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This is the tesla model x and this right here is the brand new tesla cyber truck my favorite part about this car is the interior it’s amazing the last one to leave these teslas is going to win a tesla cyber truck let’s go everyone hop on the vehicle i picked the tesla cyberquad because this thing is fast i picked this tesla because it’s my favorite color blue and

It’s just like that truck i’m about to win well i would i’m gonna be the first person in the world to own a cyber truck i’m lizzy and i’m gonna beat the boys the rules are simple basically all you gotta do is just stay on a tesla if you touch the ground you lose big teslas and mini teslas all count including cyber quads and cyber go trucks out i didn’t even

Mean to do that i’m sorry but i’m vlogging i only had one free hand now that everybody has got their own tesla it’s time for the first challenge and see which one is the fastest let’s open the door everybody outside challenge number one is the race we are gonna find out what is the fastest the cyber quad the cyber truck or liz is a little red tesla guys comment

Down below because we’re about to find out here we go racers start your motor electric loader here we go this will race in three two one go oh my gosh matt what happened i under ran me off the road you fell off it doesn’t count but you’re touching the ground he pushed me well i was first to fall off obviously so i won’t be getting the real tesla or the real

Cyber truck so as it turns out the cyber quad is the fastest if you guys commented that then you were right because the soccer plot is super fast liz is the second fastest which is so cute we could do on a tesla date oh yeah can we go to the drive-through we can go up to my house and get some water and hang out yeah okay bye andrew they’re so much faster than i

Am this is totally not fair oh boy mine just shut off completely what do i do oh okay we’re coming back oh my gosh so this tesla is so slow i don’t think i’m ever gonna catch up to them but i can be in any tesla so let’s go to the garage my tesla just completely died again oh my gosh road tripping back to the house liz i can’t believe we’re going on the tesla

Date kind of it’s kind of romantic we can like hold hands oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah we’re so close we have just a little bit of charge left i think we can make it in there come on all right we made it finally so all we have to do is transition into this tesla but i’m gonna keep this tesla with me so i’m gonna pull it into there here we go oh that wasn’t supposed

To come off because i want to be able to drive a tesla inside the house i’m going to need this little one with me all right we’re in it look at this guys a tesla and a tesla all right ready to drive let’s go to the house this cyber cyberquad is amazing it is the cyberquad mini you can see it’s pretty small but it’s so much fun i got through the woods wait liz

You’re off-roading wow hey liz come back oh carter i can’t control my dad’s lap hey i don’t know what to do liz push your hands back on the street watch out for the water you got it i think so oh my gosh you’re just trying to trick me you’re crazy so scary that was a little wow this is so nice so we are in the ac it is hot outside this is definitely the way to

Road trip to the house car and liz are missing out this challenge is actually so fun because i’m gonna just ride this tesla quad all day pulling up to the house we made it all the way here but just ahead what are they doing liz you want to go inside the house yeah all right let’s go this is the team roar house and one of my favorite parts about the house is we can

Just drive right inside we have no parents no one to say anything it’s technically my house and the door’s right on cue opened up and we can drive on in are you okay liz i crashed sneaking her way into the house of the tesla if she can go on the house with her tesla i can go in the house with my tesla okay i did it wow we did it all right we made it to the team

Roarhouse let’s go to the kitchen wait a second is that andrew gotta be really careful this is a big car i mean it’s a big door but i don’t know if we’re gonna fit into the house thankfully matt is in there to line me up well there’s no way he’s making it into the house he’s too big yeah he’s too big let’s go to the kitchen and get a nice refreshing snack and soda

Liz i’m coming oh my gosh there’s a tesla in my house andrew what are you doing i saw you drive your tesla in here so i wanted to drive this one andrew that was huge i’m driving like a little one and liz’s is tiny you can’t drive this in the house but i just did look it’s in here okay well i guess advance that’s definitely the biggest car ever to go inside the

Team our house is a full sized model x plaid whoa the doors open up in the house and the front oh my gosh that’s cool no way that’s awesome literally a tesla tee that’s so cool wait you have a cyber quad in the back yeah that’s my backup tesla so now that i’m in the house i need to get around in here i want to get some food i think i need to transition back to

My little tesla check this out gotta open the trunk look at that love that powered trunk perfect and just like that i’m back on my little tesla not even touching the ground you want to go back outside andrea’s following us okay let’s go out that door and we’re off we’re not going to let andrew catch up to us i really have nowhere to go in here right now i’m

