lexus is now eco friendly part 2
Altair Club Cars Lexus Is Now Eco Friendly – Part 2

Lexus Is Now Eco Friendly – Part 2

First video got cut off but here is part 2! (Rest of the video)

All right so back to explaining how to remove the headers is actually you do have to remove the full mid-pipe from the car and then also there’s also some plastic um components that you have to remove from the underneath the car um that actually has there so in the middle so the reason why i say the plastic pieces underneath the car so i can’t really show you guys

What i mean by that but there’s actually like some sort of like brace kind of like on underneath the rear passenger of the car kind of like a brace that holds the mid-pipe not really holes but it like i don’t know what the minute the braces for but i guess it’s just there for a reason but anyways you gotta basically remove those plastic piece from both sides and

Driver side and passenger side remove that remove the brace which is like a 14 millimeter bolt i believe or something or 12 i believe i forgot but anyways you remove that and then the mid pipe drops down and then once you remove the mid pipe to remove a header out you guys should have to work with one side so if you want to work from the passenger side you do have

To remove the batteries well first of all remove your batteries for sure disconnected whatsoever but you’re gonna have to remove it either way remove your battery remove your intake all the way from like right here and then also you probably have to remove the what’s what’s it called the oil stick as well just a few things that you have to remove definitely you

Don’t have to remove the relay fuse box you just leave that there but anyways the reason why you have to remove all these stuffs right here is because there’s no other way really to get to those bolts that are connected right there there are six bolts that holds the headers so there’s three on top three on the bottom so again there’s just no no space right now

On the passenger side so really your only option is to again remove those that i just said but once you remove that um the best way really is to actually remove one engine mount geez what was that i just saw something like just run across i don’t know if that actually caught on the camera but if it did you guys saw it i don’t know if it was like a bunny or a cat

For us to move the passenger side header we actually had to remove the engine mounts so the engine mesh is actually located underneath the car so basically um while the car was on the air remove those bolts there’s two bolts removed it and then we put like a kind of like a wood underneath the car kind of like where it’s like located in the beneath the engine kind

Of like in the middle where the oil pan is located so once we place the wood in the middle we basically lowered the car like slowly almost to the ground but not fully but slowly so once the car was kind of like almost to the ground again there’s like a a wood that we placed in the middle kind of like for the engine to like i guess shift to the to the right if that

Makes sense in order for the engine to like lift off a little not lift off but lift a little bit up from the passenger side and then this side will kind of go like down if that makes sense so that’s the whole purpose of us removing the engine mounts just so it can shift a little bit to the right the reason why we removed the engine mount was because it just makes

Life so much easier to actually remove those bolts right there so those bolts are actually really annoying to get to so once the engine is kind of like or the engine blocks kind of like shifted to the right where you have so much more visibility of the bolts right here it’s gonna make the light your life so much easier you just you know get your wrench and then

The bolts will come out so much easier and the process wasn’t so bad it’s just the the time actually does take some time to really work on this um you do have to be careful with like putting that wood beneath the oil pan just so you can kind of like shove the engine left or right depending on where you’re going to start first i would say this job it’s not really

For anybody to you know just mess around with it’s kind of hard i’d say it’s really hard for someone doing it the first time but definitely get out definitely find a mechanic that actually knows what he’s doing with the whole engine mount if he has a lift but if you guys are doing it like somewhere in the floor like this um it’s possible i’m not saying it’s not

It’s just going to be more harder because of the amount of room that you have just underneath the car it’s going to be kind of like tedious you know just getting those headers out but it’s possible though i’m not saying it’s not again so yeah that was just me of explaining the whole pba headers on process it’s not so bad again i mean you guys got it and you got it

But let me go ahead and show you guys how the car sounds like now without the pp headers without the mid-pipe and just the josie axle-back thank you so there you have it guys i’m gave it a few revs and that was a startup that was not actually a cold start um i did drive my car actually earlier so either way it sounds almost exactly um as a cold start just right now

But yeah i mean just the smell of the car is not rich anymore so i don’t smell none of that rich smell anymore it’s just more like that natural i guess smell from the car that makes sense but otherwise yeah i mean it’s not droney anymore has like a very slight drone i mean you can’t really notice that the car really has an exhaust or sounds like it has an exhaust

It’s just all by the look of it and then you know again just cut my axle-back and reason why it’s just so it looks good from the back with that quad exhaust system and the diffuser i don’t know what happened here seems like i hit something but as you can tell the tips it’s kind of like dented right here so i’m gonna just have to probably hammer that down just so

It looks back to normal again one thing that i’m not complaining about but i’m actually happy that i gained something from removing my headers my my mid-pipe and then one thing i actually forgot to mention is actually i detuned my car back to the oem tune so i don’t have none of that m4s or our racing tune um i just have my oem tune again so one thing that i for

Sure that has changed is that i’ve actually gained miles per gallon of this car so i’m back to 21.2 miles per gallon so with the headers with the meta pipe and then the tune which is like the backfiring the flames and all that tuning um i actually only was receiving like 16 or 17 not most miles per gallon which is really bad and then ever since i got rid of those

I actually gained like about about five miles per gallon more so that is actually good made of such a big difference and then while filling up my whole gas tank um i only used to get only like 280ish miles on a full tank i never passed um 300 miles i’ve seen other lexuses that has passed 300 miles so i was just like how but then again it just made sense because i

Had all those performance mods on the car but right now i’m at 256 yesterday i actually had like around 320 so i was actually pretty you know happy to even see that that i passed 300 miles so it’s been a while since i passed uh 300 miles uh range so i always used to be okay with just having like 270 280. so again this is something new for me so i’m actually happy

I’m actually you know kind of eco-friendly now so let me know in the comments down below on how many miles you guys are actually receiving for your is-350 on a full tank so me example i mean again i’m not full tank but i did actually receive yeah two days ago 320 but you know those of you guys are that are passing more than 320 and you know props to you so that

Was really it guys um that was just my update to you guys what is going on in my car now but i will be doing some pov driving of my car with like the current setup that i have and that’ll be for the next video and i will be going also to cars and coffee so it’ll be early in the morning show you guys what cars are pulling up to the meet but anyways um just go ahead

And comment down below on the video on what else you guys want to see with the whole car if there’s anything that you would like me to explain to you guys um definitely you know would like to do that for you guys as well but anyways um in terms of like mods um i still have to think about it what else i can do to the car but you know and that’ll be in the long way

You guys have some ideas what i can do to the car in terms of mods go ahead also and comment down below what else i can do thank you again for watching and don’t forget to like comment subscribe please

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Lexus Is Now Eco Friendly – Part 2 By Und3rground Lex

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