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We get a lot of questions about what we drive since we have seven kids ages 11,9,6,6,4, and twin 5-month olds! Here’s a basic tour of our Nissan NV3500 SL HD. WE LOVE IT!!!!!

That’s that one down okay it’s just half any other we really got to work on ever there’s the mayor’s them the keeper now we’re just hey guys welcome back to our channel so today i am going to be giving you guys a tour of our giant mamak emma van 12 passenger van on our big family tag i asked if you guys were interested in a bunch of you really wanted to see it so

If you are perhaps stumbling across this video and you don’t already know anything about our family we have seven children ranging in age from 11 and then we have a set of twins that are five months old so i’m just going to give you guys a tour of this van this is a nissan nv 3500 hd and we have affectionately named it tony the iron van and yeah so i’m just gonna

Give you guys like a quick overview of what everything kind of looks like and how we arrange car seats because that’s a big question and then i’m just gonna share some basic like pros and cons of this car for us so we are a family of nine so we’re not using all of the seats and but yeah let’s get started alright so as you can see just at first glance here this is

A horse of a vehicle i joke around that it looks like a repair man’s vehicle and it does because that’s really what you see a lot of is these type of cars as vehicles for like refrigerator repairman so anyways it is something i am pretty tall on five eight and four i’m tall for a girl i should say and five eight but i do have to kind of like put my foot up and

Who hoist myself up into the van just if we’re looking here at the front console you know ours is used by the way our sister’s 2011 know oh crap i don’t remember alice i’ll insert it here i feel like it’s a 2013 i’m not a hundred percent sure but i feel like it’s a 2013 so there’s obviously you know newer models probably have more bells and whistles and stuff like

That but this is one of the more loaded ones alright so you just have here’s your little computer screen and this is a gps as well as a backup camera which is really really that was a deal-breaker for me was that i had to have a backup camera and it does have sensor that will beep if you get too close to something and yesterday for the first time i hit a mailbox

I’m usually so good with this thing but there were some kids in the street and i was trying to avoid them and i hit the mailbox but fine it’s all good but it did beep just it beats like as i was crushing the mailbox anyways that’s neither here nor there so this is just basically what the front end looks like i don’t know i don’t know if this is standard or not

I mean i don’t know a whole lot about cars but you know you have controls for passenger and driver for heat and air which is really nice it does have heated seats which i love i probably should have prefaced this by telling you guys that i did like we did like clean it out a little bit but i didn’t clean it clean it i didn’t vacuum it or anything like that so

You’re getting a lot of like real-life mess here going on or just like dirt and things like that so i apologize but such as life all right then up here you have controls for your rear air heat and air and then a little thing for sunglasses i have one of these little mirrors so that i can see back you can see me but i can see back into the backseat the second row

So i can see the babies they have mirrors right there and it helps me to be able to see them it does not have mirrors normally right here so we added this i ordered these on amazon and we added one to the drivers and passenger side because mom both got to check her lipstick and stuff before she goes into a store so that’s it and you’ve got this huge visor right

Here i mean it’s huge as it should be because the windshield is enormous up here on the dash i just have my little baby groot and then our camera mount that allows us to take footage while we’re driving without having to touch or mess with the camera and then down here you have two cupholders this one’s nice and big i really love these cupholders they are huge

I bring all kinds of drinks in the car as you can see by the spillage and stuff so i really really like these the other thing i really like is that this here controls you have like actual outlets so of course you have these regular like most cars do where you can plug in a little cigarette lighter thing or you know a charger and there it has a usb cable here but

I’ll show you in a second this car is actually equipped with a few different regular standard outlets and you can turn this button on and it gives power to those outlets so i’ll kind of explain more about that in a little bit but it’s also got a tow mode obviously a car this big a 3500 engine it can tow i keep up here in the front console i always keep sanitizer

And then he some change and then honestly more cupholders that as you can see usually just i don’t really store anything here but stuff ins up there that’s for sure and then in the middle here of the seats you have this big huge console my only complaint about this would be that is slippery so it’s it would be habit to set something down on here like i will set

A cup down or my purse and if you hit the brakes you didn’t have to hit the brakes you just slow down everything just goes and slides right off of it so norm we have put like a sticky material thing on here i like a non-skid thing but yeah my kids just always manage to mess with this so we’ve got to find something to put on here so that it’s a little more grippy

But this is i’m gonna take stuff out of here so you guys can see just how big this is we have tons of baby carriers like i mentioned we have twin five month olds so we have these big baby carriers in here we have a first-aid kit in here i also have this pink see baby thing in here to put a baby in a shopping cart air freshener stuff like that whoosh note i also

Have these that i keep in here which are travel john’s for any kind of you know bodily function you may need to do but not want to pull over and do know what i’m saying vomit pee you know what i’m saying and then oh this is like our little this is just like a little backpack thing that a lot of times we’ll take in somewhere because myself or my husband will carry

That if we need to with drinks and snacks anyway it’s long and short of it it’s kind of a mess down here but you can see this thing is huge this is where one of the outlets is right here so you can suck our regular phone charger in and charge things and so it’s really nice to have a standard outlet in your car you have no idea actually plugged my breast pump in

Here and pumped on a road trip before because we’re your outlet so could use my breast pump in the car like i said it’s pretty high up you kind of have to jump off into it but you do have all kinds of storage on the sides here that are nice and big and thick got lots of space for stuff that’s pretty standard i’d say what do you call that thing the glovebox oh my

