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Altair Club Cars Lexus IS-F V8 | Is This Sleeper a Real M3 Killer?

Lexus IS-F V8 | Is This Sleeper a Real M3 Killer?

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All right you guys like this is app this is a car that actually i’ve been wanting to drive for years now ever since i got into cars just you know picking out those really maybe not so like shouty enthusiast cars that you see on the road if you have a keen eye you can really spot them which is basically what this car is i mean this was lexuses attempt at

Hitting the m3s p53 and p months ago got a big 5 liter v8 up front naturally aspirated sending all the power obviously out back the rear wheels with an 8-speed automatic transmission this car was never sold with a manual kind of stealthy and yeah let’s go take it for a drive see how it works out it got michelin pilot super sports on all four corners

275 tires on the back and 245 in the front okay so you know decent rubber it’s got a lot of grip alright no even its for mode it’s got just over 400 horsepower a little bit less than that in torque obviously it’s all naturally aspirated it’s very smooth immediately and you know this just aren’t that bad people were saying you know in other videos that

Page speed and not a very good transmission this isn’t that bad considering it’s ten years old at this point you want a fine job it’s actually just as quick as the e63 amg if not a little bit quicker as you can see suspension throwing me around a little bit there take a little bit of a bumpy road that actually would have been far in a recent video when

Johanna went to go pick up her s15 nissan silvia expect car at lucky eight auto and i spotted this lexus is-f in their inventory and i was like i’ve always wanted to drive the isf it’s just everybody knows what an m3 is some people know what a c63 amg is nobody knows what an iff is right which just intrigued me it’s got a big 5-liter v8 up front rear-wheel

Drive seems like a lot of fun right so luckily here we are a couple weeks later and thank you guys over at lucky eight auto for talking up the keys to the day they’ve got everything from sylvia’s do you know the more rare jdm subarus all the way up to range rovers aston martin bentley’s and alexa the isf back in sport mode wow a little bit bouncy of them

Completely honest plenty of power back out of it pretty quick i don’t know i think this is a hilarious car just because i don’t really think the lesson is f knows what it wants to be really fully i think it’s more of a mash-up between 92m 3 and the c63 we’ve got a lot of really good characteristics from both cars one of which is the awesome quad exhaust

And the sound that that makes very a very good sound so that’s like the real exhaust note there i just wish down at like two to four thousand when you’re just banging off shift you know you get a little bit of crackles out of the exhaust like a little bit more lively i think it’s it’s not as much of a dual personality car as a c63 amg but at the same time

I love this car because it’s such a sleeper it’s so understated and unless you’re full throttle or unless you’re grabbing the out of it nobody knows what this car is nobody expects it to actually perform like it does so in that sense the lexus is f i think you know hits hits all checkboxes in terms of what i think are what i would imagine life is trying

To accomplish with this car quiet quiet loud all that sounds good that’s quick do that one eight men this honestly just make me really want to drive a lexus rcf to be honest but that will come in due time okay so as far as the interior of this car goes i mean solid materials all around the weather is definitely wearing out but everything’s kind of holding

Up nicely the i mean plastics are good does not feel like an early to thousands of american car which i think is a very good thing but however i will say to this i’m pretty sure it’s not real government fiber here and on the sides here and a little bit in the back and stuff doesn’t look that great it’s like a gold carbon fiber doesn’t look the greatest i

Don’t know not my thing at least on the inside this was kind of the transition period from boring lexus to hey let’s just shove a big five liter na v8 in a rear-wheel drive sedan and see what we can do and this is the first attempt at that good quick absolutely i couldn’t be improved in some ways absolutely so a lot of fun you’re never wanting more power i

Mean if you’re around the city or commuting or this is like your daily or something there’s incredible amounts of power it’s got six piston brakes that are very powerful and when you’re in the top half the referee like that blip right there i’m not exhaust down i wish it was like that all the time to be honest but damn not quite as fast as the c63 amg it’s

Pretty much right on par with an e 92 m3 but it’s a little bit of a larger displacement v8 from the 92 right so you don’t get that crazy high revving higher pitch exhaust note that the 92 m3 is kind of famous for this is much more of a growly it’s a lot closer to the c63 in terms of exhaust note we’ve got a little spoiler on the trunk as well just to kind

Of add a little bit of flare and then obviously the f badges all over the car so that kind of gives it away but other than that kind of a sleeper kind of a sleeper which honestly i’m driving this car for a cold is honestly my cheese’s right that’s about my favorite part about the car is just that if you’re not a car person you’ll never take a second look

At this car driving down the road it never turns heads yet you have well over 400 horsepower under the hood great exhaust note and you’re sticking in drive and take it out a sport mode eight gear and silent it’s old school in the sense that it just has good old-fashioned five liter na v8 which lexus is still doing and in the new lc model it’s basically an

Updated version of this block this 5-liter v8 block just up to power you know north of 500 horsepower but kind of glad it has an automatic this is a great daily i would totally daily this and as these prices are still continuing to drop i think the isf is a very obvious choice if you want to get you know the oddball performance sedan bargain at the bottom

Of its depreciation curve or at least pretty close so honestly we haven’t been doing a lot of driving on the channel recently mainly been just picking up ktm cars with friends which is totally fun and awesome makes for a great day but this is what i love close i mean this is what roads and travel is this is what i love the most driving cars and i honestly

You guys over at lucky it auto i cannot thank you guys enough for tossing us the keys of the day if you want to have fun the isf will definitely have fun with you for sure and kick off some nasty sounding couches anyways you guys hopefully you enjoyed this video as always please subscribe tell your friends about the channel if you haven’t already go like

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Got more merch up there stickers you can buy as well that are up right now and the best part is definitely that exhaust note and wow those brakes are okay yeah hope you guys enjoy the video thank you so much for watching we’ll be back soon with an audi s5 another cars

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