lexus lx 600 vs lexus lx 570 is
Altair Club Cars Lexus LX 600 vs Lexus LX 570.. Is New Really Better?

Lexus LX 600 vs Lexus LX 570.. Is New Really Better?

I recently did a full review on the 2022 Lexus LX 600 F Sport, but is it truly better than the old Lexus LX 570? I go through the pros & cons of the LX600 & LX570 in this video. See my 2022 Lexus LX 600 F Sport Review here:

I wanted to make this quick comparison video between the 2022 lexus lx 600 i tested along with the previous generation of the lexus lx 570 that this is replacing now the previous generation models of the lx was highly praised by owners and even some journalists that appreciated that style of car it just got a lot of love from the community if you will but i tested out

The new lx600 and i have to admit the model i tested was the f sport and that’s all new for the lx they have never done a f-sport variant of the lx before and i have to say that particular trim level is certainly missing the point with what something like the lx is trying to do and should be but first before we get into that let’s talk about the looks recently i saw

A 2021 white lx 570 in a parking lot and it just looked running i could tell it was one of the more fully loaded models and that is a beautiful suv in fact one of my subscribers they actually recently bought a 2021 lx 570 and i’m super happy for them because till this day that is one of my most favorite suv designs it’s just so unique and very expensive looking now

Don’t get me wrong i do like the way the new lx600 looks it looks good don’t get me wrong but it kind of lost that specialness if you will like from the rear end it even looks like a jeep product or even a durango which is not bad looking vehicles it’s just not a signature lexus product when you look at it from the rear that’s all and the f sport that i tested with

The blacked out grille and the massive wheels yeah of course that looked great as well but once again i just had to give the points to the previous generation model in my opinion but certainly let me know in the comment section which model of the lx did you like the looks of the most so with that out of the way let’s go ahead and let’s quickly talk about the driving

Differences between the two once again the previous lx 570 really had and really encompassed that buttery smooth lexus feel that you come to expect out of a lexus product and i have to admit a lot of the newer lexus cars that are starting to lose that like the new nx i tested and the lx600 of course they don’t feel bad to drive it’s just that it’s starting to feel

Like pretty much every other suv out of the road that’s all it’s just starting to lose that signature quality that i’ve come to appreciate with a lot of these products we had a hydraulic steering rack with the 570 here with the new 600 they have moved on to an electronic steering rack and it’s fine i have to admit in the 600 the steering has certainly quickened up

There’s no more of that looseness if you will there’s now this sense of precision with the new lx600 steering wheel so i think that’s an upgrade but i have to admit in some ways you know that looseness that sluggishness found in the steering of the old suv that was kind of what gave it some character the 570 really embodied its nature extremely well and the biggest

Difference of course between these two suvs is the engine gone is the 57 v8 for a twin turbo charged v6 unit which on paper makes way more horsepower and way more torque but it’s not just on paper in in the real world the 600 just clobbers the old 57 v8 the 2022 lx600 is a much quicker vehicle in the real world you just need to tap the throttle quarter of the way

And you you just surge off effortlessly especially with the 10-speed automatic it does a much better job in reacting but in all fairness once again that is sort of missing the point with these suvs these are not meant to be drag strip champions there is really no thrill or excitement in driving any of these suvs very hard in fact driving them softly and driving them

At the speed limit a little bit more mellow that’s where you find the satisfaction and really both of these as you suvs and that’s where the 57 v8 shines because that thing had once again embodying that buttery creamy smoothness that you expect out of an suv like that it is a much smoother experience than the v6 in fact the v6 i do notice some vibrations coming

Through into the interior cabin space when you really get on that engine and that’s just completely absent in the 5.7 liter v8 so in many regards even though the v6 is faster with the twin turbos i have to give points to the v8 for being a much smoother and better luxurious experience it also sounds better of course the 57 v8 and many people would like to say that

It is a bulletproof engine handling wise the lx is a much better handling suv i mean there’s much less body roll with it now i know i stated that it doesn’t really matter but you have to admit a car that handles better that’s always going to be a good thing that’s certainly nothing to complain about but yes it doesn’t matter you’re not really testing the 11 limits

Of either of these suvs because you’re not provoked to doing that out in the real world but the chassis and suspension differences they have definitely improved the handling and the stability of the new lx600 but it’s the ride quality where they have completely just destroyed the new lx600 now that’s where i have to admit i was testing the f sport variant with

Massive 22-inch forged wheels that is not the spec that i would recommend someone if they are interested in building one or ordering one through a lexus dealership in my opinion i think getting a luxury trim level with the semi-aniline interior seats and the 18 inch wheels with the appearance package i think that is the way to go you’re dropping the wheel size by

Four inches now i admit it doesn’t look the best well some of you might like it it looks better than it does in the lexus building website it certainly doesn’t have a premium look having those 18 inch wheels on the massive lx 600 but it’s going to definitely improve your ride quality it’s going to help absorb those smaller bumps a lot better and obviously ditching

