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Altair Club Cars Lexus IS 250/350 Roof Wrap | 3M 2080 Gloss Black

Lexus IS 250/350 Roof Wrap | 3M 2080 Gloss Black

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For this video, I re-wrapped my roof with 3M’s new 2080 Series Gloss Black. I will show how to remove the antenna and use the knifeless tape for those that would like to wrap their own roof especially for Lexus IS owners.

All right guys welcome back to the channel so for today’s video i am gonna be doing my roof pretty much i’m gonna be removing the old vinyl that i have right now and gonna be replacing it with this brand new 2083 am 3m so this is a little bit different it does have like a protective film so once you apply the whole film on the roof there’s actually like a

Film you have to remove so that’s what i’m going to be doing and of course i’m going to be using also the 3m knifeless tape so finally this came through this was actually a slight delay for me but we have it here so now i’m able to do pretty much the roof quarter panels rear bumper front bumper and whatnot so oh yeah and also the side skirts but cars almost

Done not too bad it’s looking good so far so but yeah so pretty much i’m gonna go ahead and remove the old vinyl and once i’m done removing the old vinyl i’m just gonna go ahead and show you guys how to remove the antenna for the lexus and it’s really easy it’s just a 10 mil holding it and then just gotta disconnect the cables from it and really easy but

I’ll definitely show you guys how to do that but yeah let’s go ahead and remove that old vinyl alright so pretty much i have the vana wrap removed i went ahead and actually cleaned off the residue that left off from the vinyl so basically now i have all left is to remove the antenna to remove the antenna you actually have to be inside the car and pull down

The headliner underneath the headliner you’re gonna see like a 10 millimeter screw and you basically just take that out and that’s how the antenna comes out so all right so for the rear part you pretty much want to just remove this right here the rear dome light so in order to remove it all you have to do is just pull it down and once you have that out

Just go ahead and disconnect it all right that’s disconnected all right so for this part i’m not sure if you guys can see that but there is a one nut right there which is a 10 mil and then once you remove the nut um you just need to press on that brown lever right there um i’d say use like a flat screw like a really thin flat screwdriver and just press on

It and then it’ll basically release that brown um lever part and once you release that that’s pretty much how you remove the antenna from the outside so i pretty much use like a small 10 mil you really don’t want to use like a big one just because you don’t want to actually like put too much force between here because the headliner does like crease up so i i

Don’t kind of see like a minor crease right there but that’s not bad you won’t really notice it but if you use like a big like i guess like extension or 10 mil it’s not gonna be really helpful and you’re just gonna like pretty much crease up the headliner to be bad all right so i pretty much have the 10ml out this is pretty much it it’s really small you just

Have to hold on to it once you i guess have it loose you don’t want to actually like like let it fall down because it’s going to fall like further in to the headliner and i don’t know how you can find it from there but you just basically don’t want to lose it and just hold on to it once you have it loose and then pretty much like um loosen it with your hands

All right so pretty much i have the cable pretty much disconnected from the antenna all you really have to do is just again press on that brown lever right there and it’ll just pop out so now from the outside you can finally pull it out and yeah easily comes out and i do have the rest of the wrap right there so i’m just gonna go ahead and peel that off and

Yes it is raining um weather pretty much changed i guess last minute i did not see no rain for today and we’ll have to postpone this video or just this clip pretty much for the next day but at least i have the wrap removed all i have to do is pretty much just put the um knifeless tape on the edges and apply the vinyl and that’s it ready to go all right so for

This part i pretty much have the knife tape already applied so i did leave some extra room right here just so in case i by mistake mess this up so i’ll have extra knife safe to pretty much peel it off but anyways i just have it right here straight aligned with the quarter panels same thing with the other side but definitely want to have the knife tape first

Before applying the wrap so now pretty much all i have to do is just wipe down the roof one last time and then i’ll go ahead and apply the the new 2080 series 3m gloss black so all right so pretty much i have the bundle wrapped applied to the roof all i need to do is pretty much just trim and just cut out the sunroof area and the edges right here and

