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Altair Club Cars Led headlight bulb replacement for the Jeep gladiator.

Led headlight bulb replacement for the Jeep gladiator.

In this video, I will show you how I swapped the headlights to led using Beam Tech bulbs from Amazon. The lights were on $45

All right youtube we just got the the new mod for the jeep we got we’re gonna open it right now i just got from amazon today see what it is beamtech some led replacement bulbs for the halogen headlights let’s see what they look like okay it’s got a little tool i’m guessing for some kind of adjustment so here they are they got built-in heat sinks four chips

So i’m gonna give it a shot this weekend i’m gonna try to put them in and see how they look so i’ll get back with you all right so i’m gonna try to figure out how to get these beam tech headlights installed well it should be pretty easy just pull the grille off and pull the lights out the only issue i have is i don’t have very much room down there with this

Winch and the winch really can’t be moved easily so i’m going to take these screws all four of these screws out and see if i can pull this cap off and give me some more room where my wiring is in order to be able to get the grill off so i’m gonna give that a shot all right let me just show you where i’m at so that wasn’t too hard i actually just took the four

Bolts out that i was talking about and uh i did have to un unhook the wiring i don’t have any power going through this winch um just so you know i’ve got a disconnect switch off the battery so as long as that’s turned off i have no power coming to the winch i kind of did that on purpose i just wanted to keep it like that so anyway so i had to get these uh i had

To unbolt these copper connectors and pulled that off just enough to get this out of the way the ground rod is still connected i just need to get it out of the way enough where i can pull this uh this grill off so give me just a second we’ll get set up and we’ll get the grill pulled off okay we’re gonna start taking the getting the grill ready to take off and

I’m sure everybody by now knows how to remove the grille on the jeep these little push pins you just and there’s like eight of them you just pop that up in the center and once you get that at the center you can just pop the pin out and i believe there’s eight of them around the grill sorry i don’t really have a tripod to hold my phone while i’m doing this but

I’ll go ahead and get these pins out and then i’ll try to set the phone up so i can show you how to pull the grille off all right so i got the phone propped up i’m going to kind of show you somewhat how to get this grille off pretty it’s got some retainer clips on the top and bottom so once you get all those off you should be able to just pull it grab the bottom

Just like that and i have these little lights in the grill so i can’t really take the grill completely off easily so we’re just going to kind of lay it out of the way we’ll do one headlight then we’ll move the grille over and do the other pretty simple so that’s kind of what we’ll do we’ve got access to the bolts that secure the headlight in place so we’ll just

Take those out and then i’ll try to show you a clip of what it looks like of removing the other the actual light from the housing okay so we took a 10 millimeter socket and remove to three bolts holding the housing in so now you’re looking at the back of the light we’re just gonna unscrew the cap and now it’s got this little connector here i believe you have to

Pull this little white pin up to unlock it and then you push the pin in and pull it out okay so now you’re just going to take your lights you turn it a little bit counterclockwise and it should come right out just like that so let me grab the new light and i’ll show you how it has to be oriented um into the housing okay so here’s the new light after reading

The instructions if you look at the chips the one on the top is the low beam and it should be oriented up when you put it in the high beams on the bottom so you want to put it in in a way where you put it in there and then twist it and that’s going to be up so just like that actually has a little heat sink right here a little fan that’s kind of cool so now this

Should plug right back up to this okay and then should be able to just lay this down in here now i didn’t throw the old lights away because if there’s some kind of problem with these i can either put the old lights back in uh some people say there might be a little flickering so if there is there i think there’s a resistor you can add but if it becomes too much

Of a problem then i’m probably just going to put the old lights back in so you put that in there you put your cap back in and then you basically just put your light back in the way it was in reverse order and put it back with the three ten millimeter screws bolts okay so we’re gonna start on the other side okay so we got them installed a little tip you might

Want to turn them on and make sure they work before you completely put the jeep back together uh i kind of did that already before i put the grille on but they’re working so like i said i’m gonna save the old lights just in case i have a problem with them but these are working so i guess at night when it gets dark we’ll go out there and see how they look all right

Headlights are installed we’re gonna see what they look like sorry i didn’t get a i didn’t get a comparison with the halogens but i think you guys pretty much know what halogens look like so let’s see all right so there’s the lights high beams low beams it’s definitely brighter i mean it looks like the light goes out farther it’s kind of on the same pattern

As the halogens were but it’s definitely a brighter light you can tell immediately so i’m happy with it we’ll see how it does long term maybe i’ll come back and do a review after uh or right around for a couple months all right thanks for watching

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Led headlight bulb replacement for the Jeep gladiator. By B. L Knives

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