lets talk aston martin dbs super
Altair Club Cars Lets Talk Aston Martin DBS Superleggera #AstonMartin #DBSSuperleggera #V12

Lets Talk Aston Martin DBS Superleggera #AstonMartin #DBSSuperleggera #V12

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I meet up with friend Sam Evans (@drivewithsam on Instagram), and we talk all things Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. Sam took delivery of his Aston in later 2019 and we discuss what ownership has been like for him and things he considered to draw him towards the DBS Superleggera.

This car sounds insane hello guys and welcome back to the channel happy new year i’ve arranged an impromptu car me and i can’t believe how many people virtually turned up i arranged it like 11 o’clock last night thinking our maybe one or two people will come down turns out loads of people have come down i was supposed to be just filming this this is the new aston

Martin dbs superleggera and then turns out lee wanted to get involved with his f12 and then it kind of just spiraled out of control and when they don’t were loads of people coming down so yeah we’re gonna tow into london and this is gonna be a completely random video but hopefully it’s gonna be quite fun to film and we’re waiting for a few more cars to turn up and

We’re gonna drive in convoy into london engine sound this guy’s amazing so you guys know it’s a previous ladies thank you watching after ferrari which is still a quick car something a little bit more practical some children banging a pocket so i had the brooke pricing source for you to pay a month six weeks ago or misses are very organized by these cars

Which allowed and they spend more money on making them even louder never satisfied with how to sell cars today so there’s always something so this week will change at the car the thing with a stone as stock this still sounds pretty good it’s amazing sounding car stuff decide quickly australian system they need to retain the standard rear box but in to transform the

Standard car that performance as wellness difference so wheeler 715 today’s cars some people in also have a staff straight through cloths now it’s only fair horsepower or there’s going to be a great map code on the car as well so that should take it north a hundred horsepower which rear-wheel drive base the condition tear away thomas says please already roads are

Dry now i even as its go i just wanted a it’s very table happy isn’t it it’s very responsible yeah low in the gays as well sometimes we say as a nice nice verbal anybody looking at an estimating dbs if you have children or say five six seven years of age then he’s definitely a saleable cars having children up to the age group in the back you can get car seats in

The rears of the car so it works perfect for the younger children i think in terms of let’s say saint– kids come into walls one eight nine ten years of age and they see the drivers are so laugh thoughts so i think me a journey i stopped her attend short yeah i think there’s an all-rounder thing people would be looking up the bentley gt continental for an hour now

For sata car they saw a caller at a bar – so the two rear seats are designed definitely for the children you wouldn’t get a 6-foot adult in the back of the car definitely recommend if you was looking for the yourself that jimmy season and young children then took a cart at war beside myself have spent a lot of time traveling in the car as i rode in from different be

Sneaks those other journeys from london from the midlands and to manchester as well so i think it as an all-rounder it’s a fantastic car so when you in sport clubs and the sabbath suspension as well you feels like a supercar but you seem like not now would lead to comfort suspension you be i know is that straight away because the motors you would think you know and

They twelve sound under those powered car you strike your exhaust system on it it’s like a hybrid so no noise i mean i think you’ve alicia answered every question lads plans in one go but in terms of depreciation is that something you’re conscious about you said your dalia and you know where i was and it chases something that placement you might not really because

We purchase my vehicles for my company called premiere sports emotions instagram name ease premier sports uk so ideal we have rich who’s the owner of previous sports there by fantastic guys just now just purchase he won’t go anywhere else customer service fantastic the good afternoon always given may the best price ease off shops around as you do when you purchase

Supercar in terms of deposits payments customer service aftercare young commission wow reach a marwari saving something else at the point they’re not paying me enough so i think i should pay me a little bit more for the exposure for this book taking jokes aside the fantastic company that i own in bournemouth on the south coast i’ll make sure i put the tag in the

Description of this video as well so go check those out those guys are those guys out so you just walk up here it’s the slows sloane street and crazy people want talk calmly though i don’t know where the other guys are which is a shame we lost them within like 30 seconds of leaving windsor but we stay within the mclaren which was good and then this accident this

Ask them is amazing and two incredible cars one incredible trip into london i hope you’ve enjoyed it something slightly different for the new year oh here they come what perfect timing let’s film them coming in what perfect timing twelve coming but thank you to everyone that’s come down i can’t quite believe how many people have come out for this this is such

A random event which i organized an 11 o’clock of something crazy in the middle of the night and later people calm down and it’s thanks to roadster the road staff if you haven’t used the roaster hat make sure you do because you can organize crazy little convoy is like this in hardly any time at all so thank you to roadster for making this quite an easy event to

Organise we’ve just parked up here at belgrave square in central london this is really cool just seeing everyone stopping and just chatting about the cars and that’s kind of what today was all about really was just about enjoying the cars parking them off on slice tree i know that’s a bit of a some would say quite arrogant antisocial thing to do but we weren’t

Revving the cars really that much did it a few times but yeah it’s just a nice day where everyone’s just enjoying just standing around chatting and enjoying each other’s cars so yeah pretty cool that was a lot faster brilliant driving nice to be back on stone street again yeah i stay there the left of all in personal preference it cars but say thank you so much

For joining i know i said a few times in the carver for you to talk all the way down from birmingham was yes you’re a gem that’s okay when it’s a passionate it’s a hobby you fellow car followers know your trouble where you need to go to to feel the passion so continue to do so because it for the sputters everybody enjoying those saints and none of these to be

Happening and practice abroad as well spending some time with mayor the nice little drive across he still under gonna do some more service at the dome so thanks again it any for me definitely just guys for watching anymore to come make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already thank you so much it is

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Lets Talk Aston Martin DBS Superleggera! #AstonMartin #DBSSuperleggera #V12 By Cars with Brad

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