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Altair Club Cars Lewis Motor Company – 2018 Ford Transit T350 Quigley 4X4 15 Passenger Van Cargo for sale on eBay

Lewis Motor Company – 2018 Ford Transit T350 Quigley 4X4 15 Passenger Van Cargo for sale on eBay

Hello everyone this is brady with lewis motor company and today we’re taking a look at our 2018 ford transit t350 15 passenger four-wheel drive quickly converted cargo van this van is in good condition it’s got 50 000 original miles on a 3.7 liter v6 gasoline engine and an automatic transmission and yes i am correct on that this thing has been converted by

Quigley this is one of the first ones that we’ve ever gotten we’ve had some older vans the econo lines that were converted from quigley’s quigley motor company up in pennsylvania we love these vans this is one of the first transits we’ve had i’ve had plenty of the express and econo lines and they do an extremely nice job of the four-wheel drive system on these vans

And we’re happy to have this one but overall this thing’s in really nice condition inside and out it is a 15 passenger van it has some power windows door locks just some nice power options in this thing seats in good condition all the seats for that matter are in good shape with no major tears we’ve got fifty thousand one hundred and sixty nine miles the time of

This video we’ll go ahead and start it up we’ll add the air blaring earlier starts right up sounds great the engine is very quiet no lights on the dash it does have very cold air conditioning heat am fm radio it’s our automatic transmission some nice creature comforts nice big cup holder does have rear heat and air conditioning nice overhead compartment there

Headliner is in good shape now this is a high top so i’ve had some passengers in the past that high top makes it really nice we’ll get back there in a minute but there’s your four wheel drive it’s a manual lever to switch it into four wheel drive but it’s super easy to get into but overall that interior’s in nice shape you can see the floor is a nice black color

It shows very well but looking down the side on this side it’s in good shape i don’t notice any major dings or dents on this side there are a few on the other side we’ll get into that but it shows very well down the side all your tires are in good condition i’d say they’ve got about half tread or maybe a little less so in the near future maybe 10 000 miles or

So you’ll need some tires but right now they’re in good shape looking underneath of this thing you can see it shows very well a little bit of surface rust in some areas but the frame is nice and clean underbody is in good shape you know you’ll see a little bit of normal stuff under there but overall in good shape van is very quiet you can barely hear the engine

Running and i was looking these things up they do have good power some people say they do tow trailers with them so this one does have a trailer hitch so if you wanted to hook that up that is an you option see back here we’ve got our seven-way plug as well as our four-way hitch receiver open up the back here it’s all seats so now these seats can be removed but

Right now it’s set up as a passenger van and high top is very nice for walking in and out of it’s perfect for a passenger van your passengers are standing up in there and walking abroad just a nice clean van relatively new so that’s what you would expect but looking down the side here you’ll see in that second on that second door there you can kind of see a few

Dings and dents just minor dings and dents on that door i guess from opening up and and hitting things but um it’s very minor and if you were to fix it it’s just a couple of dents but overall again in very nice condition look at this tire about the same condition 50 or less see if we can grasp that a little better on this angle she’s a little peppered up on

That door but i didn’t really see it being a huge issue so we are going to sell it that way but uh just a slider door as you can see here very nice and looking inside again this is a high top so you can stand up in here almost i’m six feet tall and i’d say if i get into the center my head is barely touching super nice to move in and out of here all of our

Seats are in good condition and you can see with the two up front this is a 15 passenger lots of room back here good head room got heat and air conditioning back here as well so your passengers are going to stay nice and cold or nice and toasty but it’s in good shape here it’s very clean overall great shape hey brady is this a quigley this is a quigley again

Quigley converted van it’s super hard to find these vans and we’ve got one available for sale don’t you have one right now for these things i do have three or four of these things we’ve bought a few in the past we’ve got few right now if you want this van get it while it’s hot i know these things are very hard to find and believe it or not we do have three of

Them right now but overall a super nice clean reliable squiggly four-wheel drive transit passenger van it’s a 15 passenger and this one’s in good shape very quiet engine fuel efficient v6 still good power quigly converted four-wheel drive but you can check this van out for sale on ebay feel free to give me a call shoot me a message i’d be happy to help you if

You’re interested in this van or any other vans that i have listed for sale again i’ve got a couple of these things in various condition and miles i’ll be happy to help you i can ship this van throughout the united states call me and i’ll give you a quote on that but we are lewis motor company we’re located in clarksville maryland which is just outside of baltimore

Maryland feel free to reach out again on this van i’ve got plenty of trucks got some inventory rolling in every day so give me a call be happy to help you but a great opportunity for a nice quigley converted transit van is one of the first we’ve ever gotten in and i’m super excited to have this one but thank you guys for watching

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Lewis Motor Company – 2018 Ford Transit T350 Quigley 4X4 15 Passenger Van Cargo for sale on eBay! By Lewis Motor Company

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