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Altair Club Cars Lexus UX 200. Teste ao PRIMEIRO SUV compacto da Lexus

Lexus UX 200. Teste ao PRIMEIRO SUV compacto da Lexus

O Lexus UX é o primeiro crossover compacto da Lexus. Depois de termos assistido à sua revelação em Genebra, foi altura de testá-lo pela primeira vez por terras americanas no âmbito dos World Car Awards 2019.

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of the youtube channel of the automotive reason for north american lands. we will have another very prior contact this time with the ex. attention the team is done talking let’s go to the interior let’s go ahead to see what the first subcompact of the nexus has in store for us but it’s here inside the ex an x ​​in the margin

For doubt we’re in the interior of the complex and we realize this for all the small details that make up the interior leaves i have an infotainment system here in a position i wahda eau side we have a rather arrogant analog clock we have here in the center of the console the control of the infotainment system and we also have that together with the central display the

Commands to change the behavior of the engine and sharpness and also dynamics of the dew talking about comfort well this seat hugs the body in a fantastic way they are really comfortable the breadth of rua santa but they are satisfactory that it is very easy we get a position of condition even our life moving to the rear seats we have with the rear seats also great with

Comfort both for the legs more succinct also for the head and with great support so on longer trips no one will get tired of traveling from here on board the ex posh notes effectively here inside a great attention sucker typically alex with some stadiums they are even finished by hand but not everything is pleasing inside here of our ex 1 x 1 what i don’t like is not the

Functioning of the infotainment system that cuts that 11 a kind of pact as we saw in portable computers some we still naturally see that it is not totally intuitive and we need to take a lot of the eyes of the road to know what we are doing what we need to operate already in in terms of functionalities well there is nothing missing we have it to put we plant gps we have

Several applications we can use we also have a great fighter with graphics they are quite satisfactory therefore the only problem with the infotainment system effectively the difficulty we have in operating here this system is called in fact it does not convince as for its ease of use, we can’t say the same about the 100% digital quadrant we have in front of us it’s really

Very easy for the euro it has most of the information we need and therefore it is very well achieved in terms of the capacity of the bathroom suitcase space this car is in line with the average of the segment and sincere is not lacking in terms of livability and also in terms of luggage space in terms of transactions this version that i am driving is a 2 liter 4 cylinder

Atmospheric version with about 170 horsepower i thought is quite the level and quite silent use very smooth on a it doesn’t invite you to move too quickly but the truth is that even with this cvt box a crooked one goes very well and we feel that we always have the engine on the bottom of our right foot when we understand it already in a calm tone here what is most likely

About the writer is even its smooth given at the top of the food chain we have yet another version another environment in fact it is the same all the myths but instead of working alone it is assisted by an electric motor which lowers consumption and also increases the availability of the engine regarding consumption and we will have to wait for a longer dynamic contact in

Portuguese lands because in the united states i will walk about 150km from corresponded and therefore it will not be possible to measure with the detail that i like the real consumption defended in the different situations of driving, that is, it is on the highway and is also in good condition so we will have a video in portugal bath now with your addition to the year in

American lands you have already talked about a tournament enough the smooth use asks us to see let’s talk about the dynamic component who spoke with great enthusiasm about the dynamic component of this flow is its own brand and why because it says that this is a god of the segment with the lowest center of gravity so i always have much lower how did alex achieve this did

He get it in two ways one through the projection of this chassis in order to lower the driver and all the components that compose it as much as possible and secondly running it’s a lot of lengths with aluminum construction, namely the doors the hood will finally advance several elements that are made of aluminum so that the weight is as low as possible and for the striker

It is also lower through the attempt to place all the mechanical components in a position lowest result the result is a dynamic with wins convinces not only in terms of behavior ment but also in terms of feedback the direction has a great read we always feel what pulls if it is doing so much more entering as extraction and all reactions are quite possible quite neutral

We feel when we stick to the curve that will effectively advance death the curve we point the car ready we believe that the rear follows big problems all the trajectories that we try to win with the steering wheel with the dynamic behavior and this would be expected with comfort to come out slightly impaired but the truth is that it does not come out it does not come out

Because because we have a triangle architecture on the post in the back and we have pensions a force at the front with a great but even great tuning your prices that alex asks in portugal for example i are not too allowed we have here we have already left with this segment the prices are nothing but even not at all moderate brands do pay themselves well for all the luxury

And comfort they offer and which is quite n this level but i’m sure that this one where i have an inviting price we are in the presence of a god will be a real success story on the alex grass because it is the first compact surf of the brand and there is no shortage of great data with the unit at this level while i say goodbye to you and i hope you enjoyed this contact

Here on north american roads i will continue to test the different cars that are candidates for the world car of the year 2009 while in kind with you a big hug and until next time

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Lexus UX 200. Teste ao PRIMEIRO SUV compacto da Lexus By Razão Automóvel

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