lexus rx 500h f sport performanc
Altair Club Cars Lexus RX 500h F SPORT Performance – WOW That color

Lexus RX 500h F SPORT Performance – WOW That color

Here’s my first look at the 2023 Lexus RX 500h F SPORT Performance. Not only does it look good but it’s fast! Scheduled to launch in late 2022, I had the chance to get behind the wheel of a pre-production model to bring you a FIRST LOOK at this hybrid SUV.

Hey guys it’s phaedra from all things phaedra and i’ve got quite the view to show you it’s back there but it’s also right here so i’m somewhere in california i don’t know exactly where in the mountains above santa barbara i’m here for the heels and wheels event which is all about giving women an automotive the first look at some of the hottest cars of the year

And this one is unexpectedly hot so this is the 2023 lexus rx 500h it’s still in pre-production so you’re getting a first look here i’m just spending a little bit of time behind the wheels so this is not going to be a full review but i wanted to give you a glimpse of the things that i’ve seen so far and the things that i’m kind of excited about let’s start with a

Quick walk around so the first thing you’ll notice about this fifth generation lexus rx is that color this gorgeous color is called copper crest and in the right light it kind of looks like rose gold if you’re a lady you you kind of understand the distinction you know what i’m talking about here this is an f sport which means it’s got a sportier appearance package

And you can really see those sweet rims there i love the blacked out rims and on the front it’s got a really aggressive grille how do you guys feel about that i think lexus has always gone a little aggressive with some of these grills and this one is no exception under the hood we’ve got a 2.0 liter inline four-cylinder turbo which means we have 366 horsepower

406 pound-feet of torque it is a hybrid so the torque really bumps up and it’s what makes it really fun to drive i found two drive modes sport and eco the eco feels a little sluggish but the sport is really going to help you move all right you ready to take a look at the interior because that’s what’s really fun first of all i’d like to give a shout out to this

Design it’s a really sleek smart looking design and i love that it’s a hybrid let’s start in the back and look at the cargo space this is a five passenger luxury suv so no third row here but you do get a lot of cargo space 29.6 cubic feet with all the seats up 46 0.2 with the seats down and then let’s take a peek under here see what we’ve got there is a spare

Tire for you power lift gate of course we’ll make our way around to the front but not before stopping and looking at that copper crest hands down my favorite car color of the year we’ll head inside to the driver’s seat and this is f sport so you’ll see a lot of gloss black accents and a push button start but i forgot the key let’s try that again i’m going to

Tease this out a little bit for you by first showing you the ultra suede door trim and a quick look at the mark levinson 21 speaker 1800 watt system you’ll also see leather trimmed seats throughout with that ultra suede trim and because this is f sport you’ve got perforated leather you’ve got upgraded bolsters in the front seats plenty of room for your starbucks

By wire transmission takes a few minutes to get used to but it’s really not that difficult we explore a little bit further you’ve got all the tech bells and whistles you’d be expecting like a wireless charging pad in there as well as lots of usb ports for your android auto apple carplay and then there’s this panoramic view camera which i thought was actually

Pretty cool next there’s climate control which isn’t very sexy right but this lexus has a multi-zone climate control system with an automatic smog sensing recirculation mode on the steering wheel you’ll notice that perforated leather again that’s part of the f-sport package and you’ll see paddle shifters there digital cluster and my favorite feature get ready

An intuitive door handle so you’re probably in love with the driver’s seat let’s check out what the back seat passengers have to experience tons of leg room tons on both sides you’ll have your climate control you’ll have your heated seats here’s the console watch me explore a little area under there and then this is me figuring out the cup holders you know i’m

Kind of obsessed with cup holders oh i love that finally a panoramic moon roof now we’re going to take it on the road except i’m not behind the wheel this time this time it’s motorhead mama my good friend amelia who’s driving and i am just taking in the scenery as we approach a stop sign i tell her go ahead and punch it in sport mode now this goes 0 to 60 in 5.9

Seconds that is the f sport performance kicking in it was a really smooth ride it was really easy to drive and right now they’re estimating 27 miles per gallon which is pretty good for a hybrid suv no pricing is available on this yet but as this is due out in late 2022 you can expect that soon so there you have it your first look at the 2023 lexus rx 500h i mean

Can we give it up for this color this color is gorgeous and a really nicely employed appointed interior and the thing is this feels like more than just a fancy toyota okay so i love it i love the way it looks i love the way it drives and i’d love to hear what you think so leave me your thoughts leave me a comment and as always don’t forget to like and subscribe

Because i’ve got a lot of these first looks coming your way thanks guys

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Lexus RX 500h F SPORT Performance – WOW! That color! By Fadra Nally

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