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Lexus LC500 – Concept To Coupe

2017 Lexus LC500 at Lexus of Cerritos. Displaying the new Lexus design language of the spindle grille and rear architecture, the vehicle merges impressive curves and angles to totally reinvent the sports coupe. The lines of the vehicle emphasize direction and motion. The dynamic cabin lines carry through to the rear deck, sculpturally integrating the spindle grille theme to echo the front of the vehicle.

Foreign welcome back this is push to start thanks for tuning in today we have this definitely gorgeous lexus lc 500 now this luxury coupe is a gt or grand tour which means handling comfort and cargo space are of most important but don’t let that fool you it’s naturally aspirated 5-liter v8 still puts down an impressive 471 horsepower to the rear wheels and the

Zero to 60 time of 4.4 seconds quickly gets you where you need to be but before we start i just wanted to thank you all for 17k views and counting i didn’t expect this video to take off the way it did but it did i appreciate every single viewer and subscriber i do this not only for the passion i have for cars and the automotive industry but because i love to learn

And teach people about what i know so thank you once again we jump in let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on here the lc 500 known as lexus future luxury coupe or lflc back then premiered in january 2012 at the north american international auto show featuring the brand’s spindle-shaped grille as one of its most distinctive design cues it was developed by

The county design research center in newport beach california the same studio that crafted the ft1 another toyota legend lex’s models at the time were criticized for their boring and repetitive styling so introduction of the oversized grille design language really helped spice up the lexus lineup with the release of the lc 500 in 2017 it gave lexus a car to rival

The nissan gtr and acura nsx both of which were entering a new life cycle that same year the gtr got its refresh and the nsx was newly released now starting off at the back the first thing you notice are the signature l-shaped tail lights ‘s causes the infinity light design the brake light is reflected over and over creating an infinity effect through mirrored

Optics and 80 leds on each side we see vertical turn signals really the entire tail light housing looks like a concept car showpiece and has a waterfall design the integrated tail and fog lamps create an l shape and lead the viewer’s eye down to the quad exhaust the exhaust it’s just a decorative trim piece the actual quad pipes are hidden under the car something

To note the entire vehicle takes a lot of its styling cues from the lfa so be on the lookout for more of that coming around the band we’re gonna have 21 inch wheels at all four corners 275 width at the back 245s at the front paired with pirelli p0s which are really going to give you that sticky grip we also have high performance six piston calipers with two-piece

Brake rotors giving you serious stopping power we are gonna have a two-tone exterior with a black roof the sleek lightweight glass panel enhances driver visibility while adding to the smooth lines of the car we’re also going to have blacked out mirror caps and flush door handles as for the interior lexus went for quality and style for the door panels and they

Are impressive you can see the alcantara material as well as the leather they make for a beautiful luxurious feeling as soon as you open the door the lightweight bolstered high back sport seats are lined with leather and alcantaro so they keep you in place when hitting corners i gotta be honest i wasn’t feeling the toasted caramel leather tan on the inside but

It really grew on me and it just looks so damn good throughout the entire cabin we’re met with a combination of smooth leather and suede brushed metal trim and wood accents leather everywhere on the shift knob dash wheel you can really feel how upscale this car is just by sitting in here the alcantara roof liner feels really premium and the tan color just ties it

All up nicely an eight inch digital cluster imported straight out of the lfa allows customization of the display to suit your preferences in addition to being a bold centerpiece the main meter ring moves to reveal additional information including audio settings and trip data going to the wheel it’s lined with caramel leather as well as the horn button the racing

Style steering wheel houses integrated multimedia controls and beautiful stitch details behind we have these massive paddle shifters to go up and down the 10-speed automatic transmission specifically designed for the lc the advanced direct shift transmission has one of the fastest shift times among regular automatics changing gears in 0.12 seconds the system

Adapts to your driving style by selecting the optimum gear based on vehicle speed acceleration and your driving habits a pretty cool feature if you ask me the construction and finishing of the gear shifter shows the craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the lc500 an in-stitch technique hides the thread from you leaving a smooth texture accentuated

By metallic accents we’re also going to have aluminum pedals and a floor mounted accelerator foreign at the front of the lc the large spindle grow design is instantly recognizable as lexus this polarizing design choice featured a powerful interpretation of the signature spindle grille bordered by flat black on all sides and a radical new 3d mesh design many

Automakers are including oversized grilles on their cars like the new m4 gr supra and 2023 z to name a few it truly is a unique design looks like nothing on the road looking at the hood it slopes down and the body lines go up and extend out to the a-pillars taking a look at the daytime running lights they extend out from about right next to the grill all the way

Into the lighting assembly pretty fascinating how lexus got that to work looking at the housing unit we have a triple beam led headlight design the silver trim that goes down into the lower portion of the car as well as the functional vents present a very sporty vehicle the inverted trapezoid design of the three beam headlights display a distinctive concept car

Headlight design giving a sense of depth and contrast with the arrowhead shaped led daytime running lights power is meaningless if it doesn’t make you feel something with the naturally aspirated 5-liter v8 a 7300 rpm redline and a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds this high revving engine provides a truly visceral driving experience and an equally visceral exhaust note

Take a listen foreign the stunning beauty distinctive presence and dynamic performance of the lc500 are the unconstrained realization of the seduction and technology design concept first previewed on the lflc concept vehicle for those who dare to seek the extraordinary the lc 500 is crafted to capture your attention while stirring your senses a gorgeous form

That seduces the eye is matched by an exhilarating driving experience fusion only lexus can achieve featuring a meticulously designed avant-garde style its sleek silhouette is reminiscent of the iconic lfa pushing the boundaries of performance style and technology the lc 500 is the fusion of distinctive design and engineering functionality its powerful dynamic

And unique stance is certainly that of a serious driver’s car and will continue to resonate with enthusiasts long after this car is out of production

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