lowering an infiniti q50 in a pa
Altair Club Cars Lowering an Infiniti Q50 in a Parking Garage

Lowering an Infiniti Q50 in a Parking Garage

Stef picked up some RSR-Down lowering springs for his Q50 Hybrid Sport. We install them together in the parking garage of our rental apartment at university. Ran into some trouble getting the top hat/spindle nut off so we had to put off the rest of the install for tomorrow. We did this sometime in November 2020.

Hey guys welcome back to the channel today i’m at school with steph and steph bought some rsr downs a couple weeks ago for his car i’ve been putting off putting them on because i’m nervous but it’s only going to drop about an inch so i’m not too worried about it i only paid like about 500 for these like shipping and everything but i will be driving this in the

Winter and i don’t want to have to worry about being too low or having to adjust my height heavy kumi you want to come home okay so originally we’re gonna take down the seats um tomorrow but we felt like we had time so we might as well just start doing the fronts so here’s the back seats there’s some youtube videos online on how to take them out it was not too

Hard it took us like 20 30 minutes there’s four bolts in the back of the seat a bunch of clips and then just some bullets to get the uh this is like the first time we took it out but we worked on a niche’s car so we know what’s happening kind of so it’ll be a little easier for us never touched a pair that’s expensive or new before all right so we realized

That our uh jack was too high and now we’re here to claim peter’s motorcycle ramp so we can use it for jacking the car up a little ramp you can ducty on it you think you’re gonna snap it like that there’s no way oh wait let’s both jump on it ready one two three damn this is a good looking piece of plywood that was up great wood heist that’s the sixth

Heist in gta 5. hey i’ll invest in a dremel for you it’s sticking so why is my tires taking so far out okay let’s see what the gopro uh i think this is the way your car curves bro i don’t think anybody is natural i think it’s the way your car curves because um gopro guys i don’t know what are you doing over here peter taking out the upper arm so the caliper can

Come forward and we’re going to take a spring out the gopher is upside down no it’s not it flips oh that’s sick you’re upside down bro is what you do for your car yeah well your car’s tucked while you see it’s not low enough because the space floored the ground oh but like your wheels are talked about that’s some great fitment you have there stuff your fitment

Right now is great i like it actually higher if i do say so myself hmm troubleshooting right now i don’t know no that’s a claim yeah this is a good shot of your ass stuff because if we don’t no but if you think about it oh yes no oh on the top okay like it won’t come up high enough because it’s going to come over this too like you know what i’m saying here

You want to watch this brake line i’ll pull it down on this line yeah all right we got the strut off now it’s time to put on the new springs i don’t know the springtime purchase we got actually nice we didn’t have any problem with them before it wasn’t even sass at all yeah it didn’t take too long either okay you know a little bit more like two more okay so we

Had to take this part and that part off together because okay we had to take both parts off together because they were getting um it was getting stubborn i don’t know that’s the normal thing to do but see it stops on there does it stop on there that’s on the boat okay thank god i was so scared for that all right show us the spring compressors let’s open this

Okay so this cost me well like 40 bucks 44 44 also it’s it’s one o’clock in the morning we’ve been at this since 10 30. we just got the first thread off but now it’s smooth sailing though yeah check that out all right so people a lot of people think that this is sketchy it’s a little sketchy but we’ve done this before and it’s not as bad as you think especially

If you get some with like pins that help you lock it in the other side uh honestly yeah that wouldn’t be too bad so i’m just compressed that’s as good as it’s getting now to our sponsor ladies papa wolves have you ever wanted a airy and crispy crunch try these poppables now back to our featured presentations sponsored by the aryan aryan i wonder why they put

This piece of paper in between the paper it’s like a piece of paper right now this is basically the bomb notice how it’s pointing forward just turning on my card just in case it blows up really no i’m just kidding yeah as angry as i am notice how the springs are pointing to my bumper so stuff can replace mine bumpers because i’ve been looking to upgrade oh yeah

I’m gonna replace them i’ll give you an excuse fire though i would definitely recommend using an air gun i thought you’re not supposed to use it no that’s some cap no i always do the haircut it’s always fine wait you want to go again yeah it’s so hard maybe it’s easier from sitting there my ass is full of lube from the that’s fine here good i wiped it all off

It’s really hard guys an air gun good advice huh he’s so embarrassed he’s so emergency get him here i’m so scared i want this you should put some glasses on yeah oh yeah like safety goggles so huh you if this thing is flying at you i like 200 kilometers an hour plastic’s gonna save you you’re plastic in your eyes better than a bar in your eye facts you always

Still lose your eye though but maybe it won’t hit your brain i don’t know yes but the batteries in the back why does it matter your engine is very like covered like the bay i’m saying steph should like wrap this this if you cleaned it up it’d be all venetian ruby like the outside detail the engine bay a little bit with some like those armor wipes yeah if you

Wipe it down it looks like imagine this hydro dipped like like a like a blue like not like a blue like a red and like a black and squirrel like red and carbon you know red carbon that’s the subscribers leave a comment down below oh yes yes let’s see uh i see a cool uh windshield washer thingy oh yes uh coolant is in there oh yes um oh yeah a little pump pump

Right there how do you know the coolant’s in there where’d you have that from well you know i’m as a master mechanic i’ve worked at 15 years of mr loop oh yes uh this this one this is a good one let me tell you about it uh that’s actually where you put the cool intent actually you’re wrong oh this is a dipstick if you want to check your oil yeah i found another

One nice brick i like that that’s uh oh is there is that other sponsor uh you can tell them what it is or else we’re not gonna get the money arizona half and half iced tea arnold palmer edition and drinking that’s just this grade 9 yeah we do endorse so steph he did all the hard work for anthony right now so anything he’s gonna you did all the hard work for

Anthony so he’s gonna step in and it’s immovable it should not be like that yes could we need bigger muscles real carbon fiber what the can we not just cut this coolant line and just pretend that my car’s cool what the was that little thank you like you just did there i caught that i caught that on camera bro please never go to the club oh my god embarrassing

Me the title of this vlog is going to be three janky guys and a master mr liu mechanic put springs on a q50 all right it’s four o’clock um okay so we had rented this problem with steph’s um top hat i got so frustrated that i just couldn’t record anymore yeah anthony was pissed at this yeah we just parked the car downstairs and we’ll figure out tomorrow but i

Think good progress good progress okay can you make it sound more believable now so i like that

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Lowering an Infiniti Q50 in a Parking Garage By Anthony Mo

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