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Altair Club Cars LEGO Ford Mustang GT 2019 Designer Review Video Full LEGO Set 10265 Unboxing and Review

LEGO Ford Mustang GT 2019 Designer Review Video Full LEGO Set 10265 Unboxing and Review

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Hi i’m karl and i am a lego designer this model is a 1 to 13 scale the 1967 mustang gt dark blue beautiful white racing stripes remember and all kinds of other cool details just like the real mustang there is steering doors that open closed trunk opens and closes it is also very realistic engine modeled after the real mustang engine and we also have a lot of different

On the outside have some new sport exhaust you can put underneath give it a little bit more horsepower big air in tank top on top a big spoiler for the back and also some ground effects for the front so you can really sort of customize and decide how you want yours to work we chose the mustang because it’s a very iconic american car and we thought it’s a great way

To get something that people have loved for decades into a lego form you can have build yourself out on your shelf and just enjoy customizing taking the different parts on and off moving things around and it’s just just something really cool and iconic that we haven’t done yet i should probably mentioned i did not make this model this was made by mike psyche and

He’s made a lot of the critics for cars including the beetle you look at the beetle the actual number plate on that is p-51 a k1 or psyche you can name it on it the number plate on this it’s p-51 a k2 or cycles that’s what it says i mean like we’re talking about what we want to add to this car then they get extra and one of the things was steering and we wave the

Lego system sort of works at this size we couldn’t do that so we realize we need to make a new element and that’s when we need to get manny the main manny the man ian our element designer to actually make a new lego part force we wanted to create a steering function and normally the the wheels that we have don’t provide enough space for for the functionality so

We had to actually redesign the wheel completely so that has a bit more room for that specific function at the same time the look of the dream had to be her close to the source material which was a ford mustang in 67 that was a very exciting challenge we started with the insert that goes on top of a very standard wheel that we already have enough assortment so

We decided to have this visual and use it in the inner rim so we did several moves in order to have the correct shape of the muslim wheel by the same time and have that the lego identity that we always strive and you know and at the end we come up with this beautiful ring that i hope everyone will enjoy one of the other really exciting parts about this set is

We’ve come up with a solution to what we call the lego door problem where whenever you make a big lego car the door always has to have a bizarre gap behind it in order to fit close on this one if you look there’s actually basically no gap and it was achieved by using sort of different boat elements to where the part that touches the back is very very thin we are

So excited about it because it just creates that very beautiful soft ochre that’s almost as famous for because this is a whole new system that we never try before we actually add to put this into a robot and test that opening and closing a thousand times to see how it would affect how the elements wear what not but we have a little piece that we’ve been testing

The mustang is very similar in scale for the aston martin the mini and the beetle i’m greater expert so if you have those this will be pretty much the perfect addition to your car collection in creator expert we try to make it a whole nother level of details so we want to get as close as possible to sort of making it look exactly like the thing we’re building a

Lot of what it is is we base the scale of the car on the different wheel sizes that we produce it like and then we find the right wheelbase and then build the car around that and actually with a mustang we started out at a different scale a bit smaller scale so i like if you look at the front of it there are four lights for the headlights sort of in a line across

There that’s called the face lights and to get that representation of the face of the car you need to do it at certain size get all the little details we made a new wheel element for the car but we didn’t make it into a new size of wheel so it’s actually the same size as another existing vilela it’s just now it has this nice space inside of it the week so this is

A cool new rim and this is how we design this ring so that can incorporate this function of sting if we use the existing rain then the whole thing would have been quite big and chunky and we couldn’t have the swash surface in the truck there’s a nitrous tank and that was actually our building instructions developers idea so honors said hey let’s put this up and

Because his idea we actually put his initials on sticker that’s on there we were developing this model deer in eastern and if you look at the top of the tank was actually served half of an egg shape and that was made from a new stretch if you like cars you like this set if you like lego you’re gonna like this like lego cars you’re gonna like this thing so think

About if you’d like one of those things and then if you do just go by

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LEGO Ford Mustang GT 2019 Designer Review Video! Full LEGO Set 10265 Unboxing and Review By LEGO

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