launching the bentley bentayga s
Altair Club Cars Launching The Bentley Bentayga Speed W12 Twin Turbo – 00,000 Luxury Monster (POV Binaural Audio)

Launching The Bentley Bentayga Speed W12 Twin Turbo – 00,000 Luxury Monster (POV Binaural Audio)

Thanks to Boston Motorsports for tossing the keys to this 2021 Bentley Bentayga Speed with its twin turbo W12. Find their inventory at

Welcome back i’m tedward and today thanks to boston motorsports in brighton massachusetts we’re driving the 2021 bentley bentega speed it’s equipped with a 6 liter twin turbo w12 so before you go saying this is just a q7 or a cayenne with some fancy upholstery this has a very unique and exciting powertrain it’s of course all-wheel drive and we’ll get to 60 miles

An hour from a dig in under four seconds now in 2021 we’ve got a new body style now we’ve got these gorgeous new oval tail lights and they normally would match oval exhaust tips however this one seems to have an akrapovic exhaust which we’ll make good use of today in sport mode the car is littered with carbon fiber and gorgeous trim and even this like rear wing i

Mean that’s pretty beefy this is some pretty massive stuff so when you start to really dig into what this card looks like i’m really into the lines especially this swooping design over the rear haunches i find it especially charming that these 285 section tires are a square setup so you could actually rotate appropriately and save some tire life very interesting

On a sporty car like a bentega usually there’s no care given to that sort of thing and behind the 22-inch wheels are a six-pot caliper to bring this thing back down from massive speeds from the w12’s power now from the front this thing is very empowering it’s bold you’re definitely going to get out of the way when this is coming up behind you but there are some

Things that drive me nuts about it because this car started at 245 000 and this one was optioned to about 300. this is plastic however i understand why it’s plastic because in the old days you would have a giant bentley emblem sticking up here and you’d have a metal grill but if you do happen to run into a pedestrian that would be a severe injury so it is good

That they’re looking out for safety but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t exquisite detail look inside these headlights this is outrageous it’s like swarsky crystal and i can’t even say that correctly because that’s outside of my tax bracket so before we get inside this thing i do want to show you under the hood this six liter twin turbo w12 is very cool and this

Hood actually opens really high to the point where i’m gonna have to come over here to close it but this power plant is mega this is very fun and it’s potent it makes 626 horsepower and about 670 pound-feet of torque so for those of you who might be annoyed by the outiness or the porsche-ness of this very expensive bentley this at the very least is a good reason

To enjoy it even the sound deadening on the hood has that bentley quilted pattern let’s start in the rear because this is a nice place to be as it should be it’s a bentley nice large rear door we’ve got great accents with the stitching and the quilted leather and then of course carbon fiber trim where it needs to be and nowhere else the rear seats wonderfully

Upholstered and the two-tone leather looks really classy and nice when we get back here we’ve got plenty of legroom we’ve got our hvac controls with nice knurled switches and buttons i love that and plenty of leather to go around you’ll notice on the door the name sound system that’s an 8 000 option on this vehicle and the headliner that’s all leather it’s so

Intense a lot of cows died for this vehicle up front we get a gorgeous view of the cockpit and i love the swooping design they did with this especially with this analog clock with the vents in the middle i think that looks so good and the texture is everything they bring texture into every surface they can nothing is bland soft closed doors of course and then

In the rear because this is a very practical vehicle we’ve got all the room in the world for your golf clubs your bags anything you need to bring because this could operate as your soccer mom mobile despite being a little fancy under the carpet we don’t have a spare tire but we do have some computer things that i think probably should not get wet so be very

Cautious with what you place back here maybe spilled milk is a big problem in the back of your ventiga if it slips in between the cracks the front seats feel infinitely adjustable but this is the button i’m most interested in the stone massage button and then over here our classic bentley emblem on the brake pedal that’s what we like to see but enough about how

Fancy it is let’s see how brutal it gets off the line to start the bentley we’ve got our engine start stop button right in the center jumps right to life and i do think it was kind of a missed opportunity to put the start stop button here with the big b but that is our interlock for shifting let’s give a little listen to this w12 though we’ll put it in sport

Mode definitely has a v6 sort of characteristic to it but it’s a little special there’s something a little different about it let’s try a launch we’re in sport mode we’re gonna put our foot on the brake foot on the gas and see what happens i’ve got to say that is surprisingly quick this exhaust is insane definitely making a lot of noise for the people

Who are in earshot holy cow this thing absolutely rips i was not really anticipating that let’s do another one i need to do another one i’m shocked like that gives me the fizz that’s giving me like that in your stomach falling out of your butt feeling the best that’s the best i don’t know why that’s the best feeling but it’s the best feeling i’m pretty shocked

I didn’t know if bentega was as fast this is quick the cf-8 speed rips off shifts so quickly and honestly i mean not quite dual clutch level but it’s not slow kind of just impressed with how well this thing handles too we’ll approach with care we want to be classy people in our belly you know we don’t want to be those jerks all right i’m shocked i’m already

Like in recalibration mode because when you have this in b mode in the bentley mode it’s a lot more docile there’s not a whole lot happening it lets you be a gentleman however when you do slip this into sport and your right foot gets heavy it’s a beast immediately you’re getting the snaps crackles and pops from that exhaust on the overrun i gotta say that’s

Like a little weird to me in a bentley that seems a little boy racer-ish and bentley i mean that’s not the style of a bentley is it but i’m not complaining the only thing that’s weird about this is that it does kind of sound like a v6 so i’m having to like recalibrate my head and say like no no no no this is 12 cylinders it’s just in a different configuration

