lexus is amplifier problem and f
Altair Club Cars Lexus iS amplifier problem and fix 06-09

Lexus iS amplifier problem and fix 06-09

Quick video about amplifier going bad on lexus is 250 350 c isf mark levinson pionner

What’s up guys i’m making this really quick video to show you some kind of some answers and questions about the lexus is amplifier going bad so the main thing you’re gonna see is when you go when you go on audio and of course you’re not gonna hear any sound when you’re turning up the volume and down you go to audio and weight if you click here basically you see those

Lines that’s where your level of like sound is right left or right or in front usually when it’s there it means that you like your amplifiers i’m working i’m gonna say 99% of the time it’s it means that your amplifier is not working so you won’t be able to turn up the volume also you’re not gonna be able to adjust this because it has no no working amplifier on and

I say 99% because i’m you know i could maybe it could be your head unit but i’m pretty sure most of the time is gonna be the amplifier on one thing you want to look at is if you have the premium sound or you have the regular the mark levinson that’s gonna be the premium sound or on for the lexus oh and if you don’t have that you’re gonna have the pioneer pioneer

Amplifier so this is what the amplifier looks like this is for alexis is – 350 oh six – i believe 11 i’m not sure but for sure 2006 2010 so don’t call me on eleven but i think they’re all the same model – up to 11 and it should also fit is 250 350 is f and then also the convertible models the model for the marc levenson damper is that right there 8 6 – 8 0 c 0 w

360 you always look at the connections to make sure they match because to be honest some people just because it’s from eius eius 250-350 or myself they charge a lot for those i was really lucky to find on for this one for $200 just make sure you seller has like returned because you don’t want to spend a lot of money and then your amp not working you know another

Issue with these is um i also will show you guys in a bit on for some reason there’s like some type of vent in the back where this one is located they say over time that uh that bang goes bad and like water gets in there or and that’s what happened to this one my bumper was ripped off and i drove it like that on the on the rain on the highway and i’m guessing the

Water got in there and it wasn’t like super wet but uh it was it was like a lot of conversation around it and then i started driving and i noticed my my sound went away so just that’s another thing that can happen besides it it frying i’m really hoping i took it off and i took it in my house and i left it to dry you know close to the heater so i’m just i’m really

Hoping right now that it works i will show you guys how i’m gonna connect it and and then i will get to the rest of what you guys should look for and that that thing that gets wet okay so this is what i was talking to you guys about i actually put a zip tie on here to hold it so this was open and then the liner is in here and then water was getting back there and

Between the bumper and and like yeah then this is where the amplifier is located right take this off that’s it right there um so they stopped the connection and then while i was telling you guys about is that black part right here this this plastic so that’s where the water that you guys can actually see down there there’s like a little hole so i’m guessing this

Is some some type of like drain from maybe the roof or something that’s where the water legs on there but yeah right now i’m gonna plug this in hopefully it dried and anything mess up so if not i’m gonna have to buy another one so it’s pretty simple just like there’s like the connection so you see the blue the blue one is the far away so the blue one is gonna go

Like that and then just plug it in and then the two already in flame like you guys see this screw right there there’s one and then there should be another one right here yeah there’s another one right there and yeah that’s that’s that’s all you have to do on i’ll get back to you guys in a bit i’m gonna plug it in and fingers crossed that it works because if not i’m

Gonna have to go to best buy and buy a portable speaker for now so i can have some sound and then just wait for for another cheap amplifier to go on ebay okay so now it’s all plugged in hopefully let’s go see and if it work so now you see guys i’m gonna go to the settings and now i got my my levels back i’m able to adjust it and as you guys see the controls here went

Back to the middle that’s what i have it all the way in the rear because actually my front speakers like the myths they sound like crap i think it’s bad on but yeah you guys saw the difference and it it works excuse my mouse guys but um i just want to show you what i did offer now so i know that my issue because i told you guys there’s some people that i have

Know that they have an issue with that little plastic thing that like water get in there so what they do is they replace in on what i did right now and i know i know that wasn’t my issue my she was actually that it was my own fault that inga wet because like i said my whole bumper was open like that and then the water which is going in there because it was pouring

That day and i just drove it like that because that same day that that i did that does want to stop working for now i actually i’m sorry but i don’t i really don’t have the the screws i go there i do but i’m gonna find them so right now mine my thing is pretty loose so now what i did is i put a plastic bag under it so that way there’s no water coming up i’m gonna

Be checking it once in a while to make sure it’s not getting condensed condensation like it happened last time i did want to show you guys that i do have a sound i have a supporter and i will make another video if you guys want to want to see how that works like i said if you guys wanted me to make another video on how to add a subwoofer to your lexus is i will

Gladly do it and as you guys see i have the i have the stock head unit so i didn’t know you want something like that you’re not gonna spend a lot of money it’s pretty cheap because you just gotta buy the wires and i’ll make in a different video but uh yeah any questions you guys have on on this thing this this kind of project that i just did on feel free to comment

And ask any questions on i think that’s it for anything related to the amplifier going down so if you guys want to add something feel free to comment or ask any questions thank you guys for watching

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Lexus iS amplifier problem and fix 06-09 ! By Angel Unofficial

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