lexus rx story of design
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Lexus RX – Story of Design

Hello everyone this is toshi finally the one you’ve all been waiting for the new rx is here let’s take a look at it together with sakarisan our project chief designer hello hello toshi i’m looking forward to today so what was your first impression yes this may sound very simple but it’s just beautiful it’s not just what i expected but it goes far beyond my

Expectations it expresses a sense of both luxury and performance and it has a distinctive presence thank you yes the rx is one of lexus’s core models and is a pioneer of the mainstream crossover suv market therefore we focused a lot on how to further the next chapter of lexus toshi-san have you memorized the design direction of the next generation lexus by now

Of course i have it is the pursuit of a unique identity in proportions born from a dynamic driving experience correct yes exactly as ce onosan already explained in terms of dynamic performance lexus is furthering the development of drive force control prioritized since the nx as well as offering the elevated driving experience using direct-4 electrification in the

Rz using design we strove to create a unique identity as well as proportions that express this new driving experience on the other hand we focused on certain expressions that all previous rx’s have pursued including the powerful strength of an suv and beauty as a luxury brand i see so when taking on the challenge of inheriting the rx character while pursuing

The next generation of lexus design i realized that certain things need to be protected this is literally the stance of the lexus brand itself i’m happy to hear you say that for the form development centered on the alluring verb design theme aiming to create a captivating engaging presence and a powerful sense of strength toshisan could you start by looking

At the side yes it looks like it’s poised to run and it’s very impressive when viewed from the side the vehicle weight is well placed over the front and rear wheels giving it a good standing posture and a solid sense of mass thank you very much that’s exactly what we wanted to express as you may already know lexus’s new driving experience emphasizes a sense of

Stability power and security to express this i focused on proportions with a low center of gravity where vehicle weight rested firmly over the tires from here hirison who was in charge of exterior design will discuss the other points of interest so let’s talk with her in more depth hello toshi-san i’m hirai in charge of exterior design nice to meet you please

Enlighten me told me that the proportions of this rx had a lot of thought put into the side view or rather time was spent on expressing the evolution of driving performance for sure the side view is great and it really stands out you can feel the stature of the rx the commanding presence is very nice so what are some of the specific points yes thank you as

You said the first thing we wanted to express was a bold appearance and a stance with a low center of gravity and solidly planted feel to achieve this we established a horizontal front to rear posture with low center of gravity by raising the front of the hood and lowering the bottom edge of the rear window compared to the current model in addition lowering the

Belt line compressed the area above the tires and enables the creation of a solid low center of gravity and well grounded look i see that so it’s true that the horizontal belt line creates a sense of composure and stability yes another factor that leads to a good stance is the elongation of the hood moving the base of the a-pillar farther back than on the

Current model keeps the overall length and front overhang while emphasizing the elongated hood and makes the weight of the cabin appear to rest on the rear tires i see so there is a well thought out intention behind these packages and forms yes that’s the aim it’s the surface design that makes the proportion stand out this time i paid particular attention to

The side surface expressions i was gonna say that too at first glance i thought the surface of the front door was a bit plain but in actuality it’s very sensual towards the rear with great contrast and looks really good it’s as if it’s about to kick its hind legs out and lunge forward thank you i think this is one of the highlights of the form like you said i

Created a sense of powerful traction through the widened surface flares going from the rear door to the tires i also connected that form to the rocker to allow the highlight of the loop to pass through beautifully as a result i think it also contributes to the density of the mask i see i think the uniqueness of lexus is evident in these kind of expressions the

Opposing elements coexist well together with a solid feel that begins in the front moving towards the dynamic rear surfaces also this transition from the wheel flare to the tail lamps is very nice it evokes strong driving performance and a well planted feel like it’s grasping the ground yes the rear overhang has been shortened compared to the current model so i

Think we were able to create a condensed form from the fenders to the tail lamps i see the proper balance between the elongated hood and the compressed form of the rear may also contribute to the powerful driving and this you can really sense the rx character right here yes i think it’s already the icon of the rx the aim of the design around the d pillar is

To be stylish but it’s evolved to be more three-dimensional compared to the current model’s flat graphics i see by becoming more three-dimensional i sense a more coupe-like feel for the silhouette i understand that the site has evolved considerably while keeping the favorable rx qualities with regards to the proportions and one-of-a-kind identity your lexus

Is aiming for next let’s take a look at the front the front end precedent so this is the new spindle expression i wonder how they did this the outer plate reaches this part of the spindle and the gradation moving downward is really nice yes moving towards electrification we took on the challenge of incorporating the new front brand identity shown on the

Lfz and rz called the spindle body on the rx as well as one of our approaches we tried seamlessly connecting the body and grill this created a better overall sense of integration and allowed us to express the powerful and low center of gravity impression that you mentioned the exterior color continues below the emblem to create a gradation and on the sides a

