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All day long it’s crazy what’s up guys it’s mark this is a 2005 chevrolet silverado 1500 reading z71 oh zooming in zooming in zone in so anyways awesome ass truck you will not believe how clean this truck is until you see it in person it’s got a few flaws a few scratches minor dents here and there normal for its age but otherwise it’s in great shape doesn’t

Have the famous rust in the cab corners it doesn’t have the famous rocker panel rust we got those completely replaced with brand new rocker panels and cab corners check it out it’s got a six inch rough country suspension lift on it so that’s not freaking oil by the way you mofos all you guys like a lot of leagues well it’s friggin 100 degrees outside i’m

Sweating my balls off you think i went rolling south with the heat on conley kill him you guys to rough country suspension lift alright okay six inch i believe we’re going to set a toyo open country 3312 50 20 inch tires now it does rub when you do the lift and everything like that if you have the factory bumpers and stuff so you got the trim with a lil

Twin beauty bit that’s if you’re running this size tire right here and we’ll set up this is a fuel maverick all gloss 20 by 12 inch wheel very aggressive looking wheel kick-ass awesome awesome setup no sunroof bluetooth single din cd player pioneer dual no name brand whatever who cares nice clean carpets this is an extended cab so you get some ample room

Back there not too bad clean ass carpet see look solid solid solid underneath oh all pretty there’s a sticker right there from factory originally boom so how you like me now it’s got a little bit of a hatred right there on the top headliner which is common it’s not a brand new truck guys keeping a freaking mind calc owners agree side of the bundys good

I took the side moldings off because they looked like i hate those it’s got some nice diamond plate bed rail covers right here exhaust system little scratch right there tires are in great shape like i said earlier it’s good probably 90% tread left on these tires bose sound system there’s my door jambs clean this there’s the vin number zoning in clean

Clean clean sounds good you got a draw-tite trailer brake system right here ice-cold a/c full giles pop the hood check out the engine like i said this works in really good shape what is i want the whole blacked out kind of theme this is a vortec engine guys 5.3 liter turbo diesel now getting gas one for those that you don’t know airaid intake system right

Here i’m super clean look i’ll clean an intricate everything is will change pressure will change brandon virginia state inspection new battery we did it all so this truck got a complete makeover we’re listing this one for thirteen thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars if you guys want to check it out if you live out of state you guys do your homework

Check it out if your if your dress sitting this no hit me up call or text me five four zero eight four eight two nine seven four we can help you out we ship vehicles across state lines all the damn time if you’re interested in this truck if you get approved great if you have you know credit history and you’ve had loans before even better you know do your

Homework go to a bank check it out say hey i’d like to get a proof of this truck it’s thirteen thousand nine ninety five dollars it’s 2005 chevrolet silverado one hundred eighty two thousand miles i qualify or do i not qualify simple as that once you do hit me up if you need help qualify and i can ask you some questions and help you out it’s not too hard and

We can go from there here’s the truck guys boom boom let’s hop around it like a freakin bunny rabbit check it out let’s kick ass it’s nice can’t forget to get a pitch to the engine if you guys haven’t subscribed yet subscribe alright when you do that hit the alert button cuz only posting some crazy ass videos here soon and then in the ad vs. 2005 right

There somewhere click on that that’ll be a drop down page on what’s done to this truck contact information all that crap alright and i’m probably gonna get out of here in about five minutes because i’m going to friggin the liquor store and picking up a bottle of proper twelve irish whiskey conor mcgregor this saturday october six gonna kick some friggin

Ass let’s do it come on here it is alright peace out guys hope you guys are doing well holler at me this is mark signing out

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