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Altair Club Cars Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 HSE Dynamic – WALK AROUND VIDEO REVIEW | 4K

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 HSE Dynamic – WALK AROUND VIDEO REVIEW | 4K

Good morning from your best car in kent my name’s ben i’m from one of our two uk branches this one’s in cranbrook 10 miles from tunbridge wells and just a 40-minute train commute from london combined we have over 505 star reviews so please do check those out on our website this is the walk around video for our range rover evoke presented in santorini black metallic

Paint which looks stunning when the sun is out on a day like today it’s the td4 hse dynamic version so you’ve got the two liter diesel engine producing 180 broke horsepower and you’ll be getting around 55 56 as your combined miles per gallon average down here you’ve got the 20 inch 5 split spoke alloy wheels these are land rover’s style 504 and it’s in a sparkle

Silver finish if we look at the side profile we can see this rear privacy glass you’ve got key components of the black packs you’ve got gloss black window surrounds uh gloss black side mirrors side vents and bonnet vents just to give it a more stealthier look when the car is locked the side mirrors are folded in as you can see just here when we unlock the car the

Side mirrors will pop out so let’s have a look at the inside we’ve got a full leather interior upholstery these are the ebony winter leather seats so the most comfortable that land rover offer they’ve got an electric adjustment a memory mode as well so just on the in the door panel here three different memory modes for the front two seats you’ve then got heated

Settings for those front two seats just in the middle here with your climate controls and then the leather wrapped multi-function steering wheel for the driver you’ve got paddle shifters on here for switching into your manual mode cruise control voice control your hands-free buttons and all of your multimedia buttons as well then down here to assist the in-car

Entertainment system you’ve got the upgraded meridian surround sound system here’s just one of the speakers and let’s have a hop inside now and i’ll show you some of the features so we’ve got our keyless start stop widescreen touch display so you’ve got your radio setting in the top left you’ve got dab radio on here as well you’ve also got your like i said before

Your hands-free use which is connected via bluetooth you can also connect up your music so you’ve got audio player via bluetooth as well that can be connected up here if we go back you’ve then got your satellite navigation so again fills the entire screen you’ve got a very very responsive user interface as well you can pinch and zoom so you’ve got a nice view of

The map of course you can search input as well just up here this is your climate controls but then just to the right these are the buttons for your heated seats so you have got the buttons down here but if you’re already in the menu you’ve got the same function for the heated seats just here and if you scroll to the menu across you’ve got some additional functions

Like your web browser your valet mode cameras and again here your ambient lighting 4×4 information if you need to know the size of the car if you put the car into reverse you’ll see you’ve got a reversing camera you’ve got your front and rear sensors as we turn the wheel the guidelines will move for you as well so really important feature for a car of this size

Which is put it back into park as i said before your air conditioning controls are down here this is your automatic gearbox and then just down here is your terrain response control so here you can cycle through your special programs this will determine what sort of drive you should have depending on the terrain you’re on so you’ve got a setting for grass and gravel

And mud ruts a sand for now we’ll just keep it on off but again for a carver size it’s great to have this option and just in the middle here these are our inputs you’ve got an hdm hdmi port two usb ports and a sim port and then your 12 volt socket as well so i’m just going to turn this off now we can have a look at the rest of the car so on to the rear section

You’ve got plenty of room back here plenty of leg room and plenty of headroom and you’ve got the exact same ebony wind deliver seats back here with the white stitching we’ve got a couple storage nets on the backs the front two seats and vents for your air conditioning the rear you’ll notice first of all the privacy glass extends all the way backwards giving the

Rear that aggressive look again and when we open the boot we’ve got a nice large opening you’ve got parcel shelf as well just for additional privacy and then plenty of room this boat comes with the 18 inch spare wheel which is fitted just below here you need a little bit more room in your revoke almost like a van sort of space you can do so by collapsing these

Rear seats you can do the exact same on the other side you can see in the photos how much room you’ve got but if you’ve got some luggage some additional cargo golf clubs this is a great option to have and then you can snap it back up into place all one-handed so all of the specification as well as its service history details will be listed in the description both

On autotrader and on our website which is of course your if you’re interested in buying the evoke you can give us a call on 01580-712115 or you can send us an email to sales at your okay both of those options you can let us know about your part exchange as well if you have one you’re more than happy to have a look at it and get an

Evaluation for you and we’re also accepting cryptocurrency so if you’d like to pay for the car using crypto you can do so please let us know it could be the part payment the deposit or the entire payment we can assist you a little bit further with that for now though thank you for watching

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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 HSE Dynamic – WALK AROUND VIDEO REVIEW | 4K By Your Best Car Kent

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