lexus ls saloon 2013 review carb
Altair Club Cars Lexus LS Saloon 2013 review – CarBuyer

Lexus LS Saloon 2013 review – CarBuyer

Lexus LS600 HL 2014 review:

Haha the most powerful full hybrid saloon in the world is the lexus ls here we have the premier long wheelbase version the 600 h l and it comes with the luxury of as lexus put it extra spaciousness as you can see it is a very large vehicle and it has a huge amount of passenger space perfect if you’re being chauffeured and need to work on the move or even hold a

Business meeting in here when you’re not working though and need a quick rest these seats fitted to the top of the range models recline and are even fitted with a massage facility but to get the most out of them simply press this button here and the front seat moves out of the way and the rear moves like so perfect resting it is also fitted with this screen and

More controls here for your air conditioning and radio in fact before you drive anywhere it’s a good idea to get accustomed with all this technology if your vip needs a little bit more room you can adjust the seat with this button here you can also move the blind up and down and control the heat or cold in these wonderfully comfortable seats which incidentally

Are 10 way adjustable so even the fussiest of drivers will find a comfortable position for driving and if that wasn’t enough check out the size of this screen is bigger than some people’s telly’s okay that is a slight exaggeration however it is the largest in-car screen on the market today and it comes with this pointer so you can navigate your way through its

Functions let’s start with fuel efficiency it’s a hybrid which is good news for road tax because it’s only 235 pounds for the year which for a car this size is pretty good and you can use it in electric vehicle mode of speeds of up to 30 miles an hour which is perfect for relaxing city driving that electric vehicle is teamed up with a five liter v8 petrol engine

Pushing out 439 brake horsepower power goes to all four wheels so it’s quick and smooth and lexus se will do 32 miles to the gallon the ls 600h l is extremely quiet to travel in with its minimal road noise and reduced vibrations apparently down to a new laser screw welding process which stiffens the chassis not that it’s really designed to be thrown around country

Lanes although if you’re running late for your vip the cardinal sin would be to keep them waiting so you can adjust the cars dynamics with this put it into sport plus and the floating comfort wagon is now a little bit more nimble don’t get carried away though this thing weighs over two and a half tons which makes it heavier than a range rover and that brings me on

To its bad points although comfy it doesn’t quite glide over the bumps as well as the mercedes s class that’s not although the car seems to dive under hard braking and while accelerating hard pitches the nose into the air like a speedboat and too much of that could make your vip feel a bit seasick then there’s the cvt gearbox which quite frankly isn’t good enough

On a car like this then there’s the boot it is tiny because it needs to accommodate the electric motor an audi a8 for example has a much larger boot and it’s cheaper and given that it’s 2013 and the japanese make some of the highest tech items available i wonder why this isn’t some fancy touchscreen remote this one looks like the one i got with my tv in 1990 and

Although i praised the functionality of this control panel the actual buttons look quite old-fashioned but is that enough to put you off the ls standard spec list leaves you wanting for nothing therefore that high price tag is a lot more competitive than first meets the eye but really this cars trump card has to be the unrivaled record lexus have for reliability

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