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Altair Club Cars Lexus ES 300h TEST POV Drive & Walkaround English Subtitles

Lexus ES 300h TEST POV Drive & Walkaround English Subtitles

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Which competed with such models as bmw 5 series, mercedes e-class or audi a6 last year, lexus announced it was over with gs and introduced a new competitor – lexus es. but it’s not over with gs for good, only in europe. and again, es is also not new and it came to us from overseas where it has been available since 1989 the first model was of course ls and the es model was

Shown just after it. so, despite being new in europe, it is already the 7th generation of the es model in europe and like the previous ones, it shares a large part of mechanics with toyota camry, before you start saying that lexus es is just a more luxurious camry, stop it lexus is a more luxurious toyota brand and there is no discussion here anyway, the gs model was also

Initially based on toyota, the aristo model which was not well known in europe es is a big revolution and it’s not just about appearance anyway, it’s very interesting and refers to the latest new models such as bigger ls or sports lc the front grill is huge and looks best without registration plates the whole car has very slender, elegant but slightly sporty body lines

Because in the tested car had 18- inch and are slightly too small for this car i was also slightly annoyed by the gap between the bumper and the mask which is quite large and at first i thought the bonnet was not closed then i went through the press photos, and saw that this was on purpose. lexus es is a huge car, because it’s 4975 mm or almost 5 meters the gs model was

Almost 10 cm shorter and that’s a lot as for the height, the new es is 1 cm lower and 2 cm wider first, the trunk, it has 454 liters, which is only 4 liters more than in gs 300h it’s still quite a poor result, especially that the car is bigger in addition, it has irregular shapes, which is also not an advantage under the floor you will find a set of keys and a repair kit,

And on the sides there are hooks and a place to attach protective nets it is a pity that lexus didn’t mount a socket for the lighter. the longer dimensions of es can be felt in the back, where there is plenty of space especially for the legs there is much more of it than in gs i had a few centimeters of free space above the head, so it’s also good, and yet the seat

Can be tilted even more in general, in the armrest, which has a large storage compartment and two places for drinks we have a lot of buttons allowing us, for example, to turn on the rear seat heating, lower the rear blind, in the middle tunnel there’s already a socket for the lighter and two usb ports offering fast charging on the side we also have the possibility to pull

The blinds, we do it manually sitting on the right side, we can move the seat in front of us and tilt it. before i show how much space there is in the front, i’ll focus on the seats for a while ecause these were supposedly created for three years lexus spent three years on refining them to make them as comfortable as possible and i think they succeeded, because actually

Driving a long distance in lexus es is pure pleasure. the seats are very comfortable, and there’s quite a lot of space as befits a premium class, everything is electrically controlled, including the steering wheel. and here you can also feel the spirit of the new models, as ls or lc have a very similar layout it’s worth paying attention to a very interesting color

Combination of the tested car, which is very elegant. the materials are of great quality as well as folding. nice. two knobs above the clocks are slowly becoming a mark of the new dashboards they are responsible for traction control and changing the driving modes which probably appeared for the first time in the iconic lexus lfa the clocks are now fully digital and have

3 themes depending on the mode what’s important, the graphics look as if they were analog clocks for which a big plus, because it suits the interior very well is the infoentertainment system which is still weak although it’s a newer generation than in gs not intuitive and very hard to use, because we control everything from the touch level like in a laptop it is a pity,

Because this is the only defect in the interior of the new lexus es. lexus es also has several storage compartments that are sufficient for storing glasses, keys or a telephone there is even an induction charger hidden under the armrest the gs model has so far appeared in 3 regular engine versions and one hardcore sports gs-f the regular varieties were 200t, that is 2-liter

Petrol turbo and two hybrids 300h and 450h the sporty gs-f was a naturally aspirated 5.0 v8 with 477 hp. poetry. on the polish market there is one variant available, i.e. the tested 300h it’s the same set as in the previous 300h, i.e. a 2.5-liter internal combustion engine and an electric motor not too much for such a large limousine but in practice it turns out enough

The sprint to 100 km/h should last 8.9 seconds, that is 0.1 s faster than gs with the same engine in fact, es is even faster and i was able to get 8.3 seconds without any problem! there is one more thing that differs from gs and about which there was the most ado lexus es has a front-wheel drive as opposed to gs which had a back-wheel drive what does it change? a pushed

Car behaves differently than a pulled one but this applies if we drive vigorously, which in the case of es 300h is not likely to happen. this car tunes for quiet comfortable driving for at least several reasons first of all, we know that it’s not too fast, second, it’s super comfortable although it’s pleasant to go around the city – mainly because of the silence

But the sharp corners are not its strong side, let alone the understeering, the suspension is quite soft and the car is swinging slightly it is a hybrid, so in 90% of cases we will move silently on the electric this is not the only advantage of a hybrid, the other is combustion in the city, we can easily do 7-8 liters, driving really vigorously besides, i managed to make

6.5 liters on the warsaw-gdańsk-warsaw route! and i have done more than 100 kilometers in the tri-city. great. what has always irritated me in toyota and lexus hybrids is the gearbox, or cvt in gs it scowled, but in es it’s a surprisingly less! really the transmission works much better than i expected, even better than in the hybrid ls, the flagship limousine and it

Certainly is not just a merit of good soundproofing lexus es300h, like gs 300h, reaches a maximum of 190 km/h it’s still very fast and far beyond the limit in almost every country. the basic model es 300h costs pln 214,900, and the richest variety is pln 289,900 the competitive hybrid bmw 530e with 252 hp costs pln 240,500 the hybrid mercedes 300e with 211 hp costs pln

254,900 audi doesn’t have a hybrid a6, so i compare the cheapest 245 hp petrol which costs pln 221,200 it’s a pity that the competition has a much larger selection of engines lexus es is the most important model in the lexus range around the world to date, over 2.3 million copies have been sold, which makes it the best-selling lexus well, you can see that es doesn’t

Want to compete directly with german competitors, a much bigger, more comfortable and also cheaper car but at the expense of performance it’s only hybrid but there is a fad for this type of cars recently

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Lexus ES 300h TEST POV Drive & Walkaround English Subtitles By Autowizja

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