Same thing with the back but with the knifeless tape that is pretty much next so you kind of see the overlay of the knifeless tape so that’s pretty much it where i’ll have to like just yank it out and then pretty much it’ll just nicely like cut straight all right so with this the necklace tape is here um so this film specifically has a double layered so you

Kind of see it right there so it’s really to protect the gloss black and from it not scratching it so when i feel it it’s like really like untouched lost black so that’s the whole purpose of this film extra film but with this knifeless tape i’m not sure if it’s gonna be able to cut through this um protective film if not then i’m gonna have to like kind of like

Slightly like i guess pull it up to the edge right here in order to just cut the film but i’m gonna go ahead and try it with the film on it and see if that works all right so i pretty much have this cut out a bit so with the knifeless tape for it to work you want to have it like right where the i guess edges of the vinyl put your thumb down i usually use it my

Left and then oh it seems to work but okay so it’s working with the extra protective film so yeah just pull it pull it all the way down there and that’s it so that’s actually one side done so once you’re done with that all you have to do is just remove this and then you’ll see the wonders of this knifeless tape nice straight cut clean and this is actually

Going to leave like an extra layer from the knife escape which is going to be kind of like hidden underneath the wrap you just have to just yeah just pull it and then just follow it all the way where you place the knifeless tape nice and clean cut really easy nice and i’m gonna go ahead and do the same thing with the other side all right so same thing with

This i’m gonna pretty much just use my thumb again yank it a bit and there we go so that’s the cool thing about knifeless tape um is that you’re not you don’t have to basically use an actual knife where if you accidentally like press too much it’s actually going to cut through the clear coat even so that it can cut through 3d paint so definitely you don’t

Want to do that knife and safe is always the safest um especially when the roof does not have any biking racks and it’s just like a solid roof to the corner to the quarter panel all right so now that i have like pretty much both quarter panels done the next thing i have to do is just the front and back so as you can see i already have it tucked in um i’m

Just gonna have the knife pretty much just glide like lightly around the windshield same thing with the rear um no difference just don’t put too much pressure especially when cutting it in front of the windshield or the rear so so i have the front pretty much cut same thing on the rear um with this i’ll have to actually remove the protective film once i

Remove that i’m just gonna heat up the edges front and back and then just tuck it in nicely and with the roof i already made like a cut in between so all i have to do is just pretty much just tuck it in and that’s it and the roof is pretty much done oh yeah and of course gotta replace the antenna with a new wrap and just put it back all right so i do have the

Protective film pretty much out of the vinyl and really easy just have to like peel it off from whichever angle and it’ll just come out really easy but my overall impression of this 3m 2080 is that it’s really good um definitely worth the price the paint just i mean the vinyl just looks really good it looks like an actual black paint so i don’t know if you can

See like my reflection right here but you could definitely see it especially like see the tree down there but this is really good i like it a lot i’ve never seen a bottom wrap that’s glossy before but good luck to 3m they’ve really done a good job with this so anyways it is kind of getting dark the sun is coming down so i’m just gonna go ahead and finish the

Roof part tuck it in front and back and yeah i’m just gonna go ahead and show you um the next clip which is pretty much the next day of the end result of the roof so the roof is pretty much done kind of dirty already because um last night i actually kind of drizzled a bit but and it got windy so it does just carried over to the roof so got dusty but anyways

Everything’s tucked in nice did the sunroof and all that same thing with the antenna i replaced the vinyl with the 2080 3m series looks really good overall you can see the reflection of the clouds and the trees so this 3m is pretty nice i do recommend anybody who wants to use or wrap their roof gloss black definitely use the 3m 2080 it’s worth the money and

It’s going to look good on the car overall thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the whole roof wrap you

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Lexus IS 250/350 Roof Wrap | 3M 2080 Gloss Black By Und3rground Lex

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