The f-sport package in general means that you’re going to be ditching the f-sport tuned suspension but a luxury trim level of the lx600 that i’m referring to that’s going to sticker for around a hundred and six thousand dollars even if you went with the premium model of the lx600 you are still paying around a hundred and one hundred and two thousand dollars because

The mark levinson audio system that is definitely worth getting so a very expensive suv when i specced out the 2021 lx 570 on the lexus website because you can still do that that came out to be around 98 000 i believe so there’s a four to eight thousand dollar delta between the lx600 and the lx 570 so there’s definitely a price premium there for a vehicle that in

Many ways is actually inferior to the previous generation but once again 18 inch wheels not having the f-sport that could bring it a lot closer to the 570. in terms of refinement and ride quality now the interior for many people they’re definitely going to like the technology in the new lx600 i do think the dual screen setup is a bit excessive and unnecessary but

Regardless i think most people will definitely welcome the new infotainment i personally did not have an issue with the previous generation infotainment systems i personally like the touchpad i thought it was one of the least distracting infotainments that i’ve ever used but most people hated it so let’s just give the points to the lx600 in terms of technology and

Obviously the safety features are definitely updated on the lx600 i have to admit the new lexus safety tech is pretty excellent works flawlessly once again i didn’t really like the f-sport interior that i tested so again i would want the luxury trim level with the optional semi-andiline seats because i like the plush feel of the alexis interior which once again the

Newer lexus models they are kind of going away from that they’re starting to lose that plushness in the interior space so that’s why i’m thinking if you option in the semi-aniline seat you might get some of that back because the previous generations of the lexus interiors even though many people said it was dated or it was old-fashioned you had to admit that was

A very comfortable place to spend time now i will say both of these suvs the previous gen and this new one they’re highly compromised in terms of interior space like the rear seats there’s hardly any space back there the third row is useless i mean if you have the third row seats up i mean there’s pretty much no trunk space either so these are really just massive

Suvs that don’t use their interior space properly or inefficiently i should say now i will say there’s a lot of the range rover products are like this as well all these kind of off-road type suvs they’re very impractical on the interior i’ve noticed so you’re not really going to be stretching out in these suvs now i will admit lexus did come out with like this

New ultra luxury lx 600 meant for four people sit in it and that’s supposed to be like a like their maybach version or something but it’s an asinine amount of money like over 130 grand definitely not worth paying that much money for the lx 600 even 106 102 000 that is steep for this thing so interior space definitely a con for both suvs but that’s not really why

Most people bought these things they bought it for the phenomenal resale value the amazing driving qualities in the real world at least many people fell in love with that plush nature of the 570 and that’s why many of my subscribers actually messaged me and told me that they purchased these suvs because it was their last chance really and i understand and they’re

Certainly enjoying their suvs um the lx 600 you know most people if you drive it for the first time you get it in the right model i’m sure you’ll like it i’m not saying it’s a bad suv it’s just lost something that the previous lexus products had and that kind of makes me sad because it’s stuff like the 5 70 the way it drove and the old 460s the ls 460s the way

Those sedans used to drive that’s really what made me fall in love with this brand because it really just strayed away from what pretty much all the german cars were doing and it really was a car that wasn’t afraid to be different and it had its own personality and now they’re starting to lose that personality and that’s really the only thing that makes me sad

But most people they’re not even going to care or even understand what i’m saying here skip the f sport and you should be happy but the engine is definitely not something that makes me sad with the lx600 i do think it’s a pretty excellent powertrain especially with the 10 speed i think they just need to fine tune and tweak it in fact in the ls500 the twin turbo v6

Feels pretty excellent in my opinion they did a really great job in tuning that and the ls500 that’s a perfect example of a new school lexus that still maintains and still has that old school personality so that’s why i really like the ls500 once again if you really despise this lx600 under but you have to have a brand new lexus product then go with the new gx i

Mean the 2023 gx that’s still an old school lexus it’s got the 4.6 liter v8 i will say the 570 the lx 570 is still a far superior product to the gx however the gx isn’t bad still carries a lot of the same qualities of an old-school lexus product because it is one so if that’s what you want then i would say just go with the gx that’s still a great product and i did

Partner up with the company known as auto companion and they will give you up to you like five or seven percent off msrp on a new lexus gx i have no idea if they can give you any discounts on the lx i don’t think you can i think you have to buy the lx at msrp and there is a waiting list for it so sorry auto companion can’t really help there with the lx but with the

Gx they can give you a slight discount so if you want to sign up with my link it’ll be down in the description box there is a broker fee associated with it it’s about 500 but if you sign up with my link you can take fifty dollars off they’re located in washington dc so you will either have to pick up the vehicle or you will have to have it shipped to you which is

Also going to cost you some extra money but you’re getting a decent chunk of money off of the msrp of the new gx so i don’t think most people will mind if you’re interested in working with them their info is going to be down below thanks again for watching this video let me know your thoughts the next video will be on the end screen here and i’ll see you there

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