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Altair Club Cars Lexus GX470 Build Overview – Stock Comparison – Avalon Auto Offroad Builds

Lexus GX470 Build Overview – Stock Comparison – Avalon Auto Offroad Builds

Stock vs built comparison. The built is a sport model, so a few kdss specific needs. Avalon Auto in Alpharetta Ga, I’ve completed over 30 Lexus GX470 builds. Here to share knowledge and maybe provide some inspiration to those planning their own GX build. @avalonautooffroadbuilds on instagram.

Good morning adam avalon auto off-road builds on instagram avalon auto alpharetta georgia yesterday i did a kind of a comparison of a stock versus a built lx 570 or 200 series figured i’d do one on the gx470 that we do so many of both of these got a 05 and an o6 same cars pretty much on gray with the sport package so it does have kdss we’ll go over that and

This is just a standard white and tan paint’s in good shape for white this is the blizzard white pearl that’s commonly messed up but so going from stock to build this is an ironman two and a half inch lift kit stealth custom series negative 38 f5s in gloss dark bronze love these wheels i did opt to get new axle dust shields the grease caps in the front just to

Give it some kind of center cap and then in the back every one of these axle ends no matter where this car lived is going to be rusted out so just sand it off prime it with a rust-oleum rust converter primer and then paint it looks a hell of a lot better but negative 38 is the most extreme offset that i’ve run that i’ve seen anybody run negative 38 does require

Modifications i’ve got a body mount chop by tko fabrication and coming georgia he also did the sliders for me he’s done over 30 sets of these they’re fantastic pinch weld flattened a little bit of hammering up in this area where the running board mounts are on some of these gx’s if i’m running the trd wheels that are plus four even a negative 12 wheel i can save the

Running boards and trim out this cap and run it along along the whole rocker panel with the negative 38s it needs every bit of clearance on this edge so it’s just not something that i’ve found is doable with the negative 38 offset um i’ve been doing the rad rubber designs uh inserts right here they just clip in with the original holes a great product they recommend

Coating them with fluid film i haven’t got any fluid film down here it’s not popular in the stores like it is in the north but the iron man lift kit freedom off-road upper control arms the rad rubber splash shields pretty much every gx splash shield by this age is rotted out so this is the original splash shields they’re brittle they crack as soon as you do any

Work especially if you’re doing upper control arms and such they’ll just disintegrate pretty much so replace them with a better product the nitto ridge grappler 285 70 17 has been a great tire for us we kind of switch it out depending on what’s available to accommodate again for that negative 38 offset we also do a clearance cut on the bumper wrap it indoor edge

Guard just to clean it up try to maintain the same line so basically we’re cutting off this section right here so about an inch and a half to two inches tapered up to the line i start at this fender liner clip or screw rather and then just use some masking tape blue tape painters tape rather and trim that out on most of these i’ve been swapping in headlights uh

The oem headlights after a decade just do not weather well at all they can be polished out but 95 of the time where this turn signal slash daytime running light is is so damaged because it’s heated and the gallowed lens in the back of that just melts so these are oem sports from lexus about 6 20 a pair now last year they were around 500 everything has gone up but

It changes the whole look of the truck this one was a sport it had decent sport headlights in it but same thing where these daytime running lights are it was split so i opted just to get some new ones tko fabrication made a custom skid plate to accommodate the treaty oak off-road kdss spacer blocks so a normal kdss skid plate does not allow for that you’d have to

Put spacers in it i opted for him just to custom make me one of him to sell on his website now that he’s got the specs for it but tko fabrication coming georgia does some great stuff so running board removal is easy it’s like six bolts underneath the truck 12 millimeters and then about a dozen or so clips that go into these holes you can put those clips back in

If you don’t break them or you can find them on ebay they’re pretty cheap i guess but the kdss sliders did have to be custom made to accommodate four the accumulator and the lines and everything so he’s able to make them and weld around it to give it plenty of bracing on a lot of these we do leather repair this one is on the border line this is about as worn as

I’ll let them be before i recover them i did opt to do a new steering wheel on it new shift knob because the shift knob was worn and finding a black wood sport shift knob is damn near impossible we do the drop in land cruiser oem console insert these you can find on ebay or there’s a number of people on the forums that 3d print them uh these ebay ones don’t fit

