lexus wont crank or start2012 is
Altair Club Cars LEXUS Wont Crank Or Start…2012 IS 250…Clicks…Solved…

LEXUS Wont Crank Or Start…2012 IS 250…Clicks…Solved…


It’s gone welcome to my video so this video is on an issue that i’ve been having with my car for i’d say quite a while now it’s sporadic but but this afternoon it kind of conked they kind of you know went out on me punked out went out on me so i was driving the car find no problem i started up this morning you know no issues whatsoever took it you know about 10-15

Miles you know from one place to the next and went shopping a little bit proctor the shopping lot parking lot came back out try to start the car and nothing happens so you know it was it was it’s daylight out and i’m like you know what’s the issue because it was driving fine to start up buying so let me give you guys a backstory on this i have had starting problems

And these are sporadic starting problems from from way back i talked about like nine nine months all right like once a month once every two months what would happen is you know i would park my car and try to start it and the car won’t start so but most of the time i’ll get out you know it’s a couple of things you know see the terminal wires are loose and it you

Know sometimes i’ll lose sometimes they’re not loose and sometimes i’ll just turn it a little bit just to see if it made a difference and then i spot a couple of times and for the most part it would always always always start would always start but today nothing i tried doing the same thing i got out you know cece if you know i could do the same thing that i did

Before by turning the terminal the battery terminal is holding that hoping that i would get the same result but nothing nothing nothing happened so my other thought was maybe i had a dead battery for whatever reason maybe the battery you know was no good but strange thing is you know all the you know the battery works i check the lights the lights were strong the

Headlights were strong checked the fan blow motor works um everything worked so i was you know trying to figure out what the problem is i had somebody i asked somebody in the parking lot to help me jump the car and you know when they put cables to it nothing just one one click it was just one single click one single click and and nothing else i mean all the lights

On the dash work there was no issues there was no issues with anything else except for the fact that the car won’t start so you know at that point i was thinking i mean it could be a fused it could be a relay it could be the brake switch you know any one one of those things but um i did i did go and try to you know try to play the brake switch little see if that

Worked you know then it didn’t work yeah i am pretty sure that wasn’t a problem most of the time that’s not the problem and that has never been the problem it’s not the problem so i was thinking maybe it could be a relay or a fuse a lot of times when i had issues with views what would happen was the car would either crank have everything else working at crank

But it won’t start oh aw or there’s you know it’s just no power whatsoever which which is like the main fuse that’s dead i did check the fuses you know i did have a a fuse tester on me and i did test out all the fuses all the fuses were good so that wasn’t the issue all right my other the other thing that came to mind was maybe it was you know iii konya was his

Daughter i replaced a starter a year ago it’s a refurbished starter unfortunately you guys know anything about few refurbished starters you guys know that they go out on you quite a bit more go out on you there’s always a chance that they go out on you considering that a lot of these when they fix these starters they only fix a single part of it they don’t fix all

The parts of it all right so you know there’s a there’s a high percentage of starters just starters just you know not working since the only change one single part of it unfortunately so you know that was the thing that i had that you know i thought it could have caused the issue but i was looking at the fuse seeing maybe the fuse would have you know caused my car

Enough to start i didn’t think it was the fuse considering there was a click i was hearing clicks and the fact i’m hearing clicks means that the solenoid is firing off at least once and it was firing off at these ones it means that the fuse is delivering power i mean the connection is is good that the fuse is now broken is delivering power to to the starter itself

So at that point i you know it was it was a pretty high percentage that it was the starter that was the problem so this is what i did i took a i mean as our last resort i actually took you know a long crowbar that i had try to knock the starter a little bit see if it changes anything and then try to turn you know try to start the car unfortunately it did the same

Thing i mean sometimes that works if you guys if you guys you know know anything about you know a little bit about cars as far as you know issues starting issues and stuff like that you guys know that that is one of the you know strangely enough that’s one of the things that you could do to try to get us started if the starter was you know the start i have one

More start left in him but funny thing is i’ve had situations where i i’ve done that multiple times on the starter and you know that had issues and it would always start up but this at this point at this point that’s not the case because you know my car you know i i did a couple of times normally when you try and pump the starter it’s better if you have somebody

Else you know try to stop the car while you bump the starter i bumped it a couple of times i’ve bumped the starter itself the main you need the motor i bumped the solenoid i bought both those things and it and it didn’t do anything alright but i did go one step further i did go one step further i had some wires i had some why is on me so what i did was i tried

Hooking up you know the positive i maybe you guys don’t know how to do this don’t don’t do this i tried hooking up the positive you know hooked up the wire to the positive terminal of the battery and i actually tried to you know start it by passing the relay and all that stuff just to see if it did work what you do is you touch the believe you touch the positive

And the there’s three terminals on there there’s a positive there’s um you know there’s one that goes to the solenoid and then there’s another one i you know i touched those two terminals and unfortunately nothing worked it didn’t work so that’s my situation as far as the car is concern and you guys are still with me i just let you guys know what the issue was the

Starter actually died on me and just just you know i i had to start swapping out and the car started without a problem i didn’t even mention the alternator being like one of the things on my list i’d had to cross out you know reason being is that the alternator here’s the thing with the alternator i’m that alternator only dies on you if the car is on it the motor is

On and an alternate dies on you and in the car won’t start after that you know that you know you know that the alternator was the issue and it won’t start because the battery is drained because the alternator is not charging up the battery so i mean that’s the difference between the car not starting no start as far as that’s concerned and it is a dead alternating

You can actually put cables on it on a battery no start up and once you take the cables i’ll go pry it die out and you know might die out and might die out slowly but it’ll die out so that’s the difference

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LEXUS Won't Crank Or Start…2012 IS 250…Clicks…Solved… By Peter L

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