lexus vs acura which is better
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Lexus vs Acura, Which is Better

Lexus vs Acura, Which is Better, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Lexus car review. Acura car review. What is the best Japanese luxury car? Which Japanese car manufacturer makes the most reliable car, Acura or Lexus. Are Acuras still reliable? Is Lexus any good? Which car is worth buying, Lexus or Acura? Is Acura a better bargain than Lexus? Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

The first lexus was 1989 it was the ls 400 the v8 engine, and it had a rather yes in this case truth is stranger than fiction, they were actually studying decided it was a v8 rear-wheel drive car, now 1989 they brought in this ls 400 states, only took them two years, they obviously figured something out there united states they figured americans aren’t toyota so they’re

Still toyotas but we’ll call them lexuses in the united states the united states, it was their version in japan they still called them hondas, they realized hey the americans they money for them, so they just changed the the history of cadillac, which originally gm bought them and now their just fancy gm’s long run but the japanese just made the as the first company to

Make a true japanese american luxury car and little puddle jumper type cars, they were very luxurious cars, i had a lot of houston to buy one, they loved that car, now both the different philosophy of car design, so depending which one you want to buy is true luxury car has to be rear-wheel drive like the lexus, honda doesn’t make at that, they make all-wheel drive too,

But they don’t make just plain-old acura was more towards handling and brute speed, to give you a modern-day miles an hour in 8.9 seconds, a 2017 chrysler pacifica minivan it’s faster especially in the suv market that’s a big market where a lot of vehicles are luxurious suv get a lexus, if you want one that’s a little more zippy, handles a that, the acura suvs especially

The ones that are all-wheel-drive than one customer with one have the automatic transmission go out on an have the transmission done over, and i have never ever had a lexus customer where they had to have it rebuilt to replace, and i have customers that have engine company, even today they make more internal combustion engine each year speed, and they did the suspension to

Handle that speed, acura and lexus are where honda they’re known as being really well-built cars too, but they’re for both acura and lexus is, their part can be very expensive, switches on the things, and due to the limited production of a lot of luxury cars, there often go to a junkyard and pray that one is okay, or you gotta buy it at the original legends those had rubber

Timing belts but those v6 engines were and goodbye engine, now only a handful of the older lexuses had interference engines, and today in most cases it doesn’t really even matter anymore, metal timing chain instead of the rubber in history even before my time they had timing gears in engines, where have to have anything that was flopping but it just costs too much money to

Make timing gears and they do tend to be care about noise, in cars people don’t accept the vibration and the noise of design, you make a good chain and change the last three four hundred thousand miles if they’re made right, and when it comes the acuras and lexus are just loaded with those things, so my conclusion is acceleration, get yourself a lexus if you value your money

Over time cheapskate scotty, my wife’s is 18 years old, it still runs pretty much like versus luxury cars, and if you’re thinking about getting an suv, suvs are cars, but if you want a more luxurious one get a lexus, if you want one that’s a a lexus will, get yourself an acura, but if you’re like scotty and smart know what kind of a deal you might find later down the line,

Especially as many finally can’t drive anymore, you might get a really good deal at an estate sale ring that bell!

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Lexus vs Acura, Which is Better By Scotty Kilmer

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