Quite as flush as the the ones from the guys on the forum but they’re solid they work they’re a hell of a lot better than the stock ones just a little butterfly clips um full weather tech liners we do on a lot of these just because if you are going to wheel it the weathertech liners are a great addition on the back we don’t have to do any modifications for the

Bigger tires lift or anything like that there’s really nothing that will hit if you’re going any bigger than a 33 you may start wanting to trim out just if you do wheel it you may flex into it but like these michelin 265 65 17s stock size great tire but if you’re wanting to run something negative you’re going to need to do body mount chops if you’re wanting to

Run anything negative offset i also have to do a fender liner trim so i just cut out the front section and then cut out this section down here all the top remains no need to remove the top but getting them transformed has been fun and we do the full lift kit upper control arms skids if we need to this one we had to because the stock skid would not fit with

The kdss spacers we would have had to cut it up and mod it and it just honestly for what tko fabrication is very reasonable did for this one i dig it i like the look of it it’s stronger than the original goes further back it replaces both the front shield and the mid shield there whenever we do break upgrades or replacements rather do acupuna pro ceramic pads

And akubonapro rotors they’re coated they won’t ever rust the non-coated rotors i highly recommend against them because a non-coated rotor one rain and they’re going to have a rust barrel on them and like these are accubonos as well this gx we got in last week had to do some service on it we inspect everyone we get this one got radiator three diff service the

Rear third member we actually replaced dan coons had one that we we snagged up for them but the bearing was bad on it and then a brake caliper on this and we we’re doing a brake caliper we just went ahead and did the whole brake job but paint correction full detail wheels tires this one you know i think we did valve cover gaskets timing spark plugs once we got

Into it it’s only got 117 000 miles it just rolled into but when you’re buying a used gx470 unless that previous owner accepted every recommendation along its lifespan at the dealership or wherever they got it serviced it’s gonna need work you know people bought it my pricing sometimes but you know say i bought this for around 12 grand o5 sport i was at auction

At carmax somebody local traded it in it’s clean as a whistle underneath that’s my biggest thing no rust um rust i’ll just go away from no matter what because it’s not worth it but if i find a clean body clean frame it’s worth it but i bought it for 12. i’ve put almost 12 into it between lift tires wheels reconditioning we had bumpers painted because there was

Little parking lot damage timing service valve covers spark plugs kdss service at lexus dealer it had some fluid pressure codes in the system so we got it serviced twice over there actually and then driving it for about 200 miles playing with the valves and jacking up one side to try to level out because it did have kdss lean when it came back from lexus but i

Think i’ve got it leveled out pretty good now again about 200 miles on it still got a slight lean but i think it’s within their specs but you know it’s not for the faint of heart you can do it over the course of a year over the course of six months we do pretty much a 30 to 60 day build depending on where it’s got to go but again you know if we’re wanting to do

Some fancy wheels like these stealth custom series they’re about 13 to 1400 shipped tires have gone up considerably over the last two years since we started doing these we used to get a set of 33s for around eight nine hundred bucks now they’re about thirteen hundred bucks labor costs has gone up cost of steel has gone up i used to get a great deal from tko on

These sliders that’s gone up about 200 a set over the last two and a half three years just because the price of steel has gone up my labor costs are you know pretty much in the same ballpark but even the parts the timing kits have gone up 30 or 40 bucks valve cover gaskets have gone up a few bucks every little odd and end from what we’ve always done has gone up

Even the damn weathertech liners have gone up but i’m an enthusiast i like building them it’s cool watching the transformation from a stock to a built if any of y’all have seen me out at some of the events we’ve got quite a few gx’s that we’ve done over 30 i think we’re at like 33 or 34 gx 470 builds a couple of 200 series but it’s fun for me i don’t build all

Of them now this one i did because the suspension was shot out it needed a lot i figured just go ahead and dump the money into it make it sweet as possible a lot of them like this one i’m just going to recondition put some new headlights in paint the bumper because it’s got some some parking lot damage in the front nothing major and i’ll do all the service it

Needs and then if somebody wants to build it we keep parts in stock to do so but that’s about it adam with avalon auto offroad let me know what questions you got

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Lexus GX470 Build Overview – Stock Comparison – Avalon Auto Offroad Builds By Avalon Auto Off-Road Builds

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