God i’m gonna come up a bit right now let’s keep rolling so we get tons of questions about how we arrange car seats in here and say this is i’m not claiming that this is the best way to do this if anyone has any better ideas please let us know but the way these seats are set up but we do have options that’s the key we have options but right now with the babies both

Being in bucket seats it’s kind of a pain in the took us you gotta climb up here and then hoist a baby all the way over here and that’s pretty hard that’s pretty hard to do but yeah so for right now the way that the way that we have it is the baby’s infant seats are right here and then in between them is where my 11 year old daughter sits because she doesn’t need a

Booster or anything like that and i will show you guys if you’re wondering how an adult would fit and sit back here i am a pretty standard sized adult i’m not fun sized i’m five eight so this is pretty like standard you know and it’s comfortable these seats are squishy and soft and they’re comfortable and you have vents right here so that you get air without the

Car seats there it’d be more than enough room for two adults yeah or to write or to regular-sized adults on one fun-sized at all there you go all right so in this third row is where we have our six year old well i hate to use their age but that’s not gonna be helpful print but we just have two that are still in five-point harnesses on the sides here and then in

The middle right here is where my nine-year-old daughter sits and she just sits in a booster with no she doesn’t need a high back or anything so she just sits in a booster right here if you are a mom and you’re considering this vehicle with your kids there are cup holders let me just show you real quick there under the seats here and they just slide out like that

Don’t look at my crumb yep don’t look my crumbs i already warned them but i love them but i did not like vacuum and clean clean clean again air vents i just want to show there’s air vents here lots of seating options lots of seating options but because this was a big issue the speaker’s is a big deal yeah because you do actually have speakers back here in our honda

Odyssey the only speakers we had were up front so the kids in the back we’re constantly asking for us to turn up the radio and it would drive us nuts so now there’s enough speakers that everybody can hear so in the back here so this is obviously if you slide the door open you would just walk to the back right here and that is where our sun sits and he obviously is

Just in a high-back booster so i’m not sure why he sits on that side instead of this one but because the seat belt hugs the wall on the booster it’s harder for him to buckle okay got it but he does again have a cup holder right there and i’m gonna open the door and show you because you would have normally if all the seats were in this thing there would be two more

Seats right here but we took those out because that’s where they break apart these seats have as you can see tons of they’re two by one two by one two by two alright so like i said in the back here you could see there is a set of two seats that we have taken out and removed because if you don’t then you just have about that much space across the back for the trunk

Which wouldn’t be a big deal if you didn’t have carter strollers but which i don’t know why our strollers aren’t in the car right now but we are able to fit in here we have a double stroller that snaps the car seats onto it the bucket seats and as well as the city jogger city select city jogger or mini something like that double that also goes back here so yeah i

Mean i can fit tongue groceries whatever i mean whatever i need can fit back here with those seats take it out and especially when we travel and go on trips it’s really nice to have those seats taken out the doors do swing open like barn doors and on this side is a sliding door one of my one of my only complaints about this car is that there’s not a sliding door

On both sides because i think that would be so helpful that’s what i was going to show them so is there’s a little latch there so you can pull it and then the door actually hugs the side of the car so it can get nice and cleared out of your way if you need to load or unload something out of it which is super handy all right anything else that we should tell them

About this vehicular oh here’s the other outlet that i was telling you guys about here’s the other outlet so we actually have like a little mini fridge that we would potentially put in here for like road trips and stuff to keep drinks cold if you were if you’re camping or tailgating or something like that yeah i mean you can come out here and plug something options

Do you want to tell them about gas mileage gas mileage you get about maybe 15 yeah maybe 15 it’s not amazing no so you fill it up i’m gas right now i was like what 225 a gallon well it depends on where you live it costs about 50 to $60 to fill up the tank so yeah but we do like i said we got the it’s called the 3500 hd right yes sl sl hd i don’t know it says it on

The back door yeah the nv 3500 sl hd so that package is the one that comes with the leather seats which was something that was really important to us with all these kids is wipeable seats what yeah definitely needed wipeable seats and stuff and then that’s the package that also includes the system here the navigation system that also has the backup camera another

Huge thing i wouldn’t have would you agree that you would never buy this car without a backup camera now there are versions you can get other models that don’t have the backup camera and you can do like aftermarket ones to put in which we looked at doing that as well kicker for us was the leather i think with as many kids as we have and how gird how easily this

Thing gets its dirty yeah you’ll also want to like pay attention to the little kids like our smaller like our smallest daughter rosie it’s a little work for her to climb up and get in here you still kind of have to the boys can just scale it like a mountainside but rosie takes a little bit more effort so if you’ve got little little ones it might be a little harder

For them to get in and out on their own just because of how high the car is but i will tell you what it’s steel reinforced on the sides it you feel really safe in this thing and it is a really safe with the ethical thing chassis is a titan yeah same engine as a titan really well inclined it accelerates on the highways very yeah so if you’re one of those if you’re

Worried about trying to get on in the major traffic you’ll have no problem getting up to 260 miles an hour and it also doesn’t feel top-heavy it doesn’t feel like like you’re gonna tip when you go around curves and stuff like that it just it drives really well i have to be honest like i have said a bunch that i absolutely love this car and i love driving this car

I liked my minivan for the practicality of it but i didn’t actually like loved driving the minivan i love driving this even though people think that i am a repairman or something i don’t care because they get out of my way because this thing is a hoss so people disrespect you when you drive on minivan they treat you like crap but that’s what she looks like what me tell me

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LARGE FAMILY VAN TOUR | Nissan NV 3500 By This Gathered Nest

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