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Altair Club Cars LEXUS GX 470 NEW BRONZE TRD WHEELS and BFG TIRES INSTALLED No Modifications Required


Follow me as I go over the new wheels and larger tires I had installed on the GX 470. I love how they turned out and no modifications were required for them to fit! What do you guys think? Any questions, please comment below, but all the specs and details about the tires and wheels are discussed in the video and linked below.

What’s going on youtube i’m rob santos and welcome back to the channel so today is a very exciting day we’re getting new wheels and tires so i’m going to show you how he went from this to this morning youtube it is a early day but it’s an exciting day so today we’re getting the wheels and tires put on the lexus now i got it registered yesterday so we can finally

Drive it it only took four weeks so the wheels and tires are going on immediately let me show what i’m working with so we have some meaty bf goodrich all terrain because we need the best for this vehicle and these are it the best off-road best on-road performance that’s the old tire let’s bring in the new tire oh yeah so these should fit without any rubbing

Issues they’re 265 70 17s and the stock ones on the vehicle are 265 60 17s so we should not have a problem and you you might be able to see this but we definitely need new tires i mean these michelins look at that they are cracking and they are dry rotted so before we get on the road officially we need some new tires now of course we can’t put on some fresh new

Bigger tires without putting on some nice new wheels so what we’re working with is some 17 by 7 trd pro wheels now this is a very common upgrade for our lexus gxs they’re the exact same bolt pattern so it’s pretty much a plug and play wheel and tire option but my wheels are a little bit different i got that new new 2020 to 2021 bronze trd pro wheels here these

Bad boys are all four of them see if we can open this box real quick look at these bad boys now it looks a little bit more of a gray in the box but i’m telling you once we get them off and on the vehicle they are going to be a thick bronze color and i think it’s going to pop really well with the silver car you know the black wheels i think they’re over played i

Think they’re over with they just blend in with the tires too much we want these bad boys to pop off the vehicle so let’s get the tires let’s get the wheels into the back of the lexus all right so we should have plenty of cargo space for the tires and the wheels in here i already folded down all the seats actually i think it’s pretty cool that they don’t just

Fold down like the top but they also push forward really really nice feature ton of space now we’re going to take off each one of these as well that way we have more room now we don’t have to worry about the tires rubbing onto them so let’s get this going we got one my first time doing it and i didn’t read the direction so we got one now if you guys didn’t know

How to do this just one shot from the top you pull this up there’s this little lever you’re gonna push and this will pop and then it pretty much turns into a suitcase and they’re not that head so we got both of them let’s get the tires thrown in there and we’ll be good to go i think this will work oh yeah we’re money we’re money i’m gonna put one around on

The side all right so that’s a little bit of a workout for me this morning but let’s take everything over to mavis all right guys i don’t think i mentioned it but i’m also going to be using the original lug nuts for the lexus and putting them on the trd tires so i’m gonna wait and see how it looks they definitely should fit uh from what i’ve read but i’m gonna

Wait and see how it looks if i like how the silver contrasts with the bronze wheels i kind of like the idea of having the bronze with the silver lug nuts because kind of blending the body paint of the vehicle to the tire so kind of like flows through but we’ll wait and see if i decide i don’t like it then i’ll go and get a set of black lug nuts but then it’s

Like nothing on the car is black so that might be a little weird so i’m going to try the silver lug nuts first now the other thing is i’m currently at a stop and i’m pointing straight and look at the wheel we are off center so we really need an alignment so we have to get in alignment we’re going to have to get all the tpms sensors off of the current wheels

And have them transferred on to the new wheels uh so it’s going to be a little bit of a process it’s probably going to take them most of the day i think because i’m sure they’re busy i did call ahead um and the other thing is this place is about two and a half miles from my house and a lot of it is like this where we’re we’re going downhill and then going back

Uphill and i’m gonna walk that and it’s 32 degrees outside so i’m not particularly looking forward to it but i didn’t want to call up any friends to help me out and i’m not going to call an uber so yeah we’re going to go for a nice walk and the other thing is like this road which would be the most direct way to my house there are no sidewalks oh well there are