Going to make my way out to the pool deck send it oh wait are you actually going careful i didn’t mean it oh my gosh awesome wait andrew’s coming what the heck what are you guys doing are you going to send it i think something just broke off quick ditch it let’s go liz don’t fall into the pool quick i have a plan quick quick quick quick come on carter it was so

Romantic before andrew showed up we have to get rid of him look he’s literally coming he’s chasing us down what is that it’s the remote it controls the thing wait what do you mean so if you use that it’ll steer his machine he’s so confused guys something’s wrong with my car i know teslas are self-driving and all but this doesn’t seem right something’s going on

Here we go liz what are you doing wait you’re gonna drive him oh my gosh liz he’s in the water wait it’s still driving look at him he’s still driving i’m still on it liz oh my gosh why would you drive them in the water that’s crazy andrew what are you doing in there oh my gosh liz he’s actually still driving it uh carter that doesn’t count does it i don’t

Know i mean technically he hasn’t touched the ground so guys water he’s actually driving again no way oh he’s out wait is oh wait i mean no i didn’t that’s not your remote for your car wait hold on i’m still on my tesla wait what you’re still on it how’s that possible still attached to it no way you’re getting out of here in one piece no way you are still on it

Yes he’s still in i don’t know no way guys there is no way tesla and water mix very well no way there’s no way oh oh and the tesla’s sinking again andrew i think you’re eliminated tesla no liz is the queen of sabotage liz you better get moving he’s coming oh liz sabotaged me and i might be out but the day’s not over andrew is officially out of the challenge

And it is down to liz and i and team rar i love you guys so much that we just opened a new p.o box if you guys want to send us fan mail or write us a letter or anything like that then you guys can go ahead the address is right here please send me fan mail and i’ll be opening some of them on my second channel carter’s life liz it’s so mean that you drove andrew in

The pool don’t you feel bad about it no carter this is a challenge to win a brand new cyber truck i’m not gonna let anybody just win i have to win yeah that’s true you are literally the queen of sabotage let’s just go back into the big tesla it’s gonna be so much more cozy okay but how are we gonna do that without touching the ground uh well i have the app and

I could summon it you can’t summon it in the house it’s gonna hit my fireplace or hit my couch oh wait liz i got it don’t be jealous but i’m gonna get in first oh my gosh my feet haven’t touched the ground yet yes oh my gosh this is like one of the scariest things i’ve ever done liz liz i’m stuck harder i’m stuck oh wait i think i got it this is like some rock

Climbing level stuff oh wait i got it too without ever even touching the ground oh liz i made it oh we did it so cozy in here at the ac and everything whoa this goes so far back i wonder if this can like turn into a bed because if so then i could literally live in here throughout the entire night sleep in a car inside my house i’m going to come to the back and see

If i can find a cozier spot because i think we should just live in here for the next like forever carter i’m going to tell the girls that means you have to stay in the front because nobody’s allowed oh my gosh liz you build a girl’s lunch in every single video you don’t have to do it in this room why not i’m gonna win guys comment down below do you think she knows

The girls night in every video no i don’t yes you do no i didn’t do the last one actually though you literally did in the duct tape video you build a girl’s lunch in the pantry i’m actually going to build out my girls lounge time to open the goldwing door there it goes oh these doors are crazy it’s like a dinosaur wing that’s what it reminds me of and just like

That i can sneak out without touching the ground is actually girls lounge stuff do you actually want to build a girlfriend i will say when we’re filming videos and there’s a girls lounge it’s actually really nice because it’s cozy and soft and you can literally sleep for hours it’s so comfortable i got it i got it i got it i got it okay we got girls lounge materials

What how did you get snacks and everything in this girl’s lounge this was literally the quickest makeshift girls i’ve ever seen in a tesla model x and liz it literally doesn’t count that i’m using your girl’s lunch i’m just using it to sleep three hours later it’s been hours since liz sabotaged me so i think it’s time to go see what they’re up to and get my payback

Let’s go it looks to me like they’re in the house in the tesla oh oh my gosh wait i thought you were liz why would i be liz you’re in the girls lounge she always does a girl’s life well i was just testing out turns out they’re really cool and cozy andrew that just means liz what why don’t you do that no wow i won here we go you ready for your prize you

Worked so hard three two one cyber truck what the heck what oh uh yeah i forgot to tell you this thing is tiny yeah they don’t make the cyber truck so i got you a toy cyber truck congratulations you won carter you’re telling me i worked this hard just for this small toy yeah congrats liz you won i’ll see you guys you

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