lets talk about the 2021 buick e
Altair Club Cars Lets talk about the 2021 Buick Envision Preferred model with Rob Fulmer

Lets talk about the 2021 Buick Envision Preferred model with Rob Fulmer

The 2021 Buick Envision Preferred makes luxury possible even if you are on a budget. I was blown away by the standard features on this entry level trim such as heated steering wheel, remote start, power lift gate, power driver seat, a huge 10″ infotainment screen, wireless phone projection, and Buick’s QuietTuning system. I will walk you through the specifics of why this is a an amazing option if you are looking for a 2021 luxury compact SUV.

Hi my name is rob fulmer and i work at davidson court buick gmc and today we’re going to be doing a walk around video on this 2021 buick envision preferred originally introduced in 2017 today the buick envision slides in between the smaller buick encore gx and the larger enclave today i have a preferred model picked out but a couple months back i did an avenir

Trim level which you can find that video right here now the envision is all new for 2021 and buick absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one so um from the front here we have a little bit of a wider bolder stance it’s gonna be uh two inches wider than the previous model of the the envision and uh here on the on the we have the big buick logo with the

Uh with the front grill here and there’s actually two active front shutters right right behind the grill that the car will actually open and close as they see necessary for both aerodynamic purposes as well as like to cool off the engine so we have the wing shaped led headlight as well as led daytime running lights so i really like the color scheme that i went

With with this chrome strip here on both sides of the window we also have the chrome door handles with the passive entry on all four doors so if you have your key on your person you can actually hit this button on any of the four doors and it’ll lock or unlock it as long as you’re in a one foot or two foot radius coming back here i noticed the 18 inch polished

Aluminum wheel looks really good with this this trim level all right so as i walk around here to the back i notice that the buick projection symbol is popped up on the ground there because it knows i’m around so i just walk up wave my foot over the hologram and then the hands-free liftgate just opens by itself i can also open it by double clicking here on the

Key fob or i can also do it from inside the cabin as well so the cargo area gives you 25.2 cubic feet of cargo space which is really great but if i come around here to the side and lower this down that gives me 52.7 cubic feet of room with the second row down to close the power liftgate i can do all the things i just talked about as well as hit this button right

Here so today in st louis it’s over 90 degrees so one of my favorite features is if you actually grab the key fob and hold the unlock button for about four seconds all four windows will drop down and let the hot air out so the inside of this envision is just incredible so my attention is first drawn to the center stack here so first of all we have the 10 inch

Touchscreen that is brought over from the gmc yukon which is much bigger than the previous uh touchscreen or backup camera also this entire thing here is rotated 18 degrees towards the driver basically to make it easier for me to drive and have all my controls where i need so for the four years that i’ve been selling cars one of the biggest requests has been hey

When are they going to come out with a wireless apple carplay where i don’t need a cord well they did it on the 2021 envision so to do that i just go to my phone button here hit connect phone add phone go to my bluetooth wait for the my buick down at the bottom all right we’re gonna hit pair pair allow then it’s gonna give continue it’s gonna send me a prompt

To approve the apple car play there we go perfect and then voila apple carplay all right let’s take it for a spin so i go down here to my electronic gear shift pull up the r and i got this huge camera here let’s take it for a drive so i’m just blown away by the amount of standard options that you get on this entry-level preferred model um so basically you

Get side blind zone you get the heated seats heated steering wheel forward collision alert which if you’re shopping for a car in the compact luxury suv you know segment you know this is just an incredible value so the torque i feel coming out of the stop light is really good this has a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that’s matched with a nine-speed

Uh automatic transmission and i feel like the two work really well together there’s never a spot when i’m accelerating or when i’m going fast that you know that it’s reaching or that it’s having difficulty uh handling that speed as i drive along on this made row here i just can’t help but notice how quiet the main cabin is that’s that’s achieved through buick’s

Quietune system which basically there’s like some little microphones looking things around the vehicle that put out white noise to help eliminate you know road noise or engine noise basically so all that you can hear is someone talking or the radio so this 2.0 turbocharged engine actually gets 24 miles per gallon in the city and then 31 on the highway and that’s

Helped achieve by an active fuel management system that will actually take um the four-cylinder engine when you’re coasting on the highway or or down a main street and it’ll drop down to a two-cylinder help you get better gas mileage another thing that’s all new is the five link rear suspension so that’s going to help is prevent body roll it’s also going to help

When you’re going over potholes or uneven surfaces to make it smoother and easier to drive over now even though you can connect your phone wirelessly and project it to the big screen with apple carplay and android auto you still can charge your device with the usb and the usbc both in the front and in the back seat one of my favorite features they added was

This ambient air vent controller so i have these two vents up here on the dash with this like rubber dial and essentially it just pushes air over the driver and the passenger’s head into the back so that’s going to help cool and circulate air when it’s really hot outside with the ac it’s also going to help warm the vehicle on a super cold day much easier thanks

For watching my walk around video in this 2021 buick envision preferred model for more content like this follow my youtube page and if you want a ticket for a test drive give me a call at 314-729-2353 or email me at our former jasoncarrado.com

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Let’s talk about the 2021 Buick Envision Preferred model with Rob Fulmer By Rob Fulmer

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