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Altair Club Cars Lexus UX 300e – consumption test – how far can it go with just one charge? I drove it all day.

Lexus UX 300e – consumption test – how far can it go with just one charge? I drove it all day.

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Hello guys welcome to another video and today we have lexus the electric version of the lexus this is the lexus ox 300 e uh a big name for a small car this is a quite a compact car that you can see as you can see there lexus 300 e so this car has a 45 kilowatt hour battery available net capacity and today i’m gonna test it lexus was kind enough to land me the

Car for all day long so i should do a lot of tests with it and normally i would do a range test on a motorway at morrow speeds however i don’t feel that for this car that’s the right test to do and i’m going to tell you why first of all as i said it has a small battery 45 kilowatt battery available but secondly and that’s the most important one this car charges

Really slow i mean even the so-called fast charging you can only get 36 kilowatt into a dc charger which is really amazing and it charges with chadimo so i don’t think that most people would use this car to drive on a more way this is a car thought to be used on a mixed circuit mostly in the city with some motorway if you go from home to to to the work and so

On so that’s what we’re gonna do throughout today i’m gonna drive it uh on a motorway yes a little bit but mostly uh in the city and we’re gonna see by the end of the day what’s the consumption of this car and how many kilometers you can do with it let me show you just inside a little bit so as you can see here the interior is not nothing special this is the old

Version that lexus already had in this car just they just put a battery on it and that’s it and as you can see there car says they have a range of 298 kilometers and well average consumption right now is zero so we’re gonna do a few tests with it as i said i’m gonna drive it throughout today and by the end of the day you’re gonna see from these 298 kilometers

That the car says we can do how many kilometers are we really able to do okay guys so i have to run up because i have to go to the gym but i’ll talk with you throughout today see you in a second so guys we have done already 21.3 kilometers as you can see there and consumption well it’s a bit high 23.6 kilowatt hour per kilometers as you saw from the images um we

Drove mostly uh in the city also i’ve done a few kilometers on the motorway but now well now i’m gonna do around 50 to 60 kilometers on the motorway at morrow speeds just to make this test as real as possible i mean there are a lot of people that live outside the big cities and have to drive to the to the cities and so they have to do like 20 30 kilometers each

Way so i’ll try to simulate that as you can see also there the state of charge well it’s a bit lower of a hundred percent the counter isn’t a logic no it’s not digital so we’ll see how accurate it is and the car say you still have 268 kilometers of range let’s go to the motorway to drive a motorway speed and we’ll do around 50 to 60 kilometers well guys as you

See we just drove more than 70 kilometers on a more way at more with speeds and as you can see there we lost around 45 percent of state of charge which makes me think that this car on the more weight more speed will be able to do around 116 kilometers given or take and consumption as you can see there 23.8 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers so a bit high for this

Kind of car what i can tell you about this car is that this car is really well built lexus does know how to build cars refinement the suspension really takes care of all the bumps of the road and although he’s not a sports car by no means he has a sporty feeling here and then and actually you don’t really feel the weight of it it weighs more than 1800 kilos but

You don’t really feel it that’s really good work from lexus in these in this chapter so okay let’s keep on with our tests and i’ll see you in a second well guys we are here near a charger and i’m here because i want to talk to you about one of the major problems of this car as i said in the beginning of this video this car allows fast charging but it can only

Charge up to 36 kilowatt hour on a fast charger and also you can always charge you can only charge with the shadow charger you you’re not able to charge with the ccs so that may that can be also another problem because sometimes some chargers don’t have the shadow and yeah they have but they have the ccs combo so because this car has a shadow it has two onboard

Chargers here on this side you can see this is the type 2 charge so you can charge at home but only at 6.6 kilowatt and then on the other side you have the onboard fast charger that as i said can only allow you to charge to 36 kilowatt that means that this car is not a good companion for long trips unless you have the time i mean if you want to do more than 150

160 kilometers on a motorway at more speeds if i would be you i wouldn’t drink this car unless you do have the time to stay uh and wait while charging because it will take around 50 minutes to charge to 10 to 80 percent so that can be a problem if you want to drive fast from point a to point b so now we’re gonna do the second part of this test and we’re gonna drive

On the city at city speeds between 50 to 80 kilometers depending on the road in the city and in the end we’ll see what consumption was so right now we have a consumption of 23.0 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers and this car has a b mode that allows you to drive like a one pedal drive so we’re gonna use this mode right now on this part of the test as you can see

There also instead of charge a little less than 50 percent so let’s go and do the rest of the test well guys we got to the end of our tests and there we go i drove another 50 kilometers in this car and average consumption 20.4 kilowatt are per 100 kilometers if you look there um it’s a i would say that we spend it around 25 percent 29 percent of state of charge

Maybe and the gum says that we have batteries for another 93 kilometers i would say that 50 of those 93 are realistically able to be driven more than that i don’t know this means that if you drive this car as i drove it today on a motorway and in the city well you could get around 210 kilometers if you drive it only on the motorway i would say 160 170 and if you

Drive only in the city well you can get around 250 kilometers 260 kilometers but i’ll leave a chart with all these values uh right here in the video what else could i say about this car well lexus does know how to build cars this car is a really refined car build quality is great although some materials are not the best but they are well put together but then well

All the interior has to be renewed i mean this is a boring car you have two panels but they are both boring and you cannot get that much information in the center one also this car is well equipped it has uh heated seats uh it has heated uh driving wheel but then it doesn’t have a set nav which is amazing and incredible in nowadays also i do not understand how fast

Charging is limited to 36 kilowatt that’s just not good at all so who is this car for firstly for those who love lexus and lexus service and lexus customer service and all that comes with it who else well i really don’t know i mean this car costs more than 50 000 euros and i mean for 50 000 euros you can buy so many other cars so many other great ev cars and if

You are looking for a ctev well you have other options they are not that expensive like the renault zoe like the opel e or uh i don’t know even the united kawai it’s much better and it can do much more than this car but that’s what it is i think that lexus have to work a lot with this car to make it a proper option space inside well it’s just all right not that

Amazing it’s just all right and that’s all that i have to say i just want to thank lexus for landing in the car all day and thank you for watching this video see you in my next video

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Lexus UX 300e – consumption test – how far can it go with just one charge? I drove it all day. By JustEVonWheels

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