living with a e350000 lamborghin
Altair Club Cars Living With a E350,000 Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae | 72hr Daily Driver

Living With a E350,000 Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae | 72hr Daily Driver

I daily drive the new £345,000 Lamborghini Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae because my VW Golf GTI has broken. What could possibly go wrong!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to the supercars london youtube channel from inside by vw golf gti which is due an oil change and has a temperamental sensor or at least i hope it’s a temperamental sensor oh there we go it’s behaving this morning which is telling me that i’ve got a gearbox fault on the car for the last month it has been flagging up around

60 of the time that i start the car up saying that i can drive but please contact the workshop so that’s exactly what i did and i have now conveniently booked this car in so that it can be seen and have its oil change over the next 48 hours and why i say conveniently because i’ve organized a little replacement that’s still within the vw group that i’m gonna have

To daily this could be quite interesting this is the absolute bonkers 2022 lamborghini aventador lp 780-4 ultimate coupe one of 350 in the world and for the next 48 hours this is my daily driver my eyes going down it’s gone to 20 miles an hour i will treat you well where’d you put this dangle it oh that looks dodgy this is tight now we’ve instantly got a

Little problem on our hands because this is a very narrow country road out in the hertfordshire countryside and we’ve just had a lovely lady and her dog walk past his car comment on how beautiful the car was but they’ve walked in that direction which is the way that i need to go even though i have no idea where that road takes me i’m about to find out on google

Maps we’re gonna be taking this car let me show you the road if we get a car coming in the other direction from there i’m gonna have to reverse the entire way back down the road to this lay-by because i know this car can fit in it and here we go this is the problem i mean i would have been screwed if that car came down whilst i was driving it is a one-car fit

There’s another car there oh no i’m in a huge world of trouble i might actually reverse back down there but it’s a blind corner for anyone coming around there right i don’t really know what the solution is here i’m already hot and flustered okay this is actually a little bit wider than i thought we might get incredibly lucky whilst two cars went past there

Oh this car’s low i might actually need nose lift i’m not getting in that lane but if a car comes round here oh hold on a minute daily again aventador is easy as i say with 60 miles fuel terrified of refueling it this is tight this isn’t fun this is the other element of an aventador on roads like this you take the back road because there isn’t any speed bumps

And you’re fending for yourself because this car is so wide is actually incredibly impractical on at least eighty percent of the uk roads shell here we go there’s a lot of stones here there we go shelvey power 206. you’ll see how small this tank is but also how obscenely expensive everything is at the moment don’t get me wrong this spec is absolutely bonkers

This paint is 19 grand it literally just clicked yeah that’s not bad i was expecting it to be 130 quid but as i said the fuel tank is so small on this car you’d think an aventador probably would cost 150 pound plus to refuel and with the driving that i’ve just done on the joe carriageware there it’s telling me that i’ve got 304 miles which is not going to happen

Oh this footage is so shaky it’s just like causing a tale of traffic stay there yeah it’s not like i can nip around there either because i can’t go for 20 miles an hour yep so this is where it gets a little bit awkward driving such a ridiculous car so slowly and holding everyone up but over there is where i have to hand back asos packages i’ve now got a little

Trail of cars behind me which is going down it’s gone to 20 miles an hour up up up up right sometimes when you take the back roads you get lucky one of those cars that is so incredibly intimidating to drive the size of it the power of it the sheer weight everything is just an exhilarating yeah absolutely terrifying and sometimes you do these roads in

These kind of cars you get a good run sadly in the uk they’re rare what did you need to order the part in yes but the car wouldn’t be drivable because we obviously had to remove that to investigate it further where are we wednesday three days all being well they should turn up tomorrow latest friday morning be refitted apply the new software and your car will

Be working nicely okay i will keep you posted that’s the latest information i have now slightly worrying news after dropping off that asos package i just took that call that you heard from vw to suggest it wasn’t a faulty sensor it was actually a proper fault they have to replace an entire auto gearbox lever or something along those lines so whatever the update

They tried to do has failed which now means the car is not drivable and they need it for an extra day which means that this car is gonna be my daily driver for even longer i mean come on it does not get much better than this sunset golden hour out here in hertfordshire the night before this is getting collected and it has been a whirlwind 72 hours an extended

Drive in the aventador ultimate whilst my golf gti actually has a problem but tomorrow is when i collect it and i cannot stop looking at it with that sunset i’ve bought my camera out here just to take in these final moments of me with the aventador ultimate i think it’s safe to say that i’ve completed about 30 of the errands that i was supposed to do i’ve been to a

Meeting i’ve filled it up a lot i’ve filmed the podcast i’ve taken an asos package back it is fundamentally an s the comfort the usability with a little bit of the svj styling and the svj power and that exhaust system with a hundred percent arrow across the rear diffuser that you don’t necessarily get from the aventador s and i love this thing it is a celebration

Of that 6.5 liter v12 and lamborghini limiting them fundamentally means that it is going to be an appreciating asset and one for the collectors i am truly incredibly lucky and feel so grateful to be able to have had my time with this car and one day one day an aventador of some sort not this one because they’re all sold out and incredibly expensive uh will live

On the supercars of london youtube channel and whilst i’ve batted it a little bit doing the daily stuff obviously the aventador is probably the worst car for daily driving capabilities it is a sledgehammer for the road and we thank lamborghini for building these cars and i’ve got all of the confidence in the world that yes we will not have a 6.5 liter naturally

Aspirated v12 in the replacement to the aventador but it is damn sure going to be an absolute monster and lamborghini will not take anywhere near as much character out of this as i can imagine we’ll probably expect that single clutch gearbox still has so much character but i will leave it there guys off to collect the golf gti tomorrow hopefully fixed with no

Error lights and i’ll see you soon what an amazing car thank you lamborghini

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Living With a £350,000 Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae | 72hr Daily Driver By SOL – Supercars of London

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