Like right here but not on that side and not for the entire way that we’re coming back home so we gonna get a little sketchy uh but yeah so i’m pretty excited i think this is the first step in the right direction after waiting for four weeks to get the vehicle registered thank you dmv for waiting so long and then we can start actually using it which i’m pretty

Psyched about but we are almost here ton of traffic on a saturday in downtown ridgewood new jersey but it is a beautiful and sunny day after having snow for like every single day for the past week or two so this is great we are at mavis here we are and there’s some cars in the bays and there’s some cars over here so let’s see what we got here it is these are

The trd pro bronze 17x7s now i think what makes these wheels a little more different is that they are bronze you’re typically going to see a trd wheel in black or silver now the bronze wheels came out in 2020 so you’re not going to see them on that many cars the thing that i really love about these bronze wheels is it really pops with the silver color of the gx

Now my concern when i was buying or looking for trd wheels is that typically the black color of the wheel really blends in with the black tire and i didn’t want to do that i really wanted the wheel to stand out from the vehicle and this really does that these wheels are 17×7 and they’re a four millimeter offset so it’s a completely plug and play wheel for this

Vehicle it’s not going to rub on the brakes or anything now the tires they’re bf goodrich all-terrain ta ko2’s 265 70 17. yet again i want a tire that was completely plug and play or i didn’t have to worry about trimming this inner fender which is something you have to do and if you even go larger sometimes you do a body chop and i did not want to do that as

Well the other thing is i still have my side skirts from factory on the vehicle and typically you need to take those off to get more clearance if you want to run a larger tire and since i don’t have a lift yet i didn’t want to have to worry about that for right now i want to keep as much of the road presence as possible and keep a somewhat standard tire size and a

Somewhat standard wheel size so this is a completely plug and play wheel and tire package and i think it’s the best initial upgrade you can make on your lexus it really transformed the look of the vehicle from a soccer mom type of vehicle to an off-road worthy one so these all-terrain tires you’re gonna have some good siphoning when you have some snow it really

Gives you some additional off-road traction capability the other thing i like about these trd wheels is they sit inside of the rubber so you really have some nice sidewall with these bigger tires you’re not going to worry about scratching your wheels if you go off-roading and hit a rock now the other thing i said is i wasn’t sure how i would like the silver lug

Nuts with the gold wheels but i really like how it contrasts and kind of blends with the silver lug nuts and the silver paint i really think it does look sharp i don’t think i’m going to change them to a black lug nut it really looks good as it is but in the sun these wheels really really pop and they definitely look more bronze in a direct sunlight than if you

Have them in the shade the other thing is with this offset you’re really not getting that much poke now i do think if the offset was a little bit different or if i put on spacers i would get more of a poke outside of the fender which i think is a nice squared boxy look but honestly yet again i want to keep a little bit of the stock performance and ride quality

We’ll see going forward if i put a lift on it at some point if i want to you know bring the tires and the wheels out a little bit but for right now i think it’s perfectly fine and like i said in the shade it’s a little bit of a different color bronze so you can see it definitely doesn’t shine as much it’s a little bit of a darker color but it’s really just the

Difference in the sunlight so there you go guys this is a plug and play wheel and tire package to upgrade from your standard set that comes with the lexus i think if you’re buying a lexus gx this is the number one thing you should do to your vehicle buy some trd wheels buy some bigger all-terrain tires and you can’t go wrong well i hope you liked this video if

You’re looking for a plug-and-play wheel and tire package this is definitely the one that i would recommend just buy them they’ll go on no modification required so thank you guys for watching so i hope you liked this video i hope to see on the next one don’t smash but gently hit that like button and i’ll see in the next one peace

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LEXUS GX 470 NEW BRONZE TRD WHEELS and BFG TIRES INSTALLED! No Modifications Required! By Rob Drives

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