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Living with a Maserati Quattroporte S

The Maserati Quattroporte S is one amazing sounding car! But is there more to it than the Ferrari V8? We put her through its paces in the very urban Singapore!

Here we go we have an empty stretch of road welcome back to the channel you know introductions needed with the prajapati you have probably seen this in the previous video we have uploaded on the wedding convoy which if you haven’t watched it please go check it out if you have thank you so much for doing so so we’ve i’ve spent quite a number of significant

Hours with this car and i thought i could give you a lowdown of what this car feels like for the past 24 hours in basically my perceptions of the weird but unique here we go we have an empty stretch of road you will never get tired okay i’ll just occult mister big honkin now once again this is the quattroporte s if you don’t know what quattroporte it is much about

The essentially is photo that’s what it stands for so that’s why the italians call it quadruple technologies not just the quarter body it is the portrait 40s has a 4.7 competitor for mike so instead of hearing 391 first follower is carries for 123 plus hours so with that comes walter adequate power for a saloon car the engine itself comes from for our ears we

Should follow this is a 2009 model so this comes standard with the zaire an automatic gearbox instead of the semi automatic manual robotic gearbox that the court reporting with when they first launched numerous companies about the car because the gearbox was uncharacteristic of such a such a luxury car and just 2007 or 2008 after the launch the car they actually

Fitted that car with automatic gearbox that is typically seen on the gran turismo the for maneuvering space this is the product that brandis car cost at like a bar i think four hundred seventy thousand dollars but apart from for the s period while the basic four point two partial fourteen automatic started at about four hundred thirty important i could be wrong so

Correctly on that if i have gone wrong with that margin prices let’s start off with something that we can all relate to and that’s petrol now with a 4.0 liter v8 engine you will not be surprised by i told you that with how we’ve been driving typically which is essentially cooling around but at a very basic speed this car wrecks about four point three kilometers a

Litre now four point three kilometers per liter it is a lot you can barely get half a tank of fuel if you topped up maybe about brakes are good yes for sure so yeah this car drinks relatively a lot let’s not forget that this car weighs about two tons so while this car has that grunt and has the most power to actually zipper on trafficking in cities like singapore

All cities perhaps like this is adequate i would say but you will feel the tremendous leg of power after you actually stop with gas pedal because i shall demonstrate you right now yeah so you will hear the toys feel the power but at the same time you will still get a sense of enjoyment every time is definitely guest idol because the oral pleasure that comes out of

The back of this car it is just mints this is just as good as any other italian supercars can be we have all known maseratis for that it is unfortunately very very devastating 200 litres generations of the contra police were actually turbocharged so it is something that i have desperately missed out of the court reporting and maserati internalised brand because i

Think they valued it somewhat which is why this particular court report is something that was very special to me now this car is equipped with sports so sport hood as with every car basically it it changes the dynamics the dynamics of the college chassis is more responsive throttles more responsive you get a slightly louder exhaust note by a very marginal decibel

It’s not something that you’ll be able to hear very prominently let’s talk about the right comfort of this car as i said this guy is actually uh this guy is actually a premium italian sedan so you’re talking about cars of a similar league so cars like perhaps the the bmw 7-series or even the 5 series the mercedes s-class of a glass and audi a isn’t despite the

Fact that there is a continental it is possible if you can afford a car of this caliber chances are you are not a person of my age present of my age i’m only getting allowance of a $10 video i kind of bought this car for a feel for this so if you want if you’re able to for this kind of car chances are you you are visiting me and there is a spot button over here

We should actually be from service description if the right can be quite bumpy so i’m not sure exactly these the kind of ride that everyone would actually enjoy safe to say that the suspension is by stiff i have held back aches along the journey especially when i’m stuck in traffic there is a lack of lumbar support i can just never isis i can just never find

The right city with generous it’s not awkward i would see the steering position i would say is probably fine you get nice ample size steering wheel with perforations across the site and attending to position with the spot grip it gives it a sense of occasion that you wanted you want to drive fast this car but she said you can only drive fast i think it’s weird 100

Takes about 4.7 seconds so these guys offered by f1 autocad 2009 quattro 40 this car is going i think about 100k and he has i think about 8 to 7 months left on this single so if you do buy this car you are still eligible for a puff if you are direction within the 7 months before this really expires otherwise this car will be good enough for another 10 years i believe

With problem in tennis histories and servicing i think you will be able to enjoy this car for what it’s worth for the next 10 years you will need a stronger financial backing out if you are going to be able to enjoy this car and its full entirety now what about a drive will travel bility of this car you may ask it is not as intimidating as it as it actually sounds

So driving this car yes is really not that hard guys now i also want to talk about the buttons on the steering wheel i’m telling cars are known for boys quirkiness i would say yeah it’s doing really for his cockiness and this party is going exemptions they are buttons on the steering wheel but they don’t really function i don’t even know why they are done in the

First place the ergonomics is a bit pokey in a sense that there is every button that only does one thing and one thing you want to open the rear sunshade you actually have to press a button to open it the same button doesn’t close ascension is actually a separate button so in the sense that it’s quite good and there actually if you can see here there are buttons

Behind the steering wheel there are six of them actually no idea what you do but it’s just there i’ve tried working with with the buttons but they are not corresponding to anything i’ve heard that yes lose control the volume for for further audio but you know it doesn’t work and there is a button over here which is supposed to be doing that but it doesn’t work

This questioning track unfortunate i think the audio event the the radio band doesn’t work either voice command doesn’t work either getting the audio doesn’t either i don’t know what works the light works the parking sensor button here works i don’t never mentioned this as well but there are pedals over here and do you mean they’re in a position in the steering

Rack which is great doesn’t move around the only problem that i face with this setup is that the indicator star are actually pretty far away from from the usual reach of point four for european cast so you have to actually stretch pretty much so you do get a sunroof so if you retract that and you turn some leave around yeah you will actually be able to retract

The sunroof and get some you know audible exhaust notes you don’t get a reverse camera for 2009 car especially for this one surprisingly difficult cars like even a toyota camry back in 2009 he really comes with with a reverse camera and this car is around $400,000 brand new it doesn’t come with the reverse camera takes a while for you to actually understand the

Size of this car i think could be a little bit tricky especially if you’re not used if you have really been used to use best camera because a lot of cars i couldn’t so yeah it’s though sorry when he cooks it i can find for now you may watch doug’s video for for for all these passions on the previous quattroporte day i would say 80% of what that quadrupled aw you

Will carry on to this facelifted quadruple date back 2009 but thankfully the 20% that made the car absolutely trash you for the first generation has been taken off from the car so sings i’m joined that with this car just cannot get just want to keep playing with with with the pedals in and with the throttle just to hear that symphony that bellows up from that –

Amazing / exhausts but yeah and despite some of the flaws that i’ve just mentioned and everything you tend to forgive all of that really yeah this car really just takes off that the bucket needs for for the best card the best exhaust sounding car they can buy today so i hope you enjoyed this video do give me a thumbs up if you’ve really enjoyed this video and i’ll

Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands more on such marks of vehicle if you do enjoy such contents please do let us know if you do have any better ideas that we do we can implement our videos please also do let us know what that one because we would love for you to actually experience that along with us as well so in the meantime it’s me signing out and we will see you

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