Special design blends the body and grille together to create a seamless look yes this is new of course this grille still draws in plenty of air and retains cooling functionality also the line on the bulge here is an element that gives the spindle a three-dimensional structure but also functions to improve driving view and line tracing in corners a design rooted

In function correct exactly i used the headlamps to emphasize the form of the spindle body by bringing the edge of the lamps drastically towards the inside i also think that the design of the headlamps which accentuates the l-shaped drls gives off a powerful impression i now understand the spindle body concept and formed very well but it must have taken a lot

Of effort to realize this level of attention to detail in the design yes it did we redrew the sketches many times and had discussions with everyone to finally arrive at this form and get to this point this front fascia represents our strong desire to continuously deepen the lexus design the silhouette in the rear is also very important so i focused on making

The cabin look like it firmly sat on the body by bringing the belt line inward a little raising the glass upright and securing the shoulder width on the fenders and hasn’t the cabin been tapered down here and you were able to flare the fender panels out this far it’s really sexy yes i think you get the impression of a more tapered cabin because this part of the

D-pillar which i talked about during the side silhouette is designed to extend all the way to the rear i see so that’s what’s going on it has a really good looking stance the rear combination lamps also have the elongated light bar inherited from the is and nx yes the rx’s elongated light bar is designed to wrap around the side of the body to give it a wider look

This is a small detail but these reflectors have a gradation effect blending it into the body in addition by keeping the license plate mounting area flat we achieve a unified sense of low center of gravity and a widened form thank you very much shiraisan since our focus was on re-envisioning the driving experience we worked without compromise on a design that

Could express this new performance i’d be happy if you could sense our passion for the rx just by seeing the actual car thank you at last it’s time to get into the car whoa it’s so spacious it’s really wide to the side it’s spacious and simple and i think the total balance is really good with the rx as the new evolution of the lexus interior we challenged

Ourselves to create a simple yet thoughtful interior space that didn’t rely on ornamentation first we created an environment that encompassed its occupants with broad continuous forms flowing from the meter hood to the instrument panel and to the door trim the adoption of the e-latch eliminated the inside handle from the shoulder so we took advantage of this

And carved out the door trim to extend the instrument panel i think this helped with the perception of horizontal spaciousness yes i see the fancy ornamentation has been minimized and simplicity now gives it a sense of luxury wow effective use of new technology is very intriguing so let me try to get into driving position this display the switches and shift

Configuration is all based on the tizuna concept that we know right yes it is within this encompassing interior space we’ve laid out a cockpit that allows the driver to concentrate on driving in addition we paid close attention to proper visibility and field of view to achieve a more enjoyable and confident driving experience the pulled back a-pillar and the

Elongated hood create the proportion as explained during the exterior part and contribute to improved visibility from the inside and ease of driving i see your design is truly rooted in functional essence although it evolves by incorporating the tezuna concept common across other lexuses i think that the rx like characteristics that sakarisan mentioned are still

Very well integrated not only the tazuna concept but coupled with the overall design of the interior you’ll feel even more at one with the car also since it’s an suv we focused on storage and utility you mean this console it’s cleaner and simpler yes it is we added a lid to achieve both refinement and utility this front box has an optional wireless charging

System for smartphones and four usb ports laid out inside and outside the box nice it’s easy to use and also good for security so i’m interested in the rear seat comfort and cargo space wow the visibility in the rear is great my eye line is high up and i feel like i’m riding in an suv it’s spacious too and this is really nice this is more a result of the

Packaging improvements rather than design visibility has improved because the belt line has been lowered the spaciousness is due to the increased couple distance and thinner seats which provide more space around the knees making it feel roomier we also re-evaluated the cross-section of the seats it looks like you wouldn’t get too tired even on long trips you can

See the front dash which would certainly make the ride more enjoyable when i saw the exterior i thought the interior might be smaller because of the very low posture but it’s not like that at all but luggage compartment was effective let’s take a look at the luggage area then you see actually we’ve secured plenty of space the rear overhang has been shortened

And the suspension has been tilted vertically for better ride comfort but we’ve made it even more user-friendly and maintained the same capacity as the current model by lowering the loading height and making the back door as thin as possible the packaging and interior space have been well thought out so i took a close look at the interior with sakarisan thank

You very much was that it looked like i could concentrate on driving yet still enjoy a sense of wide openness i think i’d enjoy this space during travel with my friends and family the exterior and interior design is rooted in functionality with a focus on driving it’s simple but it gave me a better understanding about the unique lexus design expressions not

Found in other makes thank you very much we’re going to continue to pursue the true essence of performance and functionality and evolve beyond our customers expectations thank you for your time today thank you

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Lexus RX – Story of Design By LexusAsia

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