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Altair Club Cars Lexus IS review – What Car?

Lexus IS review – What Car?

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Lexus is renowned for customer service and reliability but isn’t satisfied to leave it at that it also wants you to recognize its cars for their style and driving qualities the latest gs was a step in the right direction but the drive to transform the company’s image really takes off with this the is compact executive like it’s ultimately disappointing predecessor

The stumbling block it faces is the big german trio in the audi a4 bmw 3-series and mercedes c-class so how does the lexus stack up in some ways lexus is better prepared than ever for a fight with europe’s best because the is has a diesel engine for the first time in other respects though the japanese company is missing a trick you see the only petrol engine on

Offer is a 2.5 liter v6 although it’s smooth punchy and sounds great when accelerating its emissions put it in a high company car tax bracket ironically the auto is for tax banned lower than the manual the diesel chugs noisily around town and the slow away from the mark it doesn’t rev well either so getting the best from it demands too much effort nor does the

New is drive with the finesse of the 3-series it’s nimble and agile but it doesn’t satisfy keen drivers like the bmw the ride is over firm around town and noisy in terms of rear space the latest is is well below average the certainly insufficient room for a tall passenger to sit behind an equally lanky driver headroom is hardly outstanding either things are much

Better in the front and you certainly can’t quibble with the quality of your surroundings or the toys you’re given to play with the lexus costs about three thousand pounds less than the equivalent bmw and still comes with cruise control a 13 speaker stereo with six cd changer and alloy wheels there are two higher trim versions which take the specification from

Generous to utterly magnanimous heavy fuel consumption and emissions will put company car drivers off the v6 though the low entry price and high level of equipment are bound to appeal to a few the diesel makes more financial sense but it’s nowhere near as competitive as its rivals for fuel economy or co2 emissions particularly if you choose the sport model the is

Is keenly priced and you should be able to haggle a useful amount off the list price if you’re spending your own money better still residual values are excellent especially for the diesel the is has plenty going for it it’s well-built well-equipped and holds its value well unfortunately it falls well short of the class best in too many areas the ride quality and

Real legroom a below par but the biggest problem is its diesel engine which doesn’t provide the refinement pace or low emissions that buyers expect you

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