And it does kind of sound like a v6 she’s quick got nice paddle shifters here there’s some knurled texture on the back of those as well and then luckily we’ve got nice beefy breaks to bring us down to earth see that’s a risky move at this particular yield you can’t really see anything until you’re here i’m not floating through that one let’s see how

She handles a tight a corner understeer but it just rockets out of a corner i mean it puts the power down so nicely genuinely impressed with this genuinely impressed with this this is actually a little track star this thing can handle this is a good getaway driver man the thing it doesn’t do is that like yes it’s a bentley uh it doesn’t feel like the most

Luxurious thing i feel like i can get like 90 of this experience for a heck of a lot less money when it comes to like being in an suv which i’m sure comes as no surprise considering the platform this is based on but i will say the money lies in all of the accessories all of the details all of this kind of stuff but also to have all of this detail all of these

Accessories and all of the refinement of the interior coupled with 626 horsepower and a 0 to 60 sprint under 4 seconds like this is not bad and by the way it handles pretty well now far be it for me to tell you how to spend three hundred thousand dollars but i’m not complaining and i probably wouldn’t laugh at you if you owned one of these this is pretty cool

And you would beat everybody light to light normally i don’t want to stop at a red light because i want to get through and flow but the fact that i have this car that can do this i’m fine with the red light once in a while i just didn’t think i was gonna be so charmed by the powertrain of this thing this is like fantastic what a charming thing the noise is

Weird the noise of a w12 is a little strange but i’ll tell you the delivery right on point give these brakes a little check from 65. does the job i mean i don’t want to come to a complete stop on hot rotors that’s not a nice thing to do but it’s giving me confidence that i can go fast in this car without much worry get it up the hill i mean you can keep

Going it’s got plenty of juice and it’s got plenty of grip shocking amounts of grip and in fact in that corner i could feel that rear end working hard to put power down where it needed to be this thing is fast like this is something that you could actually it would be comical to do it but you could bring this to a track day and i bet you could you could shock

Some people in this car all right let’s turn in we’re gonna put it in comfort mode we’re gonna be bentley people for a few minutes while we go through a a sleepy town in a school zone we want to be nice look at this just crawling just crawling along now this is where it does start to feel a little ordinary there’s not a whole lot to be said about this other

Than the fact that it’s like well insulated you’ve got double pane glass it’s quiet in here it does start to feel a little like the audi the q7 the q8 but is that such a bad thing maybe that’s actually kind of what you’re looking for it’s almost like you’re getting the top top top of the line version of that q7 or q8 which by the way are very good cars they’re

Entertaining and they’re high class so maybe you just want your q7 or q8 to be equipped with a fully leather roof and you know all this designer stuff kind of exclusivity built into the platform maybe that is the upgrade so it’s obviously pretty capable on road but it also seems to be capable off-road given the fact that there are so many modes on this little

Mode dial it has pictures of snow of cactuses of all kinds of things like are you in sand are you in gravel blah blah blah now who is taking their 300 000 bentley bentega speed out on gravelly roads i mean this paint is probably extremely expensive and even if it’s ppf’d you know i’m sure some gravel and rocks sliding around can break through that uh but you

Know what to each their own and i don’t earn that kind of money so i’m not going to make a comment about what you should shouldn’t do with your bentley you can do whatever the heck you want if it’s your car but this is pretty smooth honestly i mean we are out on some pretty ugly roads in a lot of new england but on some smooth pavement this feels quite nice

Let’s see i gotta find my stone massage button there it is i forgot about that that’s what i wanted let’s go back to sport mode i really like the way it puts down power from a dig while you’re turning you know it’s actually like locking you down properly it’s doing the thing with the traction control and it’s making it find traction appropriately oh i’m

Just being obnoxious now i never thought i’d be running around town with a burble tune in a bentley like that’s just not a thing i didn’t know it was a thing apparently it’s a thing i try to bleed off speed before blind corners crests and neighborhoods because you just don’t want to be in a position where you’ve got to go ten tents on the brakes um this is

A lovely thing to drive uh i will say the burble tune it’s getting a little old um i’m gonna turn that off until we get back out to some faster roads but it’s it’s a driver this is actually nice to drive uh the size of it feels great because it is it it feels smaller than it is there’s a ton of space in this thing obviously people and cargo but i do feel like

I can place this on the road appropriately without feeling like i’m you know gonna cross double yellows or anything i i’ve got spatial awareness in it and they’ve done a good job with the drivability of it right now the stone massage is pulsing back and forth on the left and right side of my back just for reference yes that feels very nice back to sport mode

No break just mat it see how she handles in a corner it’s amazing how early you can get on power this is just really shocking i mean it really shrinks around you i just honestly i didn’t see it coming i didn’t see it coming boston motorsports offered me this car they said hey come drive up and take a speed i was like sure didn’t know a whole lot about it

It looked cool always nice to have a bentley in your headline right in your title i was unaware that this thing was just like a legitimate little brute what a monster so first impressions kind of shocked at the sound was not expecting that was expecting a little i mean i guess that’s what a w12 sounds like but i thought it would have a little more of a unique

Sound it definitely has v6 vibes to it but i will assure you that anyone who mistakes this for a v6 will be pleasantly surprised by the torque power and capability of it when they get into that throttle what a joy thank you guys so much for watching liking commenting and subscribing thanks boston motorsports for tossing me the keys to this thing uh definitely

A shock not one that i probably would have hunted down on my own but i am thrilled now that i’ve got some seat time in this this is this is a really cool one don’t forget to respect the drive and i’ll see you in the next one oh it’s kneading at my back like this right now and it’s going up and down genuinely impressed this is maybe not the safest way to do that job okay

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Launching The Bentley Bentayga Speed W12 Twin Turbo – $300,000 Luxury Monster (POV Binaural Audio) By Tedward

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