front end now i am gonna get

A front lip on this but as of right now the clearance is pretty good guys i know it looks low but speed bumps most of them aren’t a problem it’s just really smart if you go a little slower you know knowing that your car is lowered so i have so many awesome plans with this car coming up guys i actually got it tuned the same day so i’m going to come out with a a

Tuned video it was an apr tune and boy is it quick now so uh this is basically my dream car i’m very glad to have it very thankful if you guys have any questions comments please leave them below i’ll answer anything i can but in terms of a recommendation two recommendations libra motorsports for anything you need in addition to that h r lowering springs for the

Porsche cayman 718 wow next video will be about the tune and i can’t wait to show you guys that so uh i hope you guys subscribe if you like the channel if not that’s cool too enjoy the video and we’ll talk to you guys soon later one

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Lowering my PORSCHE CAYMAN 718 By Fast Times Vero

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