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Altair Club Cars Land Rover Discovery Sport – Live Test Drive

Land Rover Discovery Sport – Live Test Drive

In the latest of our Live Test Drive series, we took Discovery Sport off-road and over challenging obstacles and terrain at our Land Rover Experience Centre at Eastnor Castle.

So welcome everyone to the 2017 landrover test-drives live here from eastern er at the land rover experience center in united kingdom we’re here today with alex brown our land rover experience expert alex welcome thank you great to have you here and we’re also joined by the 2017 land rover discovery sport in the beautiful carpathian grey alex is going to give us

A walk around the car before we take on the obstacles that land rover experience center here at east nur has to offer us so really nice looking car to start with you’ve got that aerodynamic silhouette sculpted surfaces quite a compact body and the led lights both front and rear so good visibility in all conditions really versatile really nice car so inside if i

Open the door we can have a look we’ve got the windsor leather in this vehicle so looking nice and comfy and indeed it is electric adjustable seats there as well we’ve got not just the the second row of seating but we’ve got a third row of seating in this vehicle as well so we’ve got the versatility of the 5+2 arrangement you can move this middle row around to

Give yourself plenty of legroom if that’s what you need or more legroom in the rear or fold things down to give you more or less boot space again depending on what you need so we jump in and go and test this properly that’s it so we’ve got nice flight of steps we’ve got terrain response mud and ruts elected hill descent control engaged and all i need to do is just

Ease the car nice and gently up the hill so a little bit of accelerator just to push this forward few lumps and bumps as you can feel but it is a flight of steps so terrain response is a fantastic system things like throttle response the way in which the four-wheel drive systems are working hill descent control traction control all talk – all adjusted and balanced

To help us get through the terrain so this mud and ruts program is giving me a really nice control on the throttle to allow me just to ease the car forward and then i can use the hill descent control take the feet away and just allow the car to come down the help amazing we’ve got a 600 millimeter waiting depth on discovery sport and coincidentally that’s just

About the depth of the water that we’ve got through here feet away lower the car into the water and then just a little bit of acceleration just generating a small by way pushing the car through keeping it moving nice and steady helping to move some of that water out of the way seeing down the sides there you can see it’s about three-quarters there at the wheel

Absolutely perfect for us to drive through there no problems at all we go out it climbs easy as that excellent towing capacity on this vehicle two and a half tons or 2,500 kilos so this is quite a nice obstacle going to lower the car in nicer slowly just using the foot brake so we get the the full effect of it but it’s going to basically take us from being on the

Level into a sides like a little bit of an odd sensation as we come in front wheel drops into the hole but of course it means the rear wheel lifts up into the air so you can feel that slightly odd feeling in the car as it tilts over rear wheel up on the deck and back down on the ground about thirty degrees of side slope here so interesting is probably a good word

Just need a little bit of acceleration just get that traction control system working and it balances the power between left and right and up we go so what we’ve got is a set of rollers on the left-hand side so i’m just easing the car up first wheel coming onto those rollers and the rollers are simply there to allow the wheels to slip but as you can feel with just

One wheel on the rollers not really much of a problem that’s three remaining wheels of the car pushing is up the hill but once we get two wheels on the roller so we get a front and the rear we get a little bit of slip and as you can feel initially the car starts to slip we just need a tiny amount of traction control a little bit of acceleration and the car simply

Eases itself forward no problems no difficulties at all moving down the other side feet away let the hill descent control do its job so quite an interesting climb up here i’m going to let the atpc do it so feet away about the car climb up the hill and you’ll see it’s showing us what’s going on underneath so as i steer you can see the wheel steering on the screen

There and indeed before wheel drive system as its balancing the power between the front and rear it just eases up the hill a little bit of wheelspin here but again system realizes that that applies little bit of power and it simply eases the car up the slope no problems at all so it’s discovery sport hse luxury plenty of room for things in the back so with all

The seats folded down 1698 litres of boot space and even with the seats folded up we still get a good amount of room as i said even if you’ve got three people in the back so let’s head out onto the road so we’ve put our terrain response back to the general program this tunes the car for a nice on-road drive although it does apply to all surfaces as well with the

9-speed gearbox we get a really smooth change of gears we’ve always got power when we need it we can accelerate and the car really feels nice and composed out on the road despite all the off-roading we’ve done we can carry on and really enjoy the drive and enjoy the user nice country roads so we’ve got a whole raft of systems that are there to help us both sort

Of in the foreground that we can see and indeed in the background so things like lane keep assist which will help us not to drift out of our lane so if i started to drift over towards the wrong side of the road it would gently nudge me back towards the correct side we’ve got a driver drowsiness monitor so if i’d been driving late into the night and i was starting

To fall asleep car sensors would help to detect that and it would tell me it’s now time to have a rest and take a break we’ve also got other features like the park assist with both parallel and perpendicular parking and in the park exit so when it does park you in a nice tight space you can get you out again later we have cruise control and indeed we can have

Adaptive cruise control on this vehicle so the great thing about adaptive cruise control is once you set your speed the car looks out in front of us and if it sees an object that it needs to adapt to it will reduce the cruise control speed so that we don’t get too close just looking ahead of me now in fact reminded me we’ve got a heads-up display system on the

Car sadly you won’t be able to see it it’s only visible from the driver’s seat but in there i’ve got the current speed and with the traffic sign recognition system on the car i can not only have the current speed shown to me but the car will read the road signs so i can see exactly what speed i’m doing and exactly the speed limit of the road so really helpful

System there thanks very much everyone to join and be sure to tune in next week when we test the all-new land rover discovery if you enjoyed this episode of the live test drives you have to do one simple thing to not miss the next subscribe to land rover’s youtube channel now thanks for watching

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Land Rover Discovery Sport – Live Test Drive By Land